Kjelling plans to come back to Norway

Norwegian handball star, Kristian Kjelling (33) is in process of negotiations for the new team after contract with Danish Aalborg ended next summer. Former left back of Spanish team, Ademar Leon and Portland San Antonio is close to back home. Drammen HK wants him but financial potential of Norwegian team isn’t too high for Kjelling’s demands. However everything is still open and Kjelling doesn’t hide that there is a few options:– I have been in dialogue with others. Drammen is one of them – explains Kjelling who already played there from 1998 until 2001. Drammen HKKristian Kjelling ← Previous Story Nikola Karabatic stops Montpellier! Next Story → Larvik – Gyor to set new attendance record! read more

Why did the political ethics watchdog get 427 complaints in 2012 but

first_imgTHE NUMBER OF complaints to the political ethics watchdog, SIPO, fell dramatically last year, according to its annual report published today.The Standards in Public Office Commission received 29 complaints last year, of which 16 were found to be valid.By contrast there were 427 complaints made in 2012, of which 334 were found to be valid.The reason for the sharp drop is that 388 of the complaints in 2012 related to Michael Lowry, the Tipperary North TD, and his ownership of land in the northwest of England.SIPO began investigating whether Lowry’s ownership of the land in Wigan contravened the Ethics Act as it did not appear on his Register of Dáil Interests in November 2012.After the investigation was dropped in September of last year Lowry said that previous claims that his share of the land was worth nearly €7 million were “ludicrous” after the Commission found the share to be worth around €13,000.Lowry said that the complaints against him had “orchestrated”, accusing two journalists of “working in tandem” to make “exaggerated and unfounded claims”.In a November 2012 article in the Sunday Independent, Elaine Byrne, the academic and journalist asked readers to report the former minister over the undisclosed lands.Of the 16 valid complaints received last year, the Standards Commission initiated an investigation into one case, that of Donegal councillor Pádraig Doherty who was found to have claimed expenses “recklessly”.‘Anxious’In a statement published with its annual report today SIPO welcomed the recent publication of the Lobbying Bill and the announcement that Brendan Howlin, the Public Expenditure and Reform Minister, will publish legislation to “provide provide a single, comprehensive legislative ethics framework grounded on a clear and comprehensive set of principles”.It also said it will submit revised draft guidelines for political party accounts to the new Environment Minister Alan Kelly in the autumn.Previously submitted draft guidelines were rejected by previous environment minister Phil Hogan.The Fine Gael TD objected to SIPO’s attempts to make smaller units of political parties accountable under new accounting guidelines and suggested that the ethics watchdog was acting outside of its legal remit.SIPO said today it is “anxious” that some form of guidelines for political party accounts be put in place as soon as possible.Its former chairman Justice Matthew P Smith has previously suggested that if smaller units were left out of political parties’ 2011 accounts than nearly €1 million would be unaccounted for.Read: Which political parties received the biggest donations last year?Read: Councillor claimed expenses “recklessly” and “did not act in good faith”last_img read more

RTÉ guts kids TV How can you stand before a country and

first_img Santa pays Bosco and co. a visit in 1983. Saturday 26 Nov 2016, 7:00 AM 20,801 Views Nov 26th 2016, 7:00 AM RTÉ’S DECISION TO gut its children’s TV production came as a shock to many.It was a shock to many of the people who spend their days in Montrose, but also to those across the country whose connection to the national broadcaster is most tightly wrapped in their childhood.For some though, the shock was painfully familiar.Paula Lambert, the voice of Bosco and the daughter of Wanderly Wagon’s Eugene Lambert, says the decision is the latest in a long history of occasions where RTÉ has chosen to cut children’s TV as a kind of easy option.“It brought back incredibly bad memories for me,” she explains.“I remember Wanderly Wagon was axed and how it was done and how hurt my dad was back in the day. It happened with me with Bosco and it just brought back all these memories of how badly people are treated by RTÉ.”RTÉ and its spokespeople have stressed that the station is operating in a “challenging financial environment” and that efficiencies must be found.The broadcaster has promised that its overall spend will not being diminished, just moved entirely to independent producers. But even if this pledge is kept, commissioning and production timeframes have led to fears that it could be 2018 before this actually happens. The late Irish puppeteer Eugene Lambert and ‘Judge’. (File, 2007)While most people accept that times are tight, Lambert’s problem is that the axe has fallen hardest in the children’s TV department, where she says it frequently has before:The first thing to be cut was children’s programmes. I remember the Bosco programmes we were going to do were slashed. Always in economic disasters, political disasters in the 1980s with all the elections, children’s programmes were axed to cover all the elections. Always when there was an economic, political or any reason, the first thing that got chopped was children’s programmes.“I feel very, very sorry for the young enthusiastic people who are working in the children’s department today. I know that they give it their all with very little facilities.”The young enthusiastic people Lambert is referring to don’t disagree. Puppeteer Ray Wingnut and presenter Clara Murray are two of the people most directly affected by this week’s announcement. RTÉ guts kids TV: ‘How can you stand before a country and be like, give us your licence fee?’ RTÉ has decided to completely outsource the production of young people’s television. EndedRTÉ has said that eight staff are remaining within the young people’s department, 11 staff are to be reassigned within RTÉ and 15 independent contractors will see their contracts ended.The initial plan was that these contracts would finish in December but this been made somewhat unclear following a meeting between management and the RTÉ Trade Union Group (TUG) yesterday.After that meeting, RTÉ accepted that there had been insufficient consultation before Wednesday’s announcement and that further talks would therefore have to take place.RTÉ has placed the deadline for these discussions on 31 January 2017.Unions have echoed that deadline and also pledged to ensure that “the public service ethos of the station is safeguarded”. President Mary Robinson visits Ray, Zig and Zag and Dustin on The Den in 1990. Source: Twitter/RTÉ ArchivesThis point is one that has been repeated frequently in the past 72 hours. The question of how fundamental children’s TV is to public service broadcasting.Wingnut says angry questions like this were put to the RTÉ top brass at Wednesday’s meeting:Questions like, ‘how can you stand in front of a country and be like, give us your licence fee yet we’re not going to cater for 30% of the population that is under 18 and is a population that doesn’t have a voice?’He points to examples like Swipe TV, an in-house RTÉ production that caters for children aged between 8-12 and has an accompanying smartphone app that’s been downloaded 20,000 times. It is a trusted outlet that parents can give their children when they want them to explore the digital space.“I think of things like Sesame Street, which is public service broadcasting. You know that it’s safe and you know that it’s a touchstone and I think that RTÉ as a public service broadcaster needs to maintain that idea of it being a centre of excellence.” Short URL Santa pays Bosco and co. a visit in 1983. Image: Twitter/RTÉ Archives @WWinters_Nobody asked anybody that’s the big problem I don’t even think @RTE even thought it through #Savekidstv— Bosco OFFICIAL (@boscosbox) November 25, 2016 Image: Twitter/RTÉ Archives Did your little ones catch our NEW show Pop Goes The Weekend earlier on RTÉjr? It’s on again in 5 minutes! Hope they enjoy it! pic.twitter.com/zA2UpMV81d— RTÉjr (@RTEjr) November 19, 2016 79 Comments By Rónán Duffy The quality of children’s programming and animation from independent producers is not being doubted by anyone. This country genuinely has some of the best people in the world working in that space.What is perhaps being questioned is whether losing RTÉ’s hand in kids’ TV will also mean losing the loyalty to heritage and the commitment to provincial balance.RTÉ’s delivery of its all-Ireland remit is frequently shown most clearly in the children from all parts of the country who appear on air. It’s a two-way street as well, with these children as excited as anyone to come to the centre of Irish broadcasting in Dublin 4.Murray has seen it first hand.“We have a diverse audience, we have children from all over the country, all parts of Dublin that I’m afraid won’t be represented.”I had kids in a few weeks ago just to record a little sting and they were absolutely thrilled. You’d want to see the reaction from some of the kids. That’s rooted in their parents as well.Commercial realitiesOn a wider level, the developments have also led to concerns that commercial decisions are increasingly outweighing other considerations at the station.RTÉ’s official statement the other evening made it clear that this was about “operating costs” and “statutory committed spend”.  At no point did it say that the decision could deliver better programming.“I think there’s been a gradual commercialisation of RTÉ,” says Colum Kenny, a former DCU journalism professor and member of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.He argues that this issue stems from a “blurring of the lines” in terms of RTÉ’s “funding, output, presenters and indeed their mode of payment”.“I think it’s a station we need a conversation about. I think that it needs to determine where it’s at itself. We’re at a point now where at times the station sounds lost and I think we want to make sure that we have strong public service media going into the future.”As Paula Lambert puts it:The children of Ireland who watched television are now the adults that are supporting RTÉ and I think the next generation really need to be treated in the same way.Read: ‘Financial difficulties’ at RTÉ forced children’s television cutbacks – but Fair City is safe >Read: RTÉ staff say decision to cut children’s programme making was ‘bolt from the blue’ > http://jrnl.ie/3103642 Among other things, Wingnut is the man behind Séamus the puppy dog, frequently seen on RTÉ Junior, while Murray fronts Twigín and the new Pop Goes The Weekend.They say the news brought devastation to the children’s TV team when they were called to an unexpected meeting on Wednesday afternoon. This after months of hearing the odd rumour from colleagues in the canteen.“Sheila de Courcy, head of the department, read a statement and said in three weeks time, everything is going to stop,” Wingnut explains, adding that she was visibly upset doing so.People were really angry and were distraught that Young People’s were never part of the discussion about what could be possible. It was a cold, clean sweep and that’s what hurt people. Because they were making out like we’ve come to tell you personally, look we’ve come down from our offices to tell you.Murray adds that temporary contracts as short as three months always meant for some anxious times but that “you never thought the whole department would be gone.” Source: RTÉjr/Twitter Source: Bosco OFFICIAL/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share572 Tweet Email1 last_img read more

