Vive Tauron Kielce 6 of 6 after double win over Aalborg

6. Dunkerque HB Grand Littora…6105137:148(-11)2 ← Previous Story VIDEO: New face of Jeffrey M’tima Next Story → Zagreb win handball war against Meshkov Vive Tauron Kielce beat at home Aalborg Handball 33:26 and remain at the top of the group D table. Polish team, just like a week ago, had to manage without inured Aginagalde, Reichmannand Rosiński; Aalborg arrived in Kielce without Berggren who played a very good game last week.First half didn’t begin well for the hosts. They couldn’t break through Danish defence while having problems with their own. Aalborg seemed very well prepared – they took advantage of the situation and took the lead. After 15 minutes they lead by 3 goals (5:8) but Olafur Gustafsson got 2-minute-suspension and Kielce in powerplay came from behind (7:8). Polish champions seemed to be getting back on the right track: in 22. minute Karol Bielecki equalized at 10:10 by scoring a penalty shot, and a moment later Denis Buntić gave his team the very first lead in the match. Kielce improved both their defence and attack and forged ahead. 3 minutes from the half-time they lead 16:12; the result at the break was 18:15. Bielecki scored hit the net one more time but the referees decided it was too late and they goal wasn’t accepted.In the beginning of the second half it was Aalborg team that took the better start. In the space of 2 minutes they almost reduced the gap (18:17, 32. minute). They even had a chance to equalize as Kielce made a lot of mistakes but they failed to do that and as a result Kielce started scoring. One of the reasons for this was Marin Šego who did much better than his team mate Szmal in the first half and helped his team with a pair of great saves. On the other side of the court Soren Westphal also managed to save a couple of throws but it wasn’t enough for the Danish team to endanger their opponents. The result became quite stable, Kielce kept leading by 4 or so goals. In the 50. minute a penalty throw executed by Bielecki stirred up some controversies. The ball hit the crossbar and bounced off almost vertically. The referees decided it bounced inside the goal and counted the goal in spite of protests of the Danish players. By the end of the game Marin Šego got a reward for his good performance. Aalborg often played with libero leaving the goal without a goalkeeper. After one of the unsuccessful Danish attacks, Šego got to score a goal for 31:25. The result was closed in 60. minute by Zorman.One of the outstanding players in the Polish team was Denis Buntić who scored 8 goals; it was also a good game of Karol Bielecki who scored 6 times. The top scorer for Aalborg was Sander Sagosen (7 goals).TEXT: MARTYNA USNARSKASTANDINGS: 1. KS Vive Tauron Kielce6600188:162(26)12 5. Kadetten Schaffhausen6114158:181(-23)3 2. MOL-Pick Szeged6501169:157(12)10 4. HC Motor Zaporozhye6204166:166(0)4 3. Aalborg Handball6213153:157(-4)5 EHF CLPolandVive Tauron Kielce

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