US resident in Saudi gets 5 years in jail for killing Sri

A US resident in Saudi Arabia, convicted of killing his Sri Lankan wife, has been sentenced to five years in jail, Arab News reported.He is said to have hidden her body for eight months in a tube inside a pipe designed to detect gas in the Al-Kharj desert. Laborers at one of the major oil companies found the decomposed body inside the pipe located in their work area. That area is supervised by a US agent, married to a Sri Lankan woman, who had disappeared. One of the workers said the supervisor asked him to burn or bury the body, but he refused and asked him to inform the police.Another laborer told investigators that he had been asked to weld the pipe and then throw it in a well.The convict acknowledged that the body was his wife’s, but denied accusations in the workers’ testimonies. The workers immediately reported the matter to the supervisor who was supposed to report it to the company’s officials. But he was late in reporting the body for two hours, something that prompted the police to investigate the matter. The body turned out to be his wife’s. The sons of the woman from a previous marriage rejected the verdict, demanding execution of the murderer.They said, based on the witnesses’ testimony and the evidence, it looks like a deliberate murder. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Haekkerup resigns as head of UN mission in Kosovo Annan regrets move

“The Secretary-General has expressed his deep appreciation to Mr. Haekkerup for his accomplishments in the service of the United Nations and wishes him every success for the future,” said a spokesman for Mr. Annan in a statement issued in New York. Mr. Annan also paid tribute to his envoy’s achievements, underscoring his “skilful management of the process that led to the adoption of a constitutional framework and the successful election held last month.”Explaining his motives in a radio interview, Mr. Haekkerup noted that his work as UNMIK chief entailed long and arduous hours. “My wife is going to have a baby early in the new year, so this was a very good occasion to take a break from the very intense work here,” the envoy said. He added that his decision had been taken in consultation with Mr. Annan. Mr. Haekkerup said Kosovo had seen numerous accomplishments over the past year. “Maybe if you had asked people a year ago ‘do you think that we would have been where we are now, that we have had elections, that we have a Constitutional Framework, that we soon will have a government in Kosovo – a self-government – with the participation of all communities?’ I think many people a year ago would have said: ‘Well, Mr. Haekkerup, you will never get there,’ but we did.” The outgoing envoy said the international community would reject any attempt to hamper democracy in Kosovo. “I am sure that we would not accept anybody who would try to obstruct the process of creating a government,” he said.Making a direct appeal to the people of Kosovo, he said: “Every day you make a choice in what you are doing and not doing… UNMIK, KFOR [the international protection force] and the international community can do a lot but in the end it’s the population of Kosovo, you yourself, who [are] making this choice.” read more