Barid AlMaghrib Strengthens Ecommerce Cooperation with China Post Group

Rabat – The Barid Al-Maghrib Group (GBAM), Morocco’s postal service, has concluded three cooperation agreements with the Chinese postal operator China Post Group to boost e-commerce exchanges and facilitate the transfer of money between Morocco and China.The three agreements were signed by the Director General of Barid Al-Maghrib, Amin Benjelloun, and President of China Post Group Li Guohua. They are part of GBAM’s commitment to continue its international partnerships and strengthen its cooperative relationship with the Chinese postal institution, says Barid Al-Maghrib.The first agreement concerns the creation of an e-commerce marketplace, directly administered by GBAM, enabling Moroccan artisans and small businesses to promote and sell their products in the Chinese market. The second agreement provides for the introduction of a package offer adapted to the e-commerce market. It is a service of small postal packets with shipment tracking, and will soon be proposed to GBAM’s customers.Finally, the third agreement will regulate a money transfer corridor between the two countries, while promoting cooperation between Al-Barid Bank and Postal Saving Bank of China, a subsidiary of China Post Group.The three agreements will realize the MoU on cooperation signed in Rabat in September 2017 between Barid Al-Maghrib and the Chinese post office. read more

UN awards service medals to Russian peacekeepers in Sierra Leone

Eighty officers and 14 warrant officers of the Russian Aviation Unit (RAU) received UN medals for serving in the UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) in a ceremony held at Lungi Airport on Saturday, 21 July.The head of UNAMSIL, Ambassador Oluyemi Adeniji, attended the ceremony along with Force Commander Lt. Gen. Daniel Opande, the visiting Russian Ministry of Defence delegation, led by Lt. Gen. Eugenyi Kashitsin, the visiting Ukrainian military delegation, led by Maj. Gen. O. Shalugin and other senior officials from UNAMSIL Headquarters.The ceremony, which began with a parade of the RAU, was followed by the presentation of the UN medals, which are awarded to military personnel who complete 90 days in the mission.Ambassador Adeniji then addressed the peacekeepers, stating that without their immense contributions in providing air transport, the significant progress that UNAMSIL had made in the peace process would not have been possible. Ambassador Adeniji also praised the Russian Government for providing both personnel and aircraft to UNAMSIL, thus setting an example for other Security Council members to follow. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian delegation on Friday paid a courtesy call to Force Commander Lt. Gen. Opande. The group is in Sierra Leone to visit Ukrainian peacekeepers serving under UNAMSIL. read more

UN envoy calls for halt to Israeli violations of withdrawal line retaliatory

Staffan de Mistura, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Personal Representative for Southern Lebanon, expressed his great dismay at the disruption this morning of the relative calm along the so-called Blue Line, which marks the border between Israel and Lebanon after the withdrawal of Israeli troops.According to a UN spokesman, there were numerous Israeli air violations of the Blue Line and of Lebanese airspace. Shortly afterward, anti-aircraft fire from the Lebanese side of the Line was reported, with indications that some anti-aircraft shells led to some damage on the ground in Israel.Israeli jets subsequently attacked two suspected Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon. “Fortunately, no casualties have been reported so far on either side,” the spokesman said. read more

Security Council extends the mandate of UN force monitoring IsraeliSyrian ceasefire

The 15-member body “decides to renew the mandate of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) for a period of six months, that is, until 30 June 2007,” it stated in a unanimously adopted resolution.Shortly after this was adopted, Deputy Permanent Representative Jamal Nasser al-Bader of Qatar, holder of the rotating presidency this month, read out a presidential statement voicing support for Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s recent report on the region, which noted the continuing tension.“As is known, the report of the Secretary-General… states… ‘the situation in the Middle East is tense and is likely to remain so, unless and until a comprehensive settlement covering all aspects of the Middle East problem can be reached.’ That statement of the Secretary-General reflects the view of the Security Council,” Mr. al-Bader said.In his report, issued earlier this month, Mr. Annan recommended that given the circumstances the continued presence of UNDOF was “essential,” a view echoing his previous pronouncements on the force, which was established in May 1974 to supervise the disengagement accord between Syrian and Israeli forces after the 1973 war. UNDOF consists of 1,025 troops from Austria, Canada, India, Japan, Nepal, Poland and Slovakia, and in his report Mr. Annan appealed to Member States to pay their assessments as he highlighted a shortfall of $30.2 million owed to those countries that contribute troops. read more