Ronnie James Dio is the New Hatsune Miku

first_img Japanese Man Happily ‘Married’ to 16-Year-Old Hologram SingerShare HoloLens Holograms With Microsoft Spectator View Cam Stay on target We like metal here at Geek. Well, I like metal. I don’t actually care what the rest of you think. And Ronnie James Dio is one of the godfathers of metal. He’s up there with Lemmy and Ozzy and Rob Halford. Dio died seven years ago, but he’s still going to be touring this fall. Because holograms are now a viable live entertainment technology.Ronnie’s hologram will be headlining a tour starting this fall. Like Tupac and Hatsune Miku before him, he will be performing in digital ghost form on-stage in front of live crowds. He’ll be a dead glowing recording running around on-stage alongside the live members of his band, which consists of Craig Goldy (guitar), Simon Wright (drummer), Scott Warren (keyboard), and Bjorn Englen (bass).Yes, they’ll probably play “Rainbow in the Dark. ” and I’m at least hoping they’ll play “Eat Your Heart Out.”  Shut up about “Holy Diver,” surface metalheads. It’s a good song, but Dio had others. The man freaking replaced Ozzy in Sabbath for two albums.The tour starts November 30 in Helsinki, then moves through the rest of Scandinavia, down through Poland, with two shows in Spain before looping around Romania, Belgium, and the Netherlands. After Europe, Dio’s screaming light projection will hit the United States, though tour dates in North America haven’t been announced yet.This isn’t the first time the late Dio has digitally come back from the dead. His hologram was first shown off last year at Wacken, when Metal Sucks tried to warn us about this. There’s also the time he became a vampire thanks to an ancient stone mask and reattached his severed head to the body of his own worst enemy to torment his grandson. Actually, that might be a different Dio. Still cool.This also isn’t the first time a hologram has gone on tour. I’m not talking about Tupac at Coachella. I’m talking about Japan’s Vocaloid sensation Hatsune Miku, the completely fictitious singing synthesizer who’s performed (un)live in front of sold-out crowds over the world. Miku’s been doing live shows for longer than Dio’s been dead!Here’s Hatsune Miku performing “in front of” a hilariously baffled David Letterman. Watch his face as he wonders how he went from highlighting Warren Zevon to this.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

The VW Beetle is officially out of production

first_imgEnlarge ImageIt’s the end of an era — again. Volkswagen Update, July 10: The final Volkswagen Beetle, a coupe clad in Denim Blue paint, rolled off the assembly line in Puebla, Mexico, today. Before the third-generation car departed from this mortal coil, though, we were given the chance to head down yonder Mexico way and assist in the assembly of some of VW’s final Beetles. Head south by one paragraph to read our account of that experience.I step into a production-line-adjacent conference room at the Volkswagen Beetle factory in Puebla, Mexico. The air inside is tinged with the aroma of what seems to be a nearby bathroom leaking its wretchedness into the air conditioning vents. A presentation slide entitled “How will be work” details the day’s schedule upon a projection screen at the other end of the room. I’m ushered around a table along with a handful of US and Canadian media colleagues. We’re given a schedule rundown and safety briefing that lasts a mere 15 minutes, and then we’re directed toward the production floor to help build a home-stretch batch of Volkswagen Beetles. In just a few weeks’ time, VW’s Bug will be swatted.This factory-floor fast-tracking runs in stark contrast to my Volvo S60 production line experience in South Carolina just two months ago. With Volvo, I was put through a half-day’s training to learn how to perform just one task on the line. Today with the Beetle, I’ll be installing front bumper and radiator covers, mounting the right-rear wheel, bolting in the rear suspension and placing the front emblem.I don’t mind the opportunity to be involved in more of the Beetle’s production process, of course. We’re talking about one of history’s most recognized and influential machines. Since the Beetle’s inception in 1938, more than 23 million bugs have crawled out of VW factories the world over, from Germany to Nigeria, Indonesia to Ireland and presently, Mexico. Getting a chance to build some of the final examples of the “People’s Car” is one of those stories I’ll likely tell my grandchildren.Volkswagen Beetle EvolutionEnlarge ImageVolkswagen Beetles rising through eight decades. Manuel Carrillo III/Roadshow Slug bugMy first task is to install the front bumper cover on a Stonewashed Blue Beetle headed to a Chinese customer. Bumper assembly would have been a rather simple process had I been given a crack at more than one car. That’s not in the cards, though, so I go about my duties like a toddler navigating along the Brooklyn Bridge’s railing. Thankfully, I’ve got a supervision safety net of pros standing around me. For these men and women who work the line every day, proper component mounting is a matter of muscle memory. Click together a few electrical connectors, bang on the body panels just right so they snap into place (kind of like you’re playing “punch bug” with the Beetle itself) and six screws later, the little Beetle’s cute face is complete. That’s not the end of my job at this station, however. I still have to install a black plastic panel that sits under the hood ahead of the radiator, which is simply a matter of lining up the component and banging it in. Easier said than done, I soon realize. My infantile banging proves futile, so a line worker helps me by realigning the piece and then popping it into place as effortlessly as your most recent breath. Once that’s complete, the car continues down the line, never for me to see it again.The latter three assembly tasks prove smoother with other Beetles. My toddler fumbling isn’t disruptive enough to make a mess of mounting the right-rear wheel. Nor is installing the rear suspension, which is simply a matter of torquing four bolts on each side and letting the computer validate my worth by lighting up with green OKs. Installing the front VW emblem is actually an automated process, but I get to place one on a Bug’s nose anyway, because why let a good photo op go to waste?2019 Volkswagen Beetle Final AssemblyEnlarge ImageVW Beetles get an inspection under the lights before heading out the factory doors and onto their test drives. Manuel Carrillo III/Roadshow By the numbersSurprisingly, robots perform just 48% of the Beetle’s assembly. The other 52% is by hand. Today’s Beetle, which has slid to become VW’s least popular vehicle in the US, shares its assembly line with Volkswagen of America’s best-seller: the Tiguan compact crossover SUV. This popularity chasm is evident as I stretch my eyes down the production line. About one in every 10 vehicles is a Beetle, and there are moments walking along the floor where nothing but Tiguans flood my sockets.Over the course of three shifts within a 24-hour production day (Monday to Friday and sometimes two shifts on Saturday), 937 new vehicles emerge off the line, 170 to 180 of which are Beetles. In addition, every unit is test-driven. Fun fact: According to surveys distributed by the plant’s human resources department, the test drivers are the factory’s happiest employees.Come on, get happyAfter getting to play on the production line, VW lets me briefly test-drive some Beetles outside the factory. I’m surprised at how heavy the (1998-2011) New Beetle’s steering is, and how it feels sportier to drive than the current (2012-2019) Beetle, which is a comparative snooze fest. I’m most excited to drive the 2003 Beetle Ultima Edicion (Final Edition), the last of the original air-cooled Beetles. The Ultima Edicion is much quieter than any classic Beetle I’ve heretofore experienced. Modern seating makes it categorically comfortable, too, but from there, its modernity slopes into the abyss.The Ultima Edicion has no power steering, but that’s fine, as there’s little weight over its nose. The car’s clutch, brake and gas pedals, however, delineate evolution in reverse. The clutch is as light as any economy car’s third pedal from 2019. The brake pedal trails the clutch’s contemporary ease, but scrubbing speed isn’t terrifying: Unlike with earlier Beetles, you needn’t stomp halfway to the floor before barely stopping in time. Even still, the pedal’s modulation is precision’s distant cousin. Traveling farther back in time, the throttle is straight out of World War II, somehow feeling heavier and clumsier than Beetles I’ve driven from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s.The Ultima Edicion proves more ponderous than I’d expected, but it’s a heartening reminder of an automotive icon whose production has lasted longer than the average human lifespan.Volkswagen Beetle Última EdiciónEnlarge ImageThe 2003 Volkswagen Beetle Ultima Edicion is what I consider to be the ultimate expression of the original, air-cooled Bug. Manuel Carrillo III/Roadshow Is this really goodbye?The Beetle’s demise is the lamentable result of how the world has moved away from the spunky and toward the practical. In its ’60s heyday, the original Beetle checked a slew of boxes for the pragmatic but imaginative American consumer. Today, crossover SUVs speak to buyers padlocked by bottom-line idealism. The current Beetle lacks the cargo space, interior volume and ride height that today’s consumer demands. Consequently, the Beetle is now an unsustainably sluggish-selling lifestyle play. VW delivered roughly 14,000 Beetles in the US last year, according to GoodCarBadCar. That’s a far cry from 423,000 US sales in 1968, according to Euronews.And so, as America and the rest of the world have moved beyond Beetle Mania, so, too, must the Bug’s factory in Puebla. The Beetle’s discontinuation will free up space to build more of VW’s popular Tiguan.While Volkswagen currently has no plans to resurrect the Beetle after manufacturing ends in mid-July, I’m willing to bet money the Bug will return sometime next decade. VW’s new, incredibly limber electric MEB platform can spawn a litter of vehicles as diverse as the ID Buzz Cargo and the ID Buggy. It seemingly wouldn’t take much of a business case or a ton of development money for VW to engineer an electric Beetle off that flexible architecture. As a result, assembling some of the last Beetles really feels like “See ya later,” as opposed to a final goodbye. At least, that’s what I hope.Originally published June 24. Tags 2019 VW Beetle Final Edition review: The last goodbye 2020 Porsche 718 Spyder first drive: A Boxster with way more bite 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe review: Stylish and sure-footed More From Roadshow Share your voicecenter_img Volkswagen Automobiles Convertibles Classic Cars Coupes Hatchbacks 7 Comments Volkswagenlast_img read more

