Vietnam reports two avian flu cases, one fatal

first_imgMar 25, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – A teen-age girl with no known exposure to infected poultry has died of H5N1 avian influenza, and a 40-year-old woman has tested positive for the virus, Vietnamese authorities said today.The girl, a 17-year-old from Nam Dinh province, south of Hanoi, died yesterday, the Associated Press (AP) reported today. Officials aren’t sure how she contracted avian flu, because poultry in her village have not had the disease, said Vu Huu Viet, head of the provincial medical center.The 40-year-old woman is from Quang Ninh province near the Chinese border, the AP reported. She ate chicken on Mar 10 and began experiencing fever, coughing, and breathing difficulties 4 days later, said Nguyen Van Thich, with the province’s medical center. The woman was in stable condition in a Hanoi hospital, the story said.The cases reported today bring the unofficial overall total to 74 cases, including 49 deaths, since late 2003.In addition to the two latest confirmed cases, Vietnam continues to wrestle with a number of possible cases, although media accounts vary. Five family members from the northern port city of Haiphong were hospitalized Mar 23 with suspected avian flu, according to a Reuters report, which attributed the information to the state-run Hanoi Moi newspaper.The head of Haiphong’s health department, Nguyen Van Vy, said poultry at the family’s home had been slaughtered earlier to stop an outbreak, according to the story.In the central province of Quang Binh, media reports of about 195 sick people are prompting close scrutiny by Vietnamese officials. Provincial doctors and district healthcare center employees have examined each family in Kinh Chau village and offered guidance to improve safety, according to a story published today by Vietnam News Service (VNS).More than 1,000 poultry have been culled in Kinh Chau village as well, VNS reported.Officials have denied finding any new avian flu cases in Quang Binh since the death of a 5-year-old boy in mid-March, although VNS reported today that some residents of the village, including relatives and neighbors of the boy, remain under close medical observation. The story reported that residents are reluctant to be hospitalized.The national steering committee for preventing respiratory inflammation has asked local branches across Vietnam to promote a month-long campaign to clean poultry farms. The push is to begin next Friday, VNS reported.The disease continues to spread outside of Vietnam as well. In Indonesia, the Jakarta Post reported today that avian flu was still spreading in South Sulawesi, affecting the regencies of Sidenreng Rappang, Wajo, Soppeng, and Maros. About 128,000 chickens have been affected so far, that paper reported.In Cambodia, officials said an 18-year-old man who is hospitalized with a fever and cough is being tested for avian flu, according to an Agence-France Presse report today. Officials said the man had killed and eaten sick chickens and is from Kampot, the same province where Cambodia’s first two confirmed human cases occurred.See also:CIDRAP avian flu case-count tables read more

The effect of chaos theory: If your destination is not in that region, you must not get off the highway

first_imgNamely, for years, drivers in transit who do not want to pay a vignette on the Austrian motorway have created large crowds on local motorways (especially during the summer and winter holidays). So, the payment of the vignette created a problem on the other side (butterfly effect). Crowds on local roads have reduced the quality of life of the local population, raised the level of pollution and noise, prevented a quick response to emergency services that cannot reach people who require such help in time, etc.… On the other hand, another important fact needs to be considered The question is how much increased traffic on local roads has affected the local economy, ie whether consumption has risen in rural areas through restaurants, OPGs, etc.… For example, if we look at the old Karlovac road, as well as all other rural areas connecting the continent with by sea, it has lost much of its importance due to the diversion of traffic to our highway, (as in the cartoon Cars and the example of Route 66) which again triggered additional negative problems on the economy, emigration, etc. ( The annual vignette for vehicles up to 3.5 tons will no longer cost 89.20 euros but 91.10 euros. For a vignette valid for two months, the price used to be 26.80 euros, and now it is 27.40 euros. The price for a ten-day vignette rises from the previous 9.20 to 9.40 euros. But now the representatives of Tyrol have decided to react and try to get around the problem. The governor of the Austrian province of Tyrol, Guenther Platter, has decided that drivers who do not have a small destination in the province as their final destination have nothing to do on local roads and have to drive on motorways, and introduced penalties for drivers who do not respect it. HAK Magazine. Photo: Screenshot Youtube Samuel and Audrey – Travel and Food Videos Now I’ve complicated the whole thing, haven’t I? But that is tourism and that is the reality. That is why sustainability, project thinking and strategic planning are imperative if we want to deal with quality and sustainable tourism development. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN HE HAS TOO MANY ARRIVALS IN A DESTINATION OR TOO MUCH WATER IN A BOWL AND WE WANT TO PREVENT OVERFLOW? So if drivers get off the highway they will have to prove that it is the final destination in that region. If you can’t prove that your trip ends in Tyrol, the police will take you back to the motorway, and in some cases drivers will be fined up to 60 euros. To avoid a penalty, you must have a certificate of accommodation in that region. In addition, a decision was made on exemptions for toll collection. Some sections of motorways near the border with Germany are exempt from tolls. The exemptions apply, inter alia, to (A1) between Walserberg and the Salzburg Nord junction and (A12) between the German border and the Kufstein-Süd junction. The aim of this measure is to suppress the driving of German drivers on local roads and endanger traffic safety. That is why you should always look at the bigger picture from several angles, because sometimes some good decisions can cause unexpected and negative consequences on a completely different side. How to find the best measure – that’s art! But the most important thing is that we are aware of the whole issue, that we deal with challenges, that we monitor and react in a timely manner, and not that tourism just happens by itself. center_img When we are at the old Karlovac road, personally when I go from Zagreb to Dalmatia, I always get off in Karlovac and go on the old Karlovac road. The whole area offers excellent tourist stories, from nature, museums, interpretation centers, restaurants, Rastoke as well as the natural phenomenon of Plitvice Lakes. Personally, I think that it would be very good to revitalize the old Karlovac road through tourism and an interesting tourist product. Again through the phenomenon overflowing vessels. Let’s say plastic, as in chaos theory. In chaos theory, extreme sensitivity to initial conditions is known as the butterfly effect, which reads: “If a butterfly flutters its wings in Beijing, it could cause a hurricane in Florida“. This does not mean that the wind created by waving butterfly wings causes a hurricane, but that waving butterfly wings can also change the sequence of events that would have occurred if the butterfly had not waved its wings. Tourism is a living organism, as is the economy. Photo: gerdmuller13 / For 2020, vignette prices in Austria are rising Tourism is complex, solely because it is not one industry, but vertically and horizontally connects various industries, and every decision made affects space and movement in various ways, sometimes unexpected. RELATED NEWS: Cover photo: ToniFuchs, Germany and Austria have been arguing for a long time about a similar challenge, but without the right moves. GET OUT OF THE HIGHWAY AND MEET OUR BEAUTIFUL – I “DISCOVERED” THE RIVER KORANA AND AQUATIKAlast_img read more