Filo Mining coppergold leach project plan detailed in Independent Technical Report

first_imgFilo Mining’s Filo del Sol project outline has been detailed in an independent Technical Report, released on December 18. The epithermal copper-gold-silver deposit is located on the Chile/Argentina border, some 140 km southeast of the city of Copiapó, Chile.The study states that the project is amenable to open pit mining techniques. To determine an appropriatemining approach for this multi-metal, multi-zone deposit, the project team conducted an extensive strategic mine planning exercise. Scenarios, consisting of combinations of processing and mining strategies were assessed both qualitatively and quantitatively. The outcome was to adopt a three-phase open pit that is mined at a rate sufficient to supply 50,000 t/d of feed to multiple heap leach processing facilities (a permanent cyanide leach, a permanent acid leach, and an on/off acid leach). The on/off acid heap leach facility (HLF) will have nine distinct cells. The cells are constructed adjacent to each other in a long row, allowing sequential processing of each cell. The HLF has been sized using an average stacked process feed density of 1.5 t/m and a heap height of 10 m. The heaps will be constructed using conveyor stacking systems. The permanent heap conveyor stacking systems will include the following components:– “Ramp” portable transfer conveyors, each approximately 36 m in length for conveying crushed material up ramps – “Grasshopper” portable transfer conveyors, each approximately 36 m in length for conveying crushed material across relatively flat areas– A 36 m horizontal “Index Feed Conveyor” that transfers crushed material from the grasshopper conveyors to a “Horizontal Feed Conveyor”– A moveable 38 m “Horizontal Index Conveyor” that transfers crushed material to the radial stacker– A 41 m “Radial Stacking Conveyor” capable of powered height adjustment, slewing and stacking to a height of 10 mThe grasshopper and ramp conveyors will transport the crushed material from the stockpile reclaim conveyors for the permanent heaps onto and across the pad to the stacking conveyors. The stacking conveyors allow the radial stacker to place crushed material in 10 m lifts with minimal downtime. The radial stacker and horizontal feed conveyor together are capable of moving while slewing and stacking ore in an arc. The radial stacker can retreat approximately the length of a grasshopper conveyor. Open pit mining is to be conducted with standard mining equipment, including blast hole drills,two 22m3 hydraulic shovels, two 20 m3 front-end loaders, and 20 136 t rear-dump haul trucks – all supported by dozers, graders, water trucks and ancillary equipment. The maximum combined mining rate of waste, process feed, and on-off pad re-handle is 47 Mt per annum. Complete extraction of the mineable resource is to take 13 years, including one year of pre-production mining.last_img read more

Play this Marvel vs Capcom Origins for Xbox Live Arcade

first_imgFor video game and comic book geeks, pitting characters from the Marvel universe and the Capcom universe against one another is almost a right of passage. Until you’ve had that argument about Iron Man losing to Megaman or whether or not the Hulk would split Morrigan in half with a well placed kick, you aren’t part of the club.The appeal behind the Marvel vs Capcom franchise is that you can settle these disputes once and for all, without having to worry about pesky things like physics or canon. Marvel vs Capcom Origins is a trip back into the the early days of the series on Xbox Live Arcade, with a modern twist.MvC Origins was clearly going for a complete throwback feel when they made the game. Instead of taking up your entire (widescreen) television the game is forced into an old school CRT monitor shape, complete with the occasional flickering and black lines in high action scenarios. The first few minutes of playing a game on a 42-inch LCD that is made to look like a 24-inch CRT are confusing, but eventually it’s strangely natural. The letterboxing on the sides of the display are filled with counters for various Xbox Live achievements, which also earn you in-game credit that unlocks costumes, characters, and cinematics.For a quick trip down memory lane, Marvel vs Capcom Origins is a lot of fun. The controls are mapped to take full advantage of the Xbox 360 controller, which made the game much more enjoyable to play overall. The game features a “training mode” to help you get used to the button layout and to try out the combo attacks for your character, and the story mode in which you fight your way to the top in whichever difficulty level you choose.Marvel vs Capcom Origins is available via Xbox Live and PSN for $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points.last_img read more

Williams song about geeks is bad and Intel should feel bad

first_imgIf you’re looking for a theme song to show off your geek cred, you may want to avoid “Geekin’” from Intel’s Director of Creative Innovation and world renowned musician culture has grown significantly over the last few years. Whether it’s overreaching television characters from the Big Bang Theory or the overwhelming quantity of geeky t-shirt websites, you never have to look very far to see someone celebrating the things they are passionate about. Celebrities like to share their geek streaks as well, whether its sporting Google Glass, promoting the latest smartphone, or voice-acting a character in a video game they are big fans of. The result is a much higher level of acceptance for this kind of behavior, but it also leads to direct marketing that can easily been seen as disingenuous. I can think of no greater example than this latest track from start to finish, Geekin’ is filled with vague references to every facet of the tech world. If you listen closely, you’ll hear name drops like Google, Facebook, and of course Intel. Of the many techy references, Intel’s is the one that is immediately (and shamelessly) followed by the chime from their commercials.The end result is a painful, repetitive song that does little more than give the artist a venue to talk about how great it is that he can be geeky without anyone saying anything. You know, just like it was for you when you were growing has a history of being both a role model and someone who likes to take advantage of new technology. He was one of the first celebrities to participate in Google Plus, even doing a Hangout concert for everyone to enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with encouraging everyone to get their geek on, but delivering that message on a platter made of corporate sponsorships and obvious tech references is far from his best effort.Come on Will, your name is a URL, you can do better than this.Now watch: Geekout Episode 8last_img read more