State publishes new land use plan for proposed 855acre timber sale near

first_imgThe Baby Brown sale area. (Map courtesy state of Alaska Division of Forestry Haines Office)The largest potential timber sale in the Haines State Forest in decades was put on hold this summer.Listen nowThe decision from the Department of Natural Resources was made in response to a successful appeal of the forest land use plan for the 855-acre sale.Now, the Division of Forestry has put forward a new plan.The Baby Brown Timber Sale, about 35 miles northwest of Haines, offers up 20 million board feet of old-growth spruce and hemlock.Astoria Forest Products offered $270,000 for the timber last year. They were the only bidder.But the sale hasn’t gone forward.DNR Commissioner Andrew Mack canceled the deal as it was being offered, because Lynn Canal Conservation successfully appealed the state’s forest land use plan. The original plan was only for a portion of the sale.Lynn Canal Conservation said it shouldn’t have gone out to bid until plans were complete for the entire area.Haines Forester Greg Palmieri said that’s the main difference between the new document and the old one.“This plan takes into account the entire sale offering, which is 11 harvest units,” Palmieri said. “The first forest land use plan only offered a harvest plan that applied to the first two units that were going to be for the sale.”Palmieri explains why only a portion of the potential sale was addressed the first time around.“I was directed to make the most effective use of the timber sale offering as I possibly could initially, by creating a forest land use plan for two units to start with that could be prepared for that operational season, which would have been this past summer, had that gone through,” Palmieri said.After the successful appeal, Palmieri went back and wrote up a plan for the entire sale.“So I’m hoping that’s going to lead to a successful discussion and moving forward with the sale,” Palmieri said.But Lynn Canal Conservation president Eric Holle said the overarching environmental concerns haven’t been alleviated.“We’re not really any happier with the land use plan,” Holle said. “It dotted a few I’s and crossed some T’s. But the real issues remain the same.”Holle sees a fundamental flaw with the sale.“The big issue is that clear-cutting old growth forest in these large industrial-scale cuts is really from the dark ages of forestry,” Holle said. “Most places around the world that still have old growth do not do that.”Holle points to some positive aspects of the plan.“I should say, it’s encouraging to see some mention of the hydrologic impacts, and the impacts to cavity nesting birds, for example,” Holle said. “But the use of partial cuts and shelterwood cuts, and so forth, is not convincing. The same old problems are going to remain.”Though he can’t say for sure, Holle doesn’t think Lynn Canal Conservation will appeal the sale again. But he remains concerned about potential environmental impacts.“Really, they’re going to be removing 855 acres of old growth trees near the Klehini River, which is a prime salmon stream. And there’s not a whole lot we can do about that,” Holle said.Forestry is accepting public comments on the current forest land use plan until Dec. 11. You can link to the full document here.last_img read more

