The Government of the Republic of Croatia has increased quotas for the employment of foreign workers in tourism to 15.611 permits

first_imgAt the 133rd Session of the Government held today, a decision was made to determine the annual quota of permits for the employment of foreigners for the calendar year 2019.     This decision increased the quota for the employment of foreigners for 2019 to 50.100 permits for newcomers. This is an increase of a total of 20.331 permits more than this year, of which almost 13.000 are permits for the tourism and construction sectors. By the way, there are 147.860 registered unemployed people in Croatia, currently over 12.000 vacancies have been created in Croatia. Business Days in Tourism For the next tourist season, Croatian tourism will lack at least about 15 thousand skilled workers, and some projections indicate the number of 20.000 workers. Holding the Day of Jobs in Tourism is an opportunity to promote jobs in tourism and motivate all those who are looking for a job, whether they have worked in tourism or not, and young people who are just entering the labor market. With this, we want to ensure the stability of the inflow of labor to the economy and support economic growth, which is estimated at 2,9% for next year, said Minister of Labor and Pensions Marko Pavić during his presentation and added: “The primary goal is to activate the domestic workforce and connect them with employers, and this is attempted with various measures such as Tourism Job Days, Wish projects, From measure to career, Get a job, VET reform, development of dual education, etc.… and all with with the aim of animating and activating persons who are at the employment office. “Minister Pavić points out, and adds that with the Decision on increasing quotas for employment of foreign labor, we ensure to employers that what we fail to do through the affirmation of domestic labor, we ensure access to the foreign labor market so as not to jeopardize economic growth. The Decision on the reopening of the Day of Business in Tourism (DPT) was made, which will be held on January 18 in Osijek, and later in Zagreb and Split. Last year, 24.000 people expressed a desire to work in the season, and the same survey will be repeated at the Tourism Job Days. The goal of DPT is to connect the domestic workforce with employers. Thus, the tourism sector has a total of 15.611 permits for the employment of foreign labor, which is an increase of 6.681 permits.last_img

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