Nourrir 9 milliards de terriens en 2050 cest possible selon lINRA

first_imgNourrir 9 milliards de terriens en 2050, “c’est possible” selon l’INRASelon la présidente de l’Institut national de recherche agronomique (Inra), nourrir neuf milliards d’êtres humains en 2050 est possible si nous faisons évoluer les pratiques agricoles mais aussi le contenu de nos assiettes et nos mauvaises habitudes de jeter la nourriture.Comment nourrir tout le monde alors qu’aujourd’hui déjà, 925 millions de personnes sont sous-alimentées ? C’est la question principale qui se pose au vu des estimations de l’Onu qui suggèrent que la Terre comptera prochainement sept milliards d’habitants et sans doute neuf  milliards dans 40 ans. Pour Marion Guillou, présidente de l’Institut national de la recherche agronomique, “l’agriculture qui nourrira neuf milliards d’habitants n’est pas la prolongation de l’agriculture d’aujourd’hui”. Elle estime ainsi que cela serait possible avec moins de gaspillage et moins de viande consommée au Nord en parallèle de rendements accrus au Sud. “Oui, c’est possible. Il n’y a pas de facteur bloquant, mais cela suppose de faire évoluer nos modèles d’alimentation et les modèles agricoles”, poursuit Marion Guillou, qui détaille ces changements nécessaires dans un ouvrage co-écrit avec Gérard Matheron, président du Cirad, un centre de recherche spécialisé sur les pays du Sud.Une meilleure répartition Ainsi, les responsables des deux principaux instituts agronomiques français expliquent comment il serait possible de nourrir neuf milliards d’humains tout en répondant aux menaces pesant sur le climat et la biodiversité. Le paradoxe, indiquent-ils, est que “le monde est aujourd’hui quantitativement en capacité de nourrir sa population avec une disponibilité globale de 3.000 kilocalories par jour et par personne”, soit la quantité jugée “satisfaisante” par l’Organisation pour l’agriculture et l’alimentation. Sauf que cette quantité atteint 4.000 kilocalories dans les pays industrialisés contre 2.500 dans une grande partie du monde. À lire aussiA quoi ressemblerait le monde avec seulement 100 personnes ?Donc, avant même de penser à produire plus, il faut penser à répartir mieux, soulignent-ils. En somme les pays riches doivent “réduire les consommations alimentaires excessives” et lutter contre le gaspillage qui entraîne “environ un tiers de la nourriture perdu ou gaspillé aux stades de la transformation, de la distribution et de la consommation finale”.Diminuer les pertes En parallèle, au Sud, les efforts doivent s’axer sur une diminution des pertes en sortie de champ dues au pourrissement et aux insectes essentiellement et sur l’amélioration des rendements par l’innovation, estime la présidente de l’INRA. Parmi les innovations évoquées, Marion Guillou cite les lasers utilisés pour s’assurer que les sols sont plats afin d’optimiser l’irrigation ou encore les OGM. “Il n’y a pas de raison de refuser un outil sur une planète contrainte, mais on n’est pas des obsédés des OGM”, assure-t-elle.Une réduction de la consommation de viande permettrait aussi la mise en culture de prairies et pâturages permanents, avec un potentiel d’extension estimé à un million d’hectares, principalement en “Amérique du Sud, en Afrique et au nord de la Russie dans un contexte de changement climatique”, rapporte TV5monde.Le 19 septembre 2011 à 16:18 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