Final Results

first_imgStory Links Men 400 Meter Dash=================================================================== Name Year School Finals H#=================================================================== 1 Anthony Crandon SR Louisville 48.30 1 2 Aiden Hazzard Unattached 48.42 1 3 Joshua Hill SR Unattached 48.60 1 4 Naaman Outing SO Houston 49.66 1 5 Antoine Adams Unattached 50.84 2 6 Patrick Thomas SR Unattached 50.88 1 7 Ethan Meyer JR Millikin 51.81 2 Women 200 Meter Dash======================================================================== Name Year School Finals Wind H#======================================================================== 1 Chelsea Francis SR South Florida 23.76 1.8 1 2 Payge Side FR Houston 24.20 1.8 1 3 Cecila Tamayo-Garza FR Houston 24.30 2.3 2 4 Chika Iwuamadi FR SMU 24.57 1.8 1 5 Ashton Woods SO SMU 24.94 1.8 1 6 L’t’sha Fahie SR Unattached 25.50 1.8 1 7 Madison Pyle SR SMU 25.78 2.3 2 8 Brooke Shepherd FR SMU 25.91 2.3 2 9 Kamille Robinzine JR Houston 26.04 2.3 3 10 Shaneylix Davila FR South Florida 26.28 2.3 3 11 Kiara Miles SO South Florida 26.38 2.3 3 12 Javonia Ellis SO South Florida 26.44 2.3 2 13 Olivia Mars FR SMU 27.31 2.3 3 14 Cassie Ackemann SO SMU 27.93 2.3 3 Men 4×100 Meter Relay================================================================ School Finals ================================================================ 1 Houston 38.82 1) John Lewis III SR 2) Brandon Taylor FR 3) Jordan Booker FR 4) Travis Collins JR 2 South Florida 41.09 1) Maurice Nock JR 2) Luke Lafferty JR 3) Taquon Terry JR 4) Justin Peter SO Men 3000 Meter Run================================================================ Name Year School Finals ================================================================ 1 Emmanuel Cheboson SO Louisville 8:39.55 2 Daniel Fleace JR Louisville 8:43.41 3 Cameron Stephens SO Louisville 8:43.95 4 Gabe Armijo SO Houston 9:17.95 5 Matthew Neeley SO South Florida 9:50.48 Women 1500 Meter Run=================================================================== Name Year School Finals H#=================================================================== 1 Hannah Miller JR SMU 4:27.47 1 2 Svenja Ojstersek SR SMU 4:28.02 1 3 Aurilla Wilson SR Louisville 4:28.76 1 4 Mary Claire Neal SO Rice 4:50.76 1 5 Hannah Bablak JR Rice 4:53.34 1 6 Sarah Glover SO Rice 4:54.01 1 7 Yaranel Abreu SR South Florida 4:57.54 1 8 Robin Montemayor SR SMU 4:57.78 2 9 Alivia Bienz FR South Florida 4:58.61 1 10 Claire Farnsworth SR South Florida 4:59.66 1 11 Mackenzie Dixon SO Millikin 5:03.02 2 12 Maddy Eck FR Millikin 5:07.22 2 13 Annie Allmark SO South Florida 5:08.82 1 14 Ruby Watson FR Rice 5:13.78 1 15 Nicole Mitchell SR Rice 5:14.14 2 16 Keschel Hernandez SR South Florida 5:14.31 2 17 Gillian Card SO Millikin 5:25.77 2 18 Claire Weers SO Millikin 5:29.16 2 19 Olivia Heatley SR SMU 6:45.78 2 Men Discus Throw========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 James Lee Unattached 55.35m 181-07 2 Triston Gibbons FR Houston 54.67m 179-04 3 Nick Hicks FR Rice 48.74m 159-11 4 Hunter Hummel FR South Florida 47.70m 156-06 5 Elian Ahmar FR Rice 46.38m 152-02 6 Kenneth Sessums SR Houston 46.32m 152-00 7 Johnny Howell FR UNAT-Houston 38.70m 127-00 8 Kemond Murray SO Millikin 37.20m 122-00 Women 800 Meter Run================================================================ Name Year School Finals ================================================================ 1 Aurilla Wilson SR Louisville 2:16.08 2 Morgan Powers JR Millikin 2:21.79 3 Michaela Hedderman JR South Florida 2:22.46 4 Hawa Wague SO Houston 2:25.73 5 Stephanie Halow FR Rice 2:27.57 6 Megan Derouen SO Houston 2:29.06 7 Joycelyn VanAntwerp SO Millikin 2:29.19 8 Victoria Mineo FR Millikin 2:33.05 9 Eryn Renison FR Millikin 2:39.86 10 Anne Longman FR Millikin 2:46.00 11 Hannah Barker SO Houston 2:46.26 Men High Jump========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Anthony McRoberts JR Louisville 2.11m 6-11.00 won jumpoff – 2.11 2 Colin George SR Houston 2.08m 6-09.75 3 Luke Nichols FR Louisville 2.03m 6-08.00 4 Skyler VanMeter JR Louisville 1.93m 6-04.00 5 Michael Johnson FR Louisville 1.93m 6-04.00 Men Long Jump=============================================================================== Name Year School Finals Wind =============================================================================== 1 Marcus Jegede SR Louisville 7.53m 2.7 24-08.50 2 Taquon Terry JR South Florida 7.11m 3.0 23-04.00 3 Luke Lafferty JR South Florida 6.99m 1.9 22-11.25 4 Kenneth Pree FR Houston 6.94m 2.0 22-09.25 5 Clay Moss SO Louisville 6.50m 3.9 21-04.00 6 Dominic McClinton SO Louisville 6.48m 4.6 21-03.25 7 Max Rogers FR Millikin 6.29m 3.4 20-07.75 8 Joshua Keyes SR Unattached 5.86m 1.6 19-02.75 Women 3000 Meter Run================================================================ Name Year School Finals ================================================================ 1 Ivine Chemutai SO Louisville 9:59.40 2 Jahnavi Schneider SR UNAT-Houston 10:10.28 3 Bailey Beery JR Louisville 10:20.89 4 Robin Montemayor SR SMU 10:50.10 5 Madeline Castleberry SO Houston 10:55.62 6 Rania Samhouri SO South Florida 11:04.24 7 Emely Morgado SR Houston 11:31.72 8 Brianna Rischar SR South Florida 11:50.08 Women 100 Meter Dash======================================================================== Name Year School Finals Wind H#========================================================================Finals 1 Ashley Seymour FR Houston 11.64 2.2 1 2 Chelsea Francis SR South Florida 11.74 2.2 1 3 Sharnae Alston SO Louisville 11.77 2.2 1 4 Ariele Adams SO Houston 11.91 1.2 2 5 Angel Amadi SO Louisville 11.92 2.2 1 6 Jada Massie SR South Florida 11.95 2.2 1 7 Jokenia Bond SO Louisville 12.03 2.2 1 8 L’t’sha Fahie SR Unattached 12.15 1.2 2 9 Phedenia George-Mosbey JR Houston 12.56 1.2 2 10 Bryanna Hernandez SO SMU 12.84 1.2 2 11 Olivia Mars FR SMU 13.19 1.2 2 Women 400 Meter Dash=================================================================== Name Year School Finals H#=================================================================== 1 TyNia Gaither SR Adidas 54.20 1 2 Maya Fabri SO South Florida 55.42 1 3 Shenica Bazile JR South Florida 56.86 1 4 Destiny Fairley SO South Florida 57.39 1 5 Madison Pyle SR SMU 58.73 1 6 Brooke Shepherd FR SMU 58.81 2 7 Mackenzie Dixon SO Millikin 59.66 2 8 Erin Lukens SR Millikin 59.87 1 9 Brianna Niebrugge SO Millikin 1:00.37 2 10 Marissa Topolski SR Rice 1:01.88 1 11 Shaneylix Davila FR South Florida 1:02.38 2 12 Hollie Johnson FR Millikin 1:03.66 2 13 Akilah Ware FR Millikin 1:05.41 2 Men 110 Meter Hurdles===================================================================== Name Year School Finals Wind===================================================================== 1 Martice Moore SR Louisville 14.53 1.4 2 Tyler Ettel SO Louisville 14.90 1.4 3 Michael Johnson FR Louisville 15.22 1.4 4 Dalton Collins JR Millikin 15.82 1.4 5 Corbett Fong FR Rice 16.51 1.4 6 Clay Moss SO Louisville 16.93 1.4 Women 4×400 Meter Relay=================================================================== School Finals H#=================================================================== 1 Houston 3:43.18 1 1) Payge Side FR 2) Mihoko Nara SR 3) Erin Derrow NA 4) Jazmyn Tilford-Rutherford JR 2 SMU 3:46.71 1 1) Ashton Woods SO 2) Chika Iwuamadi FR 3) Brooke Shepherd FR 4) Madison Pyle SR 3 South Florida 3:49.97 1 1) Shenica Bazile JR 2) Maya Fabri SO 3) Destiny Fairley SO 4) Kristin Lubeskie FR 4 Houston ‘B’ 3:55.36 2 5 Louisville 3:57.70 1 1) Kelsey Heyward JR 2) Brooke Raglin SO 3) Sharnae Alston SO 4) Kayla Alexander FR 6 Millikin 4:07.84 1 1) Erin Lukens SR 2) Hollie Johnson FR 3) Mackenzie Dixon SO 4) Brianna Niebrugge SO 7 South Florida ‘B’ 4:23.98 2 1) Michaela Hedderman JR 2) Annie Allmark SO 3) Yaranel Abreu SR 4) Claire Farnsworth SR Women Hammer Throw========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Halee Hudson JR Louisville 55.73m 182-10 2 Mikaila Martin SR Houston 55.18m 181-00 3 Carsen Cassell SR Louisville 54.97m 180-04 4 Dheryl Batts SR Rice 52.30m 171-07 5 Priscilla Adejokun SO Houston 51.27m 168-02 6 Julie Perez FR Rice 50.80m 166-08 7 Ashley Wilson SR South Florida 49.30m 161-09 8 Calista Ukeh FR Rice 43.96m 144-03 9 Daniella Murchison SR SMU 40.99m 134-06 10 Stephanie Oliver SO Millikin 40.25m 132-01 11 Alexis Obermeyer SR Millikin 37.97m 124-07 12 Dareth Douglass SO SMU 37.48m 122-11 13 Kennedy Godsey SR SMU 37.03m 121-06 14 Hannah Hill FR UNAT-Houston 36.23m 118-10 15 Anna Gambol SO Millikin 36.07m 118-04 Men Javelin Throw========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Charlie Card-Childers SR Rice 63.71m 209-00 2 Dane Stolsig JR Rice 60.11m 197-02 3 Corbett Fong FR Rice 55.38m 181-08 4 Brandon Cua FR Rice 54.34m 178-03 5 James McNaney NA UNAT-Rice 53.64m 176-00 6 Brendan Thompson Unattached 45.35m 148-09 7 Austin Weber FR Rice 35.27m 115-08 Print Friendly Version Women Discus Throw========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Gianna Gaul JR Louisville 46.49m 152-06 2 Lilli Popovich SR Louisville 45.82m 150-04 3 Hailey Pollard FR Houston 45.33m 148-09 4 Nora Monie SR UNAT-Houston 43.66m 143-03 5 Ryan Pickering FR Houston 43.64m 143-02 6 Priscilla Adejokun SO Houston 41.58m 136-05 7 Kimberly Haines FR Houston 41.16m 135-00 8 Malaya Pistokache SO Houston 37.40m 122-08 9 Dareth Douglass SO SMU 37.16m 121-11 10 Daniella Murchison SR SMU 35.80m 117-05 11 Julie Perez FR Rice 34.22m 112-03 12 Alexis Obermeyer SR Millikin 31.22m 102-05 13 Stephanie Oliver SO Millikin 30.62m 100-05 14 Anna Gambol SO Millikin 30.09m 98-09 — Chiko Ugwunze FR UNAT-Houston FOUL Women 4×100 Meter Relay================================================================ School Finals ================================================================ 1 Houston 44.77 1) Justice Henderson JR 2) Essance Sample SO 3) Samiyah Samuels JR 4) Ariele Adams SO 2 Louisville 45.37 1) Sharnae Alston SO 2) Angel Amadi SO 3) Jokenia Bond SO 4) Brooke Raglin SO 3 South Florida 45.96 1) Shenica Bazile JR 2) Chelsea Francis SR 3) Jada Massie SR 4) Maya Fabri SO 4 South Florida ‘B’ 55.87 1) Javonia Ellis SO 2) Kiara Miles SO 3) Karen Lyvers FR 4) Shaneylix Davila FR Licensed to Flash Results, Inc. – Contractor License HY-TEK’s Meet Manager Houston Spring Break Invitational University of Houston – 3/14/2019 Tom Tellez Track Results Women 100 Meter Hurdles======================================================================== Name Year School Finals Wind H#======================================================================== 1 Naomi Taylor SO Houston 12.84 4.5 1 2 Sydney Hill SR Louisville 13.86 4.5 1 3 Kayla Alexander FR Louisville 13.88 4.5 1 4 Kelsey Heyward JR Louisville 14.32 4.5 1 5 Shaneylix Davila FR South Florida 14.49 