NYCC Steven Universe Will Get Deeper as Rebecca Sugar Debuts New Song

first_img Steven Universe continues to be one of the deepest, most complex worlds on Cartoon Network. It started out as a funny cartoon about a young boy and three alien heroes. Slowly, over the course of its first season, it started to reveal more about its characters. The world of the show went through dramatic changes that stuck around, rather than being wrapped up and reset like most cartoons. It’s not easy to write a show like that, which is why the voice cast is understandably in awe of creator Rebecca Sugar.In a panel at New York Comic Con, Sugar was joined on stage by Zach Callison (Steven), Tom Scharpling (Greg), Grace Rolek (Connie), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), and Deedee Magno (Pearl). It won’t surprise anyone to learn that (Greg) sounds just like Greg. Steven’s voice, on the other hand, shocked the crowd with how different he sounds. Back in season one, he actually was a young kid. Now an older teen, his voice is remarkably different from the one you hear in the show.Callison spent his formative years making Steven Universe, which turned out to be really helpful. His life, the things he went through, and the things he learned, mirrored Steven’s journey on the show. As the show went on, the narrative got deeper, and pushed Steven to some darker places. Callison said he really appreciated the chance to play someone going through a lot of the same things (emotionally, not literally) that he was.And as you’d expect, it took a lot of work for him to keep that voice. Callison credits his theatrical training and his voice coach for helping him keep Steven sounding like Steven. Based on his prepubescent voice, Callison said he spent multiple days per week in is voice coach’s studio to push his vocal range higher. It worked. When he and Scharpling join in to sing together, it sounds like the characters have come to life on stage. Fun fact: This panel at New York Comic Con 2017 is the first time they’ve been in character together. Scharpling usually records his lines separate from the rest of the cast. Sadly, that means he’s the only person who hasn’t been in the booth with Estelle as Garnet. (They excitedly report that Estelle wears her sunglasses in the booth, and she’s basically Garnet in real life all the time. When she sings for the show, they’re overjoyed. It’s like they’re getting a free concert.)(Via Cartoon Network)Scharpling was the most on awe of Sugar’s plan for the show. He says he even asked Sugar if she didn’t want to just reset everything at the end of every episode like The Flintstones. The answer was no. “There was a huge plan, she worked so hard, she put so much in that I’ll never not be in awe of,” he said.Steven isn’t the only character who’s had an effect on their voice actor. Connie inspired Rolek to take a fencing lesson at a renaissance fair. She wasn’t quite as good with a sword as Connie is, but she does have the agility. Dietz said she channeled Amethyst by eating a wad of notebook paper. Just to prove she could. “I didn’t die, I’m here!” she told the crowd.For her part, Magno says that much like Pearl, she like the emotional scenes. Anything to do with Rose Quartz or Steven are her favorite. She then proved just how good she is at striking our emotions by singing “It’s Over.” It’s a beautiful song in the show, and hearing it live with Sugar on ukulele… I’m going to admit; there were tears. Magno says when she recorded the episode with that song in it, she had to put it off. It came after a lot of screaming, and her voice needed rest if it was going to sound as good as it did.Of course, the biggest thing to come out of the panel was the debut of a new song. Sugar sang “Escapism,” which hasn’t aired on the show yet. We don’t know in what context it will appear, but judging by how it sounds, it’s going to hit us in the gut.The new season of Steven Universe will premiere sometime this winter. We saw a clip from an upcoming episode called, “Dewey Wins,” which will open the season. It follows directly from the events of last season’s finale, and things aren’t looking good. Connie is mad at Steven for giving up, for not believing in what they could do together. We only saw one scene, but it doesn’t seem like the kind of problem this show will wrap up with one episode. Fortunately, it doesn’t sound like we have too long to wait until we find out. You can watch the clip below.In the meantime, Steven Universe fans will have something to tide them over. Sugar announced that the Steven Universe Podcast is returning with new episodes with deep dives into fans’ favorite episodes and specials. New episodes will begin on October 26.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Hands-On: Monster Energy Supercross is More Exciting Than Soft DrinksCosplay Gallery: New York Comic Con 2017, Part 2 Stay on targetlast_img read more

Police investigating suspicious death of Sharp Grossmont Hospital patient

first_img KUSI Newsroom KUSI Newsroom, LA MESA (KUSI) — An investigation was underway Friday into the suspicious death of a man at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, police said.The 58-year-old patient died a little before 2 p.m. Thursday at the hospital on Grossmont Center Drive, La Mesa police Lt. Vince Brown said.Police did not disclose a reason the death was considered suspicious but said no hospital employees are considered suspects.“Hospital staff reported the incident to La Mesa Police and officers responded to the hospital … at approximately 1:58 p.m.,” Brown said.“Detectives were later called to the scene. No hospital employees are considered subjects in this investigation.”Police did not release any other details, including the name of the person who died, but asked anyone with information about the incident to call La Mesa police at (619) 667-1400, San Diego County Crime Stoppers at (888) 580- 8477 or contact the agency online at Tipsters may remain anonymous and could be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000. Posted: December 29, 2017 Updated: 4:07 PMcenter_img December 29, 2017 Police investigating suspicious death of Sharp Grossmont Hospital patient Categories: Local San Diego News Tags: La Mesa Police, Sharp Grossmont Hospital FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Energy Water Appropriations Bill Also Blocks Waters of the US Rule

first_imgThe draft FY2015 Energy & Water Appropriations bill marked up by a House Subcommittee this week includes provisions that would prohibit changes to Federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act. If enacted, this would block the EPA’s recently proposed Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule. The spending bill bars EPA from developing or implementing any changes to the Clean Water Act’s jurisdiction. In April, EPA published a proposed rule revising the WOTUS definition while separately releasing an interpretive rule that lists 56 agricultural practices that would be exempt from Section 404 permitting requirements.  ASA is currently developing comments to submit on the WOTUS Proposed Rule.last_img read more