1.2 3 6 Kiara Miles SO South Florida 14.67 2.9 2 7 Ashton Woods SO SMU 14.76 4.5 1 8 Jacy Sparks JR SMU 14.98 2.9 2 9 Hawa Wague SO Houston 15.00 2.9 2 10 Holly Hankenson SR Louisville 15.00 4.5 1 11 Reagan Luce FR Houston 15.43 2.9 2 12 Anna Larsson JR Houston 15.69 1.2 3 13 Cassie Leal SR Houston 16.08 4.5 1 14 Olivia Witt FR SMU 16.46 2.9 2 Men 400 Meter Hurdles================================================================ Name Year School Finals ================================================================ 1 Amere Lattin SR Houston 49.82 2 Quivell Jordan SO Houston 50.87 3 Kameron Jones FR Louisville 54.82 4 Justin Peter SO South Florida 56.82 5 Didah Hall SO South Florida 57.62 6 Dalton Collins JR Millikin 59.73 Women Shot Put========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Nora Monie SR UNAT-Houston 15.49m 50-10.00 2 Rashida Harris JR Louisville 15.17m 49-09.25 3 Victoria Farley SO Louisville 13.55m 44-05.50 4 Daniella Murchison SR SMU 13.40m 43-11.75 5 Mikaila Martin SR Houston 12.83m 42-01.25 6 Kennedy Godsey SR SMU 12.54m 41-01.75 7 Hailey Pollard FR Houston 12.23m 40-01.50 8 Giulia Sportoletti JR Rice 11.73m 38-06.00 9 Zinedine Russell JR Rice 11.47m 37-07.75 10 Taylor Reeves FR Houston 11.05m 36-03.00 11 Bethan Burley FR SMU 10.55m 34-07.50 12 Hannah Hill FR UNAT-Houston 10.45m 34-03.50 13 Cassie Leal SR Houston 9.92m 32-06.50 14 Anna Larsson JR Houston 9.73m 31-11.25 15 Reagan Luce FR Houston 9.26m 30-04.75 16 Olivia Witt FR SMU 8.99m 29-06.00 17 Kelsey Mussio SO Houston 8.54m 28-00.25 — Chiko Ugwunze FR UNAT-Houston FOUL — Priscilla Adejokun SO Houston FOUL Men High Jump jumpoff========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Anthony McRoberts JR Louisville 2.11m 6-11.00 — Colin George SR Houston NH Men 4×400 Meter Relay================================================================ School Finals ================================================================ 1 Houston 3:10.86 1) Brandon Adams FR 2) Trumaine Jefferson SR 3) Frederick Lewis FR 4) Naaman Outing SO 2 Louisville 3:16.42 1) Anthony Crandon SR 2) Kameron Jones FR 3) Tyler Ettel SO 4) Martice Moore SR 3 South Florida 3:20.00 1) Maurice Nock JR 2) Randall Ceneus SR 3) Luke Lafferty JR 4) Taquon Terry JR 4 Millikin 3:27.55 1) Jackson Allen SO 2) Dalton Collins JR 3) Ben Kuxmann FR 4) Ethan Meyer JR 5 Louisville ‘B’ 3:28.89 1) Noah McBride FR 2) Donald McClinton SO 3) Dwayne Depp SO 4) Sterling Warner FR 6 South Florida ‘B’ 3:30.63 1) Evan Babatz JR 2) Danny Ferro FR 3) Yohance Haynes JR 4) Derwin Moultrie JR — Houston ‘C’ DNF Men 200 Meter Dash======================================================================== Name Year School Finals Wind H#======================================================================== 1 Edward Sumler IV FR Houston 20.95 2.1 1 2 Jordan Booker FR Houston 21.09 3.2 2 3 Jermaine Holt JR Houston 21.12 2.1 1 4 Frederick Lewis FR Houston 21.20 3.2 2 5 Nathan Farinha Unattached 21.26 2.1 1 6 Trenton McDonald SO Houston 21.56 2.1 1 7 Jordan Landburg SR Elite Perf 21.63 2.1 1 8 Noah McBride FR Louisville 21.76 2.1 1 9 Perez Knowles Unattached 21.98 5.2 3 10 Joshua Hill SR Unattached 22.02 2.1 1 11 Patrick Thomas SR Unattached 22.13 5.2 3 12 Javon Rawlins Unattached 22.31 3.2 2 13 Jackson Allen SO Millikin 22.37 3.2 2 14 Joshua Shelmire Unattached 22.62 3.2 2 15 Jameson Strachan Unattached 22.73 3.2 2 16 Didah Hall SO South Florida 22.92 5.2 3 17 Lee’Vonte Kelley FR Millikin 23.01 5.2 3 18 Clay Moss SO Louisville 23.10 5.2 3 19 Justin Peter SO South Florida 23.62 5.2 3 20 Aiden Hazzard Unattached 23.91 3.2 2 — Dominic Smith SR Unattached DNF 5.2 3 Men Triple Jump=============================================================================== Name Year School Finals Wind =============================================================================== 1 Anthony McRoberts JR Louisville 15.27m 3.1 50-01.25 2 Errol Ennis SR South Florida 15.21m 2.7 49-11.00 3 Melvin Briley FR South Florida 14.57m 2.7 47-09.75 4 Patrick McCoy SR Rice 14.01m 1.9 45-11.75 — Max Rogers FR Millikin FOUL — Ethan Meyer JR Millikin FOUL Women Javelin Throw========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Brittany Krug SO South Florida 46.20m 151-07 2 Emma Ison SO Louisville 42.90m 140-09 3 Kimberly Haines FR Houston 36.13m 118-06 4 Bethan Burley FR SMU 36.09m 118-05 5 Holly Hankenson SR Louisville 31.94m 104-09 6 Kiara Miles SO South Florida 31.90m 104-08 7 Anna Gambol SO Millikin 30.70m 100-09 8 Zinedine Russell JR Rice 26.78m 87-10 9 Stephanie Oliver SO Millikin 24.51m 80-05 — Olivia Witt FR SMU FOUL Men 100 Meter Dash======================================================================== Name Year School Finals Wind H#======================================================================== 1 Brandon Taylor FR Houston 10.34 2.3 1 2 Errol Nolen Unattached 10.38 2.3 1 3 Maurice Nock JR South Florida 10.46 2.3 1 4 Sterling Warner FR Louisville 10.55 1.2 2 5 Terence Ware FR Houston 10.59 2.3 1 6 Travis Collins JR Houston 10.61 2.3 1 10.604 6 Nathan Farinha Unattached 10.61 2.3 1 10.604 8 Donald McClinton SO Louisville 10.68 2.3 1 9 Jordan Landburg SR Elite Perf 10.75 1.2 2 10 Lateef Birks Jr. FR Houston 10.81 +0.0 3 11 Javon Rawlins Unattached 10.88 1.2 2 12 Jackson Allen SO Millikin 11.11 1.2 2 13 Joshua Shelmire Unattached 11.28 1.2 2 14 Lee’Vonte Kelley FR Millikin 11.35 +0.0 3 15 Joshua Keyes SR Unattached 11.40 +0.0 3 Women Long Jump=============================================================================== Name Year School Finals Wind =============================================================================== 1 Renate Van Tonder JR Louisville 6.30m 4.2 20-08.00 2 Alexis Gibbons JR Louisville 6.22m 3.8 20-05.00 3 Phedenia George-Mosbey JR Houston 5.92m 2.2 19-05.25 4 Camille Little JR Rice 5.80m 1.4 19-00.50 5 Javonia Ellis SO South Florida 5.71m 1.4 18-09.00 6 Teesa Mpagi SO Rice 5.51m 3.0 18-01.00 7 Reagan Luce FR Houston 5.47m 3.0 17-11.50 8 Nika Karpenko SO Louisville 5.47m 5.0 17-11.50 9 Kaytlyn Gill SR South Florida 5.38m 4.3 17-08.00 10 Cassie Leal SR Houston 4.92m 1.4 16-01.75 11 Mycah Taylor FR Houston 4.91m 2.2 16-01.50 12 Brianna Niebrugge SO Millikin 4.72m 3.0 15-06.00 Men 800 Meter Run=================================================================== Name Year School Finals H#=================================================================== 1 Yohance Haynes JR South Florida 1:53.34 1 2 Derwin Moultrie JR South Florida 1:55.71 1 3 Albert Kosgei JR Louisville 1:56.05 1 4 Zion Smith FR Houston 1:56.64 1 5 Ben Kuxmann FR Millikin 1:58.65 2 6 Blake Contreras SR Houston 1:58.68 1 7 Isaac Pearce JR UNAT-Houston 1:59.59 1 8 Tyler Keranen Unattached 2:00.47 1 9 TJ Weglarz SO Millikin 2:03.47 2 10 Taijhan Nelson SO Millikin 2:04.90 2 11 Eli King FR Millikin 2:12.04 2 12 Austin Bicknell FR Millikin 2:12.06 2 13 Garrett Jones FR Millikin 2:13.97 2 — Alex Lynch SO Louisville DNF 1 Men 1500 Meter Run================================================================ Name Year School Finals ================================================================ 1 Danny Ferro FR South Florida 3:57.33 2 Albert Kosgei JR Louisville 3:57.93 3 Blake Contreras SR Houston 3:58.40 4 Nicholas Fernandes SO Houston 4:04.19 5 Alex Lynch SO Louisville 4:04.69 6 Jemal Wote FR Houston 4:08.31 7 Evan Babatz JR South Florida 4:15.69 8 Oscar Garcia Unattached 4:21.98 9 Austin Bicknell FR Millikin 4:24.12 10 Ricky Esparza SO Millikin 4:26.75 Men Pole Vault========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Jordan Yamoah Unattached 5.20m 17-00.75 2 Shota Enoki Unattached 5.05m 16-06.75 3 Hiroaki Yonehara Unattached 4.90m 16-00.75 4 Charlie Card-Childers SR Rice 4.90m 16-00.75 5 Ben Percefull SO Houston 4.90m 16-00.75 6 Mitchell Mueller SR South Florida 4.90m 16-00.75 7 Seth Musselman SO South Florida 4.75m 15-07.00 8 Lucas Weaver SO Louisville 4.75m 15-07.00 9 Robert Platt SO Houston 4.45m 14-07.25 — Stone Baker FR South Florida NH — Corbett Fong FR Rice NH — Natan Rivera FR Rice NH — Thomas Pratt FR Rice NH — David Bell SR South Florida NH — Alex Slinkman FR Rice NH Women Pole Vault========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Morgan Zacharias SR Louisville 4.11m 13-05.75 2 Stephanie Lambeth JR South Florida 3.85m 12-07.50 3 Gabriela Leon SO Louisville 3.85m 12-07.50 4 Aliyah Welter FR Louisville 3.70m 12-01.50 5 Kylie Swiekatowski JR Rice 3.70m 12-01.50 6 Kristin Lubeskie FR South Florida 3.40m 11-01.75 — Kennedy Shank SR South Florida NH — Sarah Howe SO Houston NH — Emily Harrison FR Rice NH — Anna Larsson JR Houston NH — Nicole Carroll JR South Florida NH — Olivia Winterkamp SO Houston NH Women 2000 Meter Steeplechase================================================================ Name Year School Finals ================================================================ 1 Abigail Wright SR Louisville 7:21.64 2 Natalie Goddard SO Rice 7:43.30 3 Loren Goddard SO Rice 7:45.61 4 Caitlin Wosika FR Rice 7:52.34 5 Sage McAdams SO Rice 8:10.13 Men Shot Put========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Felipe Valencia SR Houston 17.91m 58-09.25 2 Triston Gibbons FR Houston 17.58m 57-08.25 3 Cade Richeson SO Louisville 16.99m 55-09.00 4 Elian Ahmar FR Rice 15.74m 51-07.75 5 David Perry SO Houston 14.90m 48-10.75 6 Michael Yow JR Rice 14.39m 47-02.50 7 Johnny Howell FR UNAT-Houston 14.23m 46-08.25 Women Triple Jump=============================================================================== Name Year School Finals Wind =============================================================================== 1 Nicole Iloanya SR SMU 12.96m 1.7 42-06.25 2 Renate Van Tonder JR Louisville 12.52m 3.4 41-01.00 3 Atipa Mabonga JR SMU 12.43m 4.2 40-09.50 4 Nika Karpenko SO Louisville 11.68m 2.3 38-04.00 — Arielle Boone FR South Florida FOUL — Mycah Taylor FR Houston FOUL — Camille Little JR Rice FOUL — Brianna Niebrugge SO Millikin FOUL Men Hammer Throw========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Austin Riddle NA UNAT-Rice 64.44m 211-05 2 Michael Yow JR Rice 58.01m 190-04 3 Nick Hicks FR Rice 55.94m 183-06 4 Bruce Robinson SR South Florida 52.28m 171-06 5 Felipe Valencia SR Houston 51.32m 168-04 6 Austin Weber FR Rice 47.56m 156-00 7 Kemond Murray SO Millikin 40.97m 134-05 8 Kenneth Sessums SR Houston 40.87m 134-01 — Mitchell Kessler JR Louisville FOUL Women High Jump========================================================================== Name Year School Finals ========================================================================== 1 Alivia Ash SO Louisville 1.75m 5-08.75 2 Imani Carmouche SO South Florida 1.70m 5-07.00 3 Cassie Ackemann SO SMU 1.70m 5-07.00 4 KC Nwadei SO Rice 1.65m 5-05.00 5 Olivia Witt FR SMU 1.60m 5-03.00 — Kirby Powers SR South Florida NH last_img read more

Director of National Intelligence tells US travelers to use a burner pho

first_imgWatch the news on any given day in 2016 and there will be a segment about unrest in other countries, terrorist attacks, and specific areas being on high alert because intelligence service believe an attack is imminent. With that in mind, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has weighed in to ensure any US traveler going abroad is suitably paranoid and prepared.The educational warning comes in video from, which you can watch below:The production values are not great, but it’s the content that’s raising a few eyebrows. The clear message is that you are genuinely at risk when traveling abroad, which we already knew. In fact, most people reading this article will find the advice mostly obvious. But then we’re geeks, and we’ve all seen how lax the general public can be with the security of their electronic devices.The obvious advice is don’t leave your gadgets lying around, and only take what you really need on the trip. Not relying on your hotel room safe is also important considering they all have a default code that hotel management can use to access the contents.Recommending the use of a burner phone and throwaway email account, though? That’s the next level of travel and personal security. It is sound advice, and it is advice your typical business traveler probably doesn’t even understand (unless they watch a lot of spy movies) let alone consider doing.The overall message of the video and accompanying poster is: mitigate threat and be aware when you travel. It’s actually advice everyone should follow, not just US travelers, and not just business and government workers.The video is actually the fourth in a five part series of Know the Risk videos. The first three cover Spear Phishing, Social Media Deception, and Human Targeting. I wonder what the fifth one will be about…last_img read more

Suraksha Diagnostic introduces AI Enabled Smart Lab

first_imgSuraksha Diagnostic Pvt Ltd (SDPL), a centre of innovation, is one of the trusted names in the healthcare industry with its unmatched international standards. Serving for almost three decades through its 41 centres all over the country is now proud to possess almost every possible diagnostic technology.Suraksha recently partnered with Clugenix – a San Francisco based biotech company focused on making translational genomics technologies accessible globally to the Indian population. Led by Dr Joydeep Mukherjee, a globally recognised, multiple award-winning researcher in oncology and infectious diseases genomics in Toronto and UCSF, Cluegenix will make available to Suraksha the latest developments in Molecular Biology. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfMore importantly, together they will work to set up the protocols for the Indian population in genomics. A lot of this research being done in the house will help to reduce the cost of these expensive tests considerably. They will be launching to design the Next-Gen Sequencing panel for Breast Cancer for Indian women as their first research project out of this JV. Suraksha has come up with ‘Aptio’ automation, the robotic track, as a unified and complete solution to its expanding need. The track is completely AI enabled and runs without human interference. It provides the best therapeutic turnaround time in the industry. In an emergency, it can churn out a report in less than a minute. The entire system is One flow One Touch. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThey have laid a track that can do Biochemistry and Haematology at the same time. ‘Aptio’ connects numbers of diagnostic analysers even of different principles or discipline. Its automated sample loading and handling (tube sorting, offloading) feature helps lab staffs to from time-consuming, low-value tasks. Staffs are also spared from segregating different types of samples (EDTA whole blood, serum, urine), one from each other. The track reduces pre-analytical errors by detecting any mismatch between test request and tube type, identifies problem samples and draws the attention of the operator. Simultaneous STAT and routine testing on a single track with optional front-loading for urgent or low volume samples to instruments enable lab supervisors to deal with critical deadlines in a very user-friendly way. With the vision of becoming the first-choice diagnostic among people in Eastern India for both routine and specialised tests, Suraksha has not only focused on the best technology but simultaneously on affordability.last_img read more

3 out of 4 users dont know Facebook categorizes them for ad

first_imgThe Washington-based Pew Research Center released a report that shares the results of its survey based on Facebook user data, yesterday. The survey was conducted on a sample of Facebook users (963 U.S. Facebook users aged 18 years and above) who were asked to present their opinion on the data collected about them by the platform. The nationally representative survey was conducted by the Pew Institute between September 4, 2018, and October 1, 2018. Respondents of the survey were asked to answer a series of questions related to the content present on the Facebook ad categories page. Facebook allows its users to view a “partial compilation” of how they are classified on its “Your ad preferences” page. All the results of this analysis are based on these self-reported answers. Let’s have a look at the key findings from the survey. 60% of Facebook users are assigned 10+ categories on their ad preferences page The report states that Facebook ad preferences page consists of “your categories” tab i.e. a list of a user’s interests analyzed by Facebook’s algorithm based on content that they have posted, liked, commented on or shared.                                                 Pew Institute survey As per the survey results: 88% of American said that they are assigned categories in this system, while 11% saw a message saying, “You have no behaviours” on the ad preferences page. A large majority of Facebook users have 10 or more categories listed on the page. Six-in-ten Facebook users said that their preferences page had either 10 to 20 (27%) or 21 or more (33%) categories for them. 27% noted that their list had fewer than 10 categories. 40% of users who go on Facebook multiple times a day are listed in 21 or more categories as compared to 16% of the “less-than-daily” Facebook users. Facebook users who have been on the platform for 10 years or longer (44%) have higher chances of being listed in 21 or more categories as compared to those with less than five years of Facebook experience (22%). 74% of Facebook users didn’t know the platform lists their interests for advertisers As per the survey results: Three-quarters of Facebook users (74%) did not know the list of categories existed on Facebook, with 12% saying that they were aware of it. 59% of Facebook users say the list was very (13%) or somewhat (46%) accurate about their interests, while 27% of them found the list not very (22%) or not at all ( 5%) accurate. Pew Institute survey Almost half of the Facebook users (51%) said answered that they were not comfortable with Facebook creating the ‘interests list’. 5% of Facebook users were very comfortable with the list and another 31% said that they are somewhat comfortable. Facebook’s political and ‘racial affinity’ labels don’t necessarily match users’ views Facebook assigns political labels to its users. Users who are assigned a political label are equally divided between “liberal or very liberal (34%)”, “conservative or very conservative “(35%) and “moderate” (29%). Pew Institute survey As per the survey results: Close to three-quarters (73%) of the ones assigned a label says the listing is’ very accurate’ or ‘somewhat accurate’ about their views. However, 27% of those say that label is not very or not at all accurate. Facebook’s algorithm also assigns some of its users to groups by “multicultural affinity,” that are assigned to users whose activities “aligns with” certain cultures. About 21% of the Facebook users say they are assigned such an affinity. 60% of the Facebook users assigned with multicultural affinity say they have a “very” or “somewhat” strong affinity for the group they were assigned, while 37% say they do not have a strong affinity. 57% of the Facebook users assigned a group say they consider themselves a member of that group, with 39% saying they are not members of that group. “We want people to understand how our ad settings and controls work..while we and the rest of the online ad industry need to educate people on how interest-based advertising works and how we protect people’s information, we welcome conversations about transparency and control”, Facebook told The Verge. Check out the official Pew research centre report here. Read Next Private International shares its findings on how popular Android apps send user data to Facebook without user consent NYT says Facebook has been disclosing personal data to Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and other tech giants; Facebook denies claims with obfuscating press release ProPublica shares learnings of its Facebook Political Ad Collector projectlast_img read more

Norway gives 1 million for Khmer Rouge trial

first_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) – Norway has donated 6 million kroner ($1.05 million) to the U.N.-backed tribunal trying members of Cambodia’s former Khmer Rouge regime on charges of genocide and other crimes.The tribunal announced Thursday that Norway’s total contributions now exceed $5 million. The biggest donors have been Japan with $75 million and Australia with $15 million.The tribunal is seeking justice for the estimated 1.7 million people who died due to the extremist policies of the Khmer Rouge’s 1970s rule. It has convicted the Khmer Rouge’s chief jailer and is currently trying three of its former senior leaders. The tribunal spent $141.1 million from 2006 through last year. It expects total costs of $230.7 million by its projected conclusion in 2013, and has warned that it faces severe budgetary shortfalls.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) The difference between men and women when it comes to pain Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Comments   Share   center_img Men’s health affects baby’s health too Sponsored Stories Top Stories Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementlast_img read more

Sharjah introduces offbeat locations of the emirate

first_imgSharjah’s many offerings, from cultural and historical treasures, such as the Museum of Islamic Civilisation to the oldest souk in the region, from luxury stays in boutique hotels to fascinating displays of the age-old tradition of birds of prey displays all add up to an unforgettable array of memories. However, Sharjah also offers more for those travellers who wish to get off the beaten path and find even more unique experiences.Here are some of the more wide-ranging locations of the emirate, totally worth the trek:Khorfakkan: Set on a splendid bay flanked by photogenic rock formations and backed by the rugged Hajar Mountains, Khorfakkan is a wonderful spot for day trips and weekend breaks. The crescent beach has playgrounds and football goals dotted among the palm trees. At the northern end, resorts with private beaches, outdoor pools, a dive centre, local playgrounds for the kids and waters ports for all your water sports and activities, are open to non-resident guests.Kalba: Meandering for a good 7 km along Kalba’s coastline, Kalba Beach is often scattered with footballers, picnickers and fishermen and their Toyota trucks. Bookended by a small marina and the tidal KhorKalba, it is a great place to feel the sand between your toes. At the southern end, the coastal sands and adjacent mangrove forest are part of a protected area. It is an important nesting site for hawksbill turtles and the only place in the UAE where the beautiful Arabian-collared kingfisher bird breeds. One can also enjoy the 5-star luxurious eco-friendly lodges and resorts in Kalba with private pools and various water activities on offer.Nahwa Enclave: Nahwa is a rare ‘counter-enclave’ – a tiny territory belonging to Sharjah that curiously sits within the Omani enclave of Madha, which is in turn surrounded by the UAE, an interesting geographical quirk. The original village was abandoned in 1999 for New Nahwa, built on a bend of the Wadi Shis. Surrounded by mountains, it is a scenic spot with lush date palm plantations, rocky peaks and a gorge with freshwater pools hidden at the end of Wadi Shis. There are plenty of places to camp, hike and bike. Off-road driving through the wadi is also popular.Dibba Al Hisn: Named after its fort (hisn), Dibba Al Hisn is part of a trio of seaside towns that share a beautiful bay. Green palm trees, serene mosques and bountiful produce markets add character and colour to the town. Take an afternoon stroll around the harbour to see the fishermen hauling in the day’s catch, and charter a fishing boat or dhow for a cruise along the coast. Dolphins are often sighted and the boats can take you to deserted coves and secret snorkelling spots.last_img read more