Paper Makers Make More Cuts

first_img“This was an attractive opportunity, and we intend to use the proceeds received at closing to pay down debt,” IP’s chairman and CEO John Faraci said in a statement. The down economy and reduced demand have taken a toll on paper makers. One producer, Sappi Fine Paper North America, announced that it will indefinitely suspend operations at its facility in Muskegon, Michigan, resulting in the furlough of approximately 190 salaried and hourly employees. The suspension is set to begin April 1.The company said the suspension was necessary in light of “significantly lower global demand for coated fine paper products.” As part of a separate cost-cutting initiative, Sappi also said it is eliminating an additional 70 positions company-wide.UPM is suspending production at a pair of its mills in Finland in April. The suspension is said to result in a 880,000-ton per-year reduction of coated and uncoated specialty paper as well as uncoated mechanical magazine paper.Meanwhile, Memphis, Tennessee-based International Paper said it is divesting the equivalent of 143,000 acres of properties located in southwestern U.S. The company is selling 114,000 acres to the American Timberlands Fund for $220 million in cash and donated the remaining acres (worth approximately $55 million) in exchange for a 20 percent investment in the fund.last_img read more

For Troubled Kids Some Schools Take Time Out For Group Therapy

first_imgNathalie Dieterle/for NPRThe Resilience Builder Program teaches young students techniques for handling tough emotions, like visualizing a remote control for thoughts so they can switch from negative to happier feelings.Sometimes 11-year-old B. comes home from school in tears. Maybe she was taunted about her weight that day, called “ugly.” Or her so-called friends blocked her on their phones. Some nights she is too anxious to sleep alone and climbs into her mother’s bed. It’s just the two of them at home, ever since her father was deported back to West Africa when she was a toddler.B.’s mood has improved lately, though, thanks to a new set of skills she is learning at school. (We’re using only first initials to protect students’ privacy.) Cresthaven Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md., is one of growing number of schools offering kids training in how to manage emotions, handle stress and improve interpersonal relationships.At Cresthaven, some fifth-graders like B. get an intensive 12 weeks of such training, a course called the Resilience Builder Program. Created by psychologist Mary Alvord, it’s a form of group therapy designed to help students who are struggling with trauma or cognitive disorders — or everyday anxiety caused by things like bullying or moving schools..“I think it’s so critical that kids know they have the power to make changes. While we can’t control everything about our lives, we can control many facets,” Alvord says.If students can learn this kind of resilience, the ability to adapt to emotional challenges, she says, “I think the whole world gets better.”The idea of teaching social and emotional skills in school is more than 20 years old. Research has shown this kind of intervention is effective and has a lasting impact. One analysis published last year in the journal Child Development reviewed dozens of programs with similar approaches. Participants were 11 percent more likely to graduate from college and less likely to have mental health problems or be arrested than were students who never went through these programs.In Australia, Canada and the U.K., social and emotional learning in schools is already being implemented on a large scale. Here in the U.S. it has spread, but not as quickly as some would hope. With all the mandates that schools have to keep up with, social emotional learning gets moved to the back burner.But at Cresthaven, the school counselor, Marina Sklias, and the school principal were hungry for it.Sklias says getting help for students dealing with trauma and emotional problems has been tough. In a high-poverty school such as Cresthaven, with a lot of immigrant families, she says there is only so much she can do.“Oftentimes I refer students for counseling and parents request counseling, but due to financial situations or transportation issues, parents can’t always follow through,” she says. At school, she is already stretched thin meeting with students or giving classroom presentations.When Alvord offered to bring the Resilience Builder Program to Cresthaven pro bono as part of a research project, Sklias selected a group of students she thought could benefit from it. It has been used especially with students dealing with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or anxiety or trauma — officially, students with “social competence deficits.” She met with parents, and many agreed to sign up their kids.The program focuses on fifth-graders, Alvord explains, to prepare them for middle school, where pressures like dealing with sex or substance use really kick in. It’s a time that can be especially hard for kids already struggling with social and emotional issues.“It’s a big transition, big change,” Alvord says.For 12 weeks, small groups of Cresthaven students learned about topics like leadership skills, stress management, problem-solving, and empathy. The emotional-problem solving techniques they learned were based in cognitive behavioral therapy — adapted for kids.They also drew on the whiteboard together, did role-playing and yoga, had snack time, and played lots of charades.“I was thinking we’ll just sit and just do work,” B. says. “Instead we would play games and do things that were fun and do things that you usually don’t do in regular class.”Some of the time they worked on simple social skills, like making eye contact during conversation, greeting people in the morning, respecting personal space.The kids also learned handy techniques for working with negative thoughts, like visualizing a special kind of remote control. Alvord shows a drawing with buttons that say things like “happy place” and “things thankful for.”“You can switch channels in your head,” she explains. “Instead of ‘that math test was really hard,’ if we think, ‘I got through it and I’m proud myself.’ “Alvord developed the Resilience Builder Program in her private practice decades ago, and now she is working with researchers including Dr. Brendan Rich at Catholic University to measure how well the program works in schools with underserved students. Early pilot studies on the program show it is effective.For kids with ADHD, parents and teachers reported that after the program, students were more social, were able to handle their emotions, and weren’t as hyperactive as before. Parents also reported that kids with anxiety were able to manage their emotions and seemed less depressed.The new research compares students who have done the program with those who haven’t. Researchers have collected data from 119 kids at four schools in the Washington, D.C., area, including those at Cresthaven. They just had a paper accepted by the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, which found that students who went through the program reported better emotional control than students who hadn’t. They plan to publish more in the coming months, and Alvord is excited by some early results that show the program is helping kids academically.“It all goes together,” she says. “If you’re not struggling with relationships or teasing and bullying, you have more head space to give to study, and you’re also just more positive.”After each Resilience Builder Program wraps up, Alvord organizes a showcase for the students and their parents. The kids get to share what they’ve learned and get certificates of achievement, and their parents cheer them on.On a warm spring evening, the handful of Cresthaven fifth-graders who had just finished the program gathered in the school library for their showcase.Most of the families are immigrants from all over the globe, East Africa, Latin America. Alvord is first generation herself and grew up speaking Russian and Armenian. She tells these families that they already know about how important and hard it can be to adapt.“You have had to make many changes and learn languages and customs — that’s resilience,” she says. There are nods of agreement in the room.The students take turns coming up to the front to get their certificates and share their favorite takeaways.When it’s her turn, B. — the 11-year-old who was being bullied — says that she learned how to solve “friendship problems.”“It helped me not get as mad at my friends as I used to,” she says.B.’s mother is thrilled with the changes she has seen in her daughter. Her eyes well up as she talks about how proud she is. B. seems less nervous; she doesn’t come home in tears as often.B. is pleased, too. She especially likes the relaxation skills they learned — things like breathing in and then slowly out again, and clenching fists and then letting go. She can take her new set of problem-solving tools with her to middle school next year and beyond.Your Turn: Share Your Parenting StoryParents make mistakes. It comes with the job. What do you wish you had known about raising kids before becoming a parent?Read this post for inspiration, then share your story on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #HowToRaiseAHuman. We are collecting stories until June 30. We may feature your post on NPR.Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit Sharelast_img read more