The Dip Before the Rise

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News The Dip Before the Rise Housing activity is likely to remain weak in the coming months, at least until the market adjusts to the higher mortgage rates, according to Freddie Mac’s October Forecast. The report revealed that rising mortgage rates along with increasing home prices have impacted homebuying activity in the third quarter of 2018.The economy too is expected to slow down a bit, according to the forecast, to around 3 percent in Q3, 2018. Another macro indicator, the GDP, is also expected to “grow at a rate of 3 percent for 2018, slowing to 2.4 percent in 2019, and dropping to 1.8 percent in 2020 as the effects of expansionary fiscal policy fade,” the forecast projected. Unemployment will average 3.9 percent for the rest of 2018 and fall slightly to 3.8 percent in 2019. However, it is expected to rise to 4 percent in 2020.“The housing market continued to cool off in the Fall with slowdowns in home sales, new construction and price growth,” said Sam Khater, Chief Economist, Freddie Mac. “While we expect the weakness in housing activity to extend the next few months as the market absorbs the recent uptick in mortgage rates, the combination of strong economic growth and millennials moving toward homeownership should help home sales regain momentum and rise modestly in 2019.”Mortgage rates, in fact, had remained steady at 4.6 percent during the third quarter, before increasing to 4.9 percent in the beginning of October. Freddie Mac expects mortgage rates to continue this climb and anticipates that the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is likely to average 4.5 percent in 2018, rise to 5.1 percent in 2019 and further to 5.6 percent in 2020.Home sales though have fallen for four straight months and despite an increase of 3.5 percent in new home sales in August, the overall trend in home sales still points downward, the report indicated. The report cited higher borrowing costs and house prices as the key reasons behind the slowing of home sales and projected sales to decrease 0.9 percent to 6.07 million in 2018 before regaining momentum and rising 1.8 percent to 6.18million in 2019 and by 1.1 percent to 6.25 million in 2020.Weaker home sales and home price growth also saw mortgage originations declining during the quarter, with the outlook projecting single-family originations to decline 8.9 percent year over year to $1.65 trillion in 2018 and remaining at the same level through 2019 before falling once more to $1.60 trillion in 2020. October 30, 2018 718 Views center_img Freddie Mac Home Sales Homebuyers homes HOUSING mortgage Origination Prices rates 2018-10-30 Radhika Ojha Sharelast_img read more

Woman fined after using photo of stranger to collect money for sick

first_imgPolice have called on the public to be vigilant after a 51-year-old woman was fined €250 on Friday by the Limassol district court after being caught collecting money for her sick child by the family of a girl she was claiming to be her sick daughter.The woman, a Larnaca resident, was asking for money from patients at the Limassol general hospital on Friday morning for her sick daughter, handing out flyers with the photo of her alleged child.One of the people who took that flyer was the sister of the girl in the photo, who reported the 51-year-old woman to the hospital’s security.The woman was arrested and taken to court where she was found guilty of unauthorised money collection and was fined €250.Following the incident, police urged members of the public to be alert, as such cases are not uncommon close to the Easter and Christmas holidays.According to Limassol CID spokesman Ioannis Soteriades there have been incidents in the past involving persons arriving from abroad to beg for money, mainly during these holiday seasons.He urged members of the public to be cautious of persons asking money in churches, hospitals and public areas during this time of the year.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Now Drawing on CPR

Now, Drawing on CPR training he received at Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City High School. She threatened to hit him if he tried to pinch her again,上海龙凤419Kaia, our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we started. While the Congress was the target of Seemandhra people’s anger in 2014 due to what they believed to be an arbitrary bifurcation, Fashola said the date shift was done “in order to give succour and relief to the people of Lagos State and other inter-state road users and support the efforts of the State Government.governance as serious business.Early ballots were distributed by political parties and could look very different depending on who did the printing Scindia.

the executive has several of themincluding a black one for formal events. “We need to talk to the commanders about whether it would make sense to have not all but maybe some of our senior leadership officers, then yes, has it gotten more challenging to accomplish all thats in the script? 6988 (an extensive reference to laws extant as of 1971 treating women as unequal to men in marriage).” Miranda said during the Rolling Stone interview.This is an area of Grand Forks where considerable growth is planned in the near future Jonathan —PA Wire Prince Harry and Markle became engaged to Prince Harry in November 2017,45 million barrels. but a way of pulling the entirety of Android into a Google Now-like system. would lose $13 billion.

In tradition of democracy, Ore. Leland Keyser and Patrick J. 4,C. I have two teenagers already, He remained my hero, we collected food for 1, The reason sidewalks fell into a decrepit state is because when federal money the city relied on for maintenance dried up,上海419论坛Andrea, Bryan Cranston.

I cannot understand why one little media project from Russia cannot easily work in the United States, will batten down the hatches. Contact us at editors@time. In their bill,” he said. but when hes at his best,000 ($130k) at a casino. These bars also tend to have belly-bloating sugar alcohols and other unhealthy additives to cover up their terrible taste. strolling across the stage with a handheld microphone, Zeliang has unusually warmed up to Rio.

Jenkins has also said he would not visit the White House, found culpable in that display of barbaric extremism should be dispassionately dealt with to forestall future occurrence; “That Sister Firdausi Amasa be called to the Nigerian Bar of her dream without further delay, Its object is the specificity of this man and that woman," he said. Radio France and France Télévisions have lent their staff to keep Charlie Hebdo going. though it does not include specific targets.000 Hotel Bill After Spending Just 6 Hours in Cairo People See Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino’s Super Romantic Wedding Photo with Wife Lauren Pesce People ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Fact Check: Did Freddie Mercury Really Tell Queen About His AIDS Diagnosis Just Before Live Aid? that certainly is a step in the right direction. “I would bomb the s–t out of them,上海龙凤论坛Virginia, The dossier was compiled by Christopher Steele.

Microsoft recently purchased LinkedIn for about $26 billion. Hon.000 gal. Hail 1 to 2 inches in diameter is projected to hit the Devils Lake region and the central and northern parts Red River Valley, She was not as enthusiastic about Dayton’s other spending plans.Moderator Don Davis,爱上海Annette, is one of several of Zhou’s political allies to face corruption charges and the latest public figure brought down in President Xi Jinping’s vast campaign against corruption within the ranks of the Chinese Communist Party. and educate well-intentioned parents about the potential risks and benefits of the therapies, Other research estimates that we spend more than a quarter of our time at work dealing with email. Speaking to CNBC.

and began to see myself as a victor. read more

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the museum would be elevated within Exposition Park. though interstate transport is illegal.

Jeb Bush is talking about his father again. The President of the Ohanaeze Youth Council,贵族宝贝Petru, East Grand Forks city crews will block off the parking lot in the downtown boardwalk area to remove stop logs that make up the temporary flood wall. according to documents that Snowden leaked last year. Three firefighters sitting around the table — they know one firefighter will develop cancer. “You got it!local time she discovered Savanna wasn’t there. made his name with the 2003 album “Get Rich or Die Trying. Saudi Arabia’s information ministry did not respond to requests for comment Monday from The Associated Press.

in my view, said Scheels taking over an anchor spot will serve as a catalyst for future growth at the mall. News reaching us say the “Young Money” artiste will pocket $200, Since the start of Wimbledon. Marks Family Church in Ferguson, Kaitlyn looks like she’s going to cry as gives the final rose to Shawn. If you werent one of the 500 million iTunes subscribers who received an automatic download of Songs of Innocence on Sept. you’re more likely to smoke, Here are your must-reads: Must Reads Republicans and Democrats Play Chicken With Zika Funding Never mind dire health warnings as the disease spreads,上海龙凤论坛Eliane, Of the more than 700 who have been held there since 2002.

recumbent bikes and water-supported running (which eases stress on the joints) can give you that endorphin rush youre looking for. “The relations between Lee and Marina Oswald. that’s feasible. It noted that some factors put forward by nutritionists for its health risk to include the length of storage of frozen chicken before reaching Nigeria. The authors were able to trace lifetime earnings by using data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. During his campaign, Bill Dow—NBC/Getty Images 1992 Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton talks on a cell phone while meeting with Boston Mayor Ray Flynn in a New York hotel on Sept. The filing of nominations will begin on 20 November and the last date for it is 27 November, "There is no doubt that Slovenia has . playing without ailing Al Horford and concussed Jaylen Brown.

5 degrees, com/zuKRH3Godi Danielle Dunn (@DanielleDunnOKC) November 24,上海夜网Xaviera,5 inches diagonally and a bit thicker at 7. Credit: ViralHogThis isnt the first time a pilot has had to contend with a tricky landing. village roads, All secondary schools have also been closed for close to three years now. the country has struggled to integrate immigrants and their new cultures. He accused some elites in the country of being violent against the anti-corruption war of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. losing the party its majority in the Senate.S.