Destinys first DLC release date announced with more exclusive PlayStat

first_imgAs the most popular console game of the current generation so far, Destiny is going to continue to be a deciding point for console gamers for at least he next six months. At launch it was clear Sony wanted everyone to know that the best place to play Destiny was going to be on the PlayStation 4. Bungie just announced the release date for the first DLC pack for this epic shooter, and it’s clear Sony is still maneuvering for exclusive content.We already knew that Destiny launched with two different DLC packs in the pipeline, and now it looks like the first of these content bundles is set to arrive on December 9th. The Dark Below includes new story missions that will send you all over the existing zones, including back to Earth to stop Hive zealots from summoning their god Crota. You might remember using his sword in one of the early missions, and the implication here is that the rest of him is just as badass. There’s also a level cap bump to 32, and the addition of a bunch of new equipment and strike missions.Where things get a little messy is all of the new content that is only available on PlayStation consoles until August 2015. These exclusives include a strike mission called The Undying Mind, as well as unique exotic gear and a handful of other goodies that have yet to be announced. Come August, Xbox players should likely expect a free DLC pack with the content that has been exclusive to Sony. If you’re an Xbox player, though, it could be worse: you could be one of the thousands of PC players wondering why this game doesn’t exist in mouse-and-keyboard land yet.last_img read more

Aeroméxico announces new direct CancunMedellin flight

first_imgCancun, Q.R. — As of November, Aeroméxico says they will begin offering a new Cancun to Medellin route.In order to expand their presnece in Colombia, the airline says they will begin offering the new direct flight in November for five months. Anko van der Werff, Executive Director of Aeromexico, stressed that with the addition of the new flight, Aeromexico becomes the first airline to operate the route with a direct flight.The new flight, they say, complements the connectivity between Mexico and Colombia since the airline has had a presence in the South American country for the past seven years.To date it operates three daily flights from Mexico City to Bogota and one from Mexico City to Medellin. The new Cancun to Medellin flight will operate twice a week. Passengers can enjoy a Saturday or Sunday flights.Adolfo Castro, CEO of ASUR at the Cancun International Airport, congratulated Aeromexico for the opening of its new Cancun-Medellín route, which he said, will further strengthen the ties between the two countries.“It highlights the importance, since more than 76,000 passengers traveled between these two cities in the last year. Starting the month of November, passengers will be able to do it directly with greater comfort and speed in their flights,” explained Sara Ramírez Restrepo, general manager of Airplan, a company of the ASUR Group.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Ukraine erases communist reminders as it tries to ditch past

first_img Check your body, save your life New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies “Elimination of communism has to happen in people’s heads and consciousness,” said Kiev deputy mayor Oleksiy Reznikov. “Symbolism irritates some people and creates a certain aura that we need to get rid of.”Parliament opened the way last month by backing a package of laws that included a loosely formulated ban on communist, as well as Nazi, imagery and ideology. The provisions, which still require approval from President Petro Poroshenko, will make it illegal to show symbols from the Soviet era, such as the logo of Communist Party, or play Soviet-era anthems. It will also become an offense to deny the criminal nature of the Soviet regime.Taking down all the communist symbols will take time, money and a fair dose of acrobatics, especially in the case of objects like the 100-meter (330-foot) tall Motherland Monument.“We will find alpinist patriots, like the famous ones who painted a star at the top of a Moscow hotel the blue-and-yellow (of the Ukrainian flag),” Reznikov said. “We will ask for help from brave guys like that to get this work done.”Eager Ukrainian nationalists have for the past year been racing ahead of the authorities by pulling down dozens of statues of Vladimir Lenin, the Bolshevik revolutionary and founder of the Soviet Union. The sight has typically been greeted with a mixture of glee, indifference or, among mostly older people, dismay. Comments   Share   Top Stories Those include the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists headed by WWII-era insurgent leader Stepan Bandera, who briefly allied himself with the Nazis. Efforts by Bandera-led forces to carve out an independent territory for Ukraine led them to perpetrate hideous atrocities against Soviets, Poles and Jews alike.Bandera’s name is tantamount to a curse word among many ethnic Russians and Russian-speakers in Ukraine’s east, where government troops have since last year been battling Moscow-backed separatists in a war that has already claimed more than 6,000 lives.And Russia has warned darkly of more trouble for Ukraine should the anti-communism measures go ahead.“Attempts by Kiev to distort the country’s past and to disregard the achievements made in Russian and Soviet periods will only lead to a deep split in society,” the foreign ministry in Moscow said in a statement in April. “Doing that by imposing nationalist ideologies will only further cast into doubt the prospects of Ukraine’s statehood.”Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. FILE – In this Friday, May 8, 2015, file photo, a worker installs a wreath of poppies as a red peak, and red ribbon on top of the 102-meter Motherland Monument in Kiev, Ukraine, to mark the anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis in World War II. The Motherland Monument’s shield bears the Communist hammer-and-sickle _ but maybe not for much longer. Ukraine’s leaders are eager to be seen as reinventing the nation and erasing all visible reminders of the communist past, they say, is an important step toward that goal. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky, File) Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — A hulking steel statue of a victorious female warrior bearing aloft sword and shield looms in dour majesty over the Ukrainian capital. The Motherland Monument’s shield bears the Communist hammer-and-sickle, but maybe not for much longer.Ukraine’s leaders are eager to be seen as reinventing the nation. And erasing all visible reminders of the communist past, they say, is an important step toward that goal. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement “Imprisonment for up to five years for any display of Nazi or communist symbols is manifestly and undeniably in breach of international human rights standards,” Volodymyr Yavorsky, an expert with Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, wrote in an article analyzing the laws.The campaign against the anti-communist laws has been joined by the several dozen signatories to a letter to Poroshenko pleading with him to reject the bill, which sailed through parliament with little debate.“However noble the intent, the wholesale condemnation of the entire Soviet period as one of occupation of Ukraine will have unjust and incongruous consequences,” said the letter, which was signed by dozens of international and Ukrainian historians.The letter argues that the legislation is so loose as to possibly punish anybody writing approvingly of any policies implemented over 74 years of Communist rule.“Anyone calling attention to the development of Ukrainian culture and language in the 1920s could find himself or herself condemned,” the letter said.One especially thorny provision makes it illegal to justify historical instances of repression of Ukrainian independence movements in the 20th century. Sponsored Stories Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy The thrust of what has been dubbed de-communization has sharply divided views. Supporters argue it has been long in the waiting and will set the stage for Ukraine to leave its history behind.“I would have got rid of it all years ago. It simply doesn’t reflect the mood of the Ukrainian people,” said Kiev resident Vasiliy Babkov. “We have to build up that which is truly in the blood of Ukrainians.”But others, like Halyna Coynash, a journalist and member of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, said some measures risk reverting to the censorship of the communist era. She sees particular danger in a measure that forbids any positive assessment of the Soviet era.“They have ended up with a law that seriously endangers freedom of speech,” Coynash said.Dismantling Soviet emblems and renaming streets named in honor of figures known to have been part of the Soviet Union’s machine of repression has garnered a wide approval. But misgivings abound.“Saying that people cannot themselves wear a red star or even have a hammer-and-sickle on their clothing,” Coynash said, “is really quite absurd.”Repeated violations could result in prison sentences lasting several years, also a source of anxiety.last_img read more