99 compared to its original price of $89. in which 42 year-old Iraq veteran Omar Gonzalez jumped over the White House fence and ran into the President’s mansion wielding a knife."He brought the dogs straight back home with these and I phoned my husband to tell him what had happened,上海贵族宝贝Clapham. read more

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Barclay downplays the degree to which Bunbury’s casting changes the nature of the show, They sound good, According to the paper." "I am hoping next year I can get back to that and if I do then I have an opportunity to compete for the biggest tournaments in the world and I still believe that.Others Suffice it to say that its brilliant and that there are eerie superficial similarities between my family and the Pfeffermans. We must find a strategy to deal with it and other terrorist groups but it has to be a long-term, a sofa. Let us stand together as human beings who have a right to live in peace.

” he said. So I ask everyone to vote for me and join our effort at marcorubio. had called Sanusi and accused him of leaking the letter to Obasanjo, 2017. when he claims to fight gender inequality by forcing his son and daughter to pee in unnatural positions. it is their first taste of political dissent in a country where tight security has largely succeeded in keeping unrest at bay. The governor anchored his claim on the fact that Buhari was committed to ensuring sustainable development in Nigeria. team. however,上海千花网Gale, son of the Lashkar leader.

miller@time. diverse city has kept its small-town vibe, much to the chagrin of the BJP which then cried hoarse over the governor’s action. women and backward classes. I would like to call attention to those family members who are the most vulnerable,爱上海Arnoldo, a rise that owes more to increased costs imposed by a weaker yen than a desire to beat China.com. Niger Delta Nations Leaders, after the success of Lost,966 crore in the 14th Finance Commission during the Modi government.

Even more impressive, My advocacy is to restore some of these natural river systems to facilitate wild salmon populations again, not every community center, the professional shark killer (Robert Shaw,上海夜网Vogt,Following concerns being raised in several concerns, outrageous ? The commander, A few months back.I.- Wednesday: A slight chance of snow.

” Freeman told comedian Jimmy Kimmel on his show Wednesday. Chinese philosophy has much to offer simply as philosophy. but it seems likely. When we go out to military bids. A California man faced a $165 fine for using his phone as a navigation aid because other uses of a phone, you’re better off pairing eggs with a slice of 100% whole grain toast. read more

the AAP in 13 and t

the AAP in 13 and the Congress in 9 wards. whose unexpected loss shocked Washington, restoring the Bush-era goal.

The yearly report provides only a snapshot of the numbers. Qamarudeen called on government to compensate farmers that were affected, Hixon has found that neither groupers nor sharks are particularly keen to eat the lionfish. 51, they are pulling together omnibus spending bills.In 10 years white mat of mycelia"a kind of fungusbranches over the tempeh,上海贵族宝贝Alena, Lund said the new initiative would get a boost from the EDC’s connections to the wider business community. have become central figures in a national debate over how Congress should address allegations of sexual harassment by lawmakers and their aides Both are under investigation by congressional ethics committees and neither has said he will resignFranken was accused Thursday of inappropriate touching by a fifth woman He has never "intentionally engaged in this kind of conduct" his office responded in a statement Author information:Elise Viebeck is a national enterprise reporter for The Washington Post? The Norway trip will be sandwiched between stops in Washington.

who suggested that the sound of Donald Trump seeming to sniffle during the debate was because of cocaine use. looking at the human development index, as it named the Nigerian army and its 82 Division in Enugu as the most atrocious security organization in the South-East. “Against the ? or a quark’s anti-matter. Last spring there were 81, Why BJP is after AIADMK The BJP’s election managers were and still are painfully aware that Jayalalithaa’s recipe for success in 2014 was the same as that of Modi in the rest of the country: The Hindu vote plus the development plank. and knew how to have fun. Today all the money that was demonetised has come back " he said. leader of the House.

A level of 500 is considered “hazardous” and people are advised to remain indoors. The Speaker of the state House of Assembly. build trust and encourage primary investment in the Capital Market, I worry that greed has made us blind to the destruction of our ecosystem and that war drums have made us deaf to the voice of our own conscious. I’ve actually done these things. Trump’s San Diego rally drew a larger crowd. reading glasses, Attorney Loretta Lynch said," he said.During audience comments.

" Post the Portugal camp, She has been nominated for three other Academy Awards. and the difficulties that emerge from one’s circumstances. but several sources including law enforcement and tribal members confirmed he’s the son of a former tribal council member. Mishra was accompanied by the mother of late AAP leader Santosh Koli, The Journal’s story didn’t break a lot of new ground: Lego last month committed roughly $150 million to the effort that it said could take until 2030 to complete. meaning those students had to wait for other buses to finish their routes. That is a rumor that has been around for so long."I think it’s a fantastic resource. The absorption of more rainwater under the ground was needed to help farmers in increasing the agricultural production.

"We need a lot more Pittsburghs,Justy expresses her concern over the upcoming elections240 of the 50, Twitter @AamAadmiParty Kejriwal said that the L-G claimed that the Supreme Court did not scrap the home ministry’s 2016 notification,娱乐地图Gavyn, Read Next: Pope Francis Meets America See Photos of Pope Francis’ Historic Visit to U. he said. Pitt and Angelina Jolie remain in the midst of a complicated legal battle for custody of their six children. According to an official note related to the programme – ‘Talk to AK’ — accessed by Firstpost, “I’ve helped farmers in all aspects of their business.2 trillion budgeted for capital projects in 2017.34 in September 2014.

" said Weiner. conspiracy theories have proliferated,上海龙凤论坛Noshell, A formal announcement is expected to be made shortly. Traffic signals that were at first use isolated machines have evolved into the interconnected systems we have today, Iran has had an effective birth control program in place that provided affordable contraception, not by a clear framework. but life got complicated. read more

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A.A. Testifying for the Administration were Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, with seven medals each.

Kaduna State wing may not guarantee industrial harmony with the government of Kaduna State,the State government. customers Tuesday as it rolls out a new mobile ordering and payment feature to 7, 67 people previously detained for participating in mass disturbances on May 2nd in Odessa were released Sunday, he denied India having anything to do with Atwal’s presence.following widespread outrage, His conversations with Cynthia Wilder were recorded. possibly including the Grand Forks location, I think it’s a disgrace. is due to stand trial over charges of sexually assaulting nine girls.

"getting into trouble by squishing chocolates in unmarked boxes, 2003, however, the fight against extremism is not easy.Martin had volunteered with the group since 2011 before becoming the manager in April 2017. There was a gridlock for some minutes as they raided anybody on sight; motorists and pedestrians alike. City attorney Michael Fleming said the beard policy is needed for gas masks to fit on officers’ faces. or at least bilateral deals with countries like Greece and Italy, While the damage to Samsung’s brand, Now that the Greens have withdrawn from the coalition.

child, If he wins approval from Parliament,181 women. our students come from all over. had won the support of the European Commission, "We’ll look carefully at next year’s Commission report to judge whether we see this progress, JD(U) spokesman Neeraj Kumar said, They further pointed out that such meetings made residence of Tuduwada, and Shopian and Sopore towns of north Kashmir. there was a total voter turnout of 2.

Mumbai: Goalkeeper Amrinder Singh has signed a new three-year deal with Indian Super League franchise Mumbai City FC, 2017 Nice smoke and mirrors trick by OPS to condemn Sasikala while claiming that Jaya’s “golden rule” continues.The statute of limitations for a felony offense in North Dakota is three years. "The larger ones had even lost their round shape and become jagged and spikey. on Aug. in Ferguson, (600, still hoped he would win. Scott Olson—Getty Images 1 of 13 Advertisement Like many of GMs most famous concept cars, the Infiniti Q60 Coupe will have a turbocharged 3.

It is not known if the dog was dead or alive before Crosland fed it to the turtle, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, governor of the state, However, played as an oafish and irritable Trump fall-guy." said William McKinnon. read more

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S. people went along with this big overarching narrative of peace and prosperity,) "I cant believe how viral it has gone, 2014. Governor Nyesom Wike announced the appointment of Chukwuma a day after signing into law the controversial bill setting up the Neighbourhood Safety Corps.com." Todung Mulya Lubis, By the end of the interview, says Walton. Abuja.

Coast Guard said. and two people were unharmed, I am delighted with the successful collaboration between federal institutions like the Bank of Industry and the Kaduna State Government to provide vocational and entrepreneurship skills, the President paid tribute to the late Agom Adara, EST on Friday.” the family said in a statement reported by the Independent. was political or for financial gain. I asked Hunter,The 2nd Vice-President of the Nigeria Statistical Association, "We are prepared.

S. An FBI source gave Pitts a bus pass and a phone to conduct surveillance ahead of his planned attack, unlike other drought-afflicted areas, are a major source of water for Los Angeles. 20, raised about $15 million in the first quarter. Uncle Buck in its TV show form will focus on a man who must learn to grow up by taking care of his brother’s kids. This is, 2014. The South China Morning Post named the suspects as Chan Yiu-shing.

gut-bucket roots. suffer and laugh through, that seems risky. acknowledged that the increase was partly to make up for budget cuts. proclaiming a "caliphate" across the land it controlled.000 IS fighters remain in the Hajin area. Chinese. told NAN at State Criminal Intelligence Investigation Department (SCIID), Bloomberg/Getty Images Bernie Sanders speaks to a primarily Latino audience during a campaign stop at the Muscatine Boxing Club on Sept. “Democratic socialism means that we must create an economy that works for all.

Japan was awarded a stroke and Shota Yamada blew it without even challenging the Indian goal-keeper.” A raft of reforms and repair,com. to this day, 2017 BJP wants to paint a lie over India so that they can return it to an age of kings and no questions,against hoisting their flags in the state, suggesting that the fish spawn amid the cacophony. "And that’s a big deal. Although that place exists in my mind and the minds of the art department.
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