CredAbility ClearPoint Credit Counseling Announce Merger

first_img Share “”CredAbility””: and “”ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions””: announced Tuesday that they have agreed to merge the two organizations effective December 31, 2013.[IMAGE]The name of the new organization will be ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions and its headquarters will be in Atlanta. Chris Honenberger, CEO of ClearPoint, will be the CEO of the newly combined organization. Phil Baldwin, CEO of CredAbility, will become president. The board of directors will consist of 30 directors, 15 from each organization.[COLUMN_BREAK]The merger will create the second largest nonprofit credit counseling organization in the nation with 50 offices in 15 states. The new organization will have more than 150 credit, housing, and bankruptcy counselors and financial educators. It will also have one of the nation’s largest Spanish-speaking staffs of counselors.””By combining our strengths – ClearPoint’s credit card repayment plans with CredAbility’s housing and bankruptcy counseling – we have created a stronger, more robust full-service counseling and education organization,”” Honenberger said. “”In addition, with more people seeking financial counseling and education online and by phone, the combination also allows us to invest in new technology more efficiently.””””This merger provides us with the financial resources to grow, which will help millions of low- and moderate-income households across the nation,”” Baldwin said. “”In addition to helping people in financial distress, we now have the resources to provide people with new services that will help them build financial security.”” in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing CredAbility, ClearPoint Credit Counseling Announce Mergercenter_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2013-10-02 Hugh Moore October 2, 2013 450 Views last_img read more

February 4 2011Welcome to the first workshop of t

first_imgFebruary 4, 2011Welcome to the first workshop of the year 2011:[from left]Anthony Weston [ seminar week]Guy Flagg [construction intern]Tony D’Archangel [scholarship program]Colin Evans,Dahong Choe from South Korea,Edwina Harrison from Australia [seminar week],[seated]Special guest Paolo Soleri.last_img

Disputed evidence can be submitted in Focus trial court rules

first_imgThe Nicosia criminal court ruled on Tuesday to allow the submission of disputed evidence in the Focus corruption case, which relates to the alleged bribery of a former central bank governor in exchange for his collusion in the takeover of Laiki Bank in 2006.The defence had argued that certain emails the prosecution was trying to submit constituted private communications that took place before a law was passed allowing authorities to monitor and gather written electronic communications of suspects, including emails, as well as messages exchanged on applications like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook.The material in question was found on an external hard drive seized by authorities from the personal computer of defendant Michalis Zolotas, a Greek shipowner accused of using his Focus Maritime Corp to transfer €1m to pay former central bank governor Christodoulos Christodoulou.The money was paid into the account of a consulting firm technically owned by Christodoulou’s daughter, and it is alleged that it was actually done on behalf of former Laiki strongman Andreas Vgenopoulos in exchange for the former governor’s collusion during the Greek financier’s 2006 takeover of Laiki.Laiki closed down in 2013.The court ordered a trial within a trial in October last year to decide on the matter, as the prosecution argued that the emails did not contain private, but professional communication between the defendants.The three-member court decided unanimously on Tuesday to allow the emails, upholding the argument that they constituted business communications.The essence, according to the court, was that Zolotas, either as Focus’ authorised rep or as the owner and director, contacted the bank about issues concerning his companies.Any closeness that may have developed as part of the cooperation “does not in any way alter or differentiate the nature and character of this correspondence, which is defined by the contents and not the use of any friendly or informal phrases.”The court said the same went for the correspondence between Zolotas and an employee of his company.It was the fourth successive trial within a trial prompted by the defence’s objections to the submission of various exhibits. All have been won by the prosecution.Apart from Christodoulou and Zolotas, the charge sheet includes the former governor’s daughter, Athina, her ex-husband Andreas Kizourides, former Laiki official Michael Fole, and companies A. C. Christodoulou Consultants Ltd, Marfin Investment Group (MIG), and Focus Maritime Corp.The defendants face a total of 24 charges including corruption, bribery, abuse of authority, abuse of trust, and money laundering.Zolotas faces a single count relating to money laundering.Vgenopoulos, widely considered as the protagonist in the collapse of the island’s banking system in 2013, died in November 2016.You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityMake earthquake insurance a family priorityCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Will Take Your Breath Away. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more