dAmico Inks Sale and Leaseback for MR Tanker

first_imgzoom Italy-based shipping company d’Amico International Shipping (DIS) has, through its subsidiary d’Amico Tankers, signed a memorandum of agreement and bareboat charter contract for the sale and leaseback of the MT High Priority.Under the agreement, signed with a company owned by Sole Shipping Special Opportunities Fund II LP, the 46,847 dwt medium range (MR) product tanker would be purchased for a consideration of USD 13 million.d’Amico said that this transaction would generate, net of the reimbursement of the vessel’s existing bank debt, a positive cash effect upon sale of around USD 6.5 million, “contributing to the liquidity required to complete DIS’ fleet renewal program.”Through this transaction d’Amico Tankers will maintain full control of the 2005-built ship, since a 5-year bareboat charter agreement was also concluded with the buyer, with a purchase obligation at the end of the 5th year of the charter period.Furthermore, the company has the option to repurchase the tanker starting from the second anniversary of its sale.DIS’ fleet comprises 55.5 double-hulled product tankers with an average age of about 7.7 years. d’Amico Tankers also has shipbuilding contracts with Hyundai Mipo Dockyard for the construction of six Long Range product tankers with expected delivery between the fourth quarter of 2017 and 2018.last_img read more

Trans Mountain puts contractors on notice to get ready for pipeline restart

first_imgSHERWOOD PARK, Alta. — Trans Mountain Corp. has advised construction contractors to get ready for the restart of its pipeline expansion project to the west coast.Trans Mountain says its directive gives contractors 30 days to ready equipment, start hiring workers, secure goods and services and develop detailed plans.The company says work is to begin soon in communities along the right of way between Edmonton and Edson, Alta., and in the greater Edmonton area.Work is also to resume at the terminal in Burnaby, B.C., which is the end point for the pipeline that is to carry oil from Alberta to the coast for shipment to overseas markets.Trans Mountain says specific start dates in the remaining construction areas are subject to final regulatory approvals and permits. The federal government gave a second go-ahead to the expansion project in June after the courts overturned the original approval.The Liberal government spent $4.5 billion to buy the pipeline from Kinder Morgan Canada in 2018 in a bid to get the existing pipeline expanded despite significant political opposition in British Columbia.That plan was put on hold last August when the Federal Court of Appeal said the government had not done a good enough job consulting with Indigenous communities or studying the impact on marine life.Six British Columbia First Nations and at least two environment groups have filed new court challenges.“We are confident that we have a path forward by which the expansion project construction can commence,” Ian Anderson, President and CEO of Trans Mountain Corp., said in a release Wednesday.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Calgary homes more affordable than national average RBC

Calgary homes more affordable than national average; RBC AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Among the positives of depressed energy prices — they have improved home affordability levels in Calgary.According to RBC Economics, people looking to buy a home need to budget just over 35 per cent of their pre-tax income to cover the cost of ownership. That includes mortgage payments, taxes and utilities.“It’s still very affordable and below the long run average. So affordability is not a challenge in either Calgary or Edmonton. The bigger challenge obviously, what’s going on in oil prices specifically, but the economy more generally,” says Wright.It’s well below the national average of 46.7 per cent. Chief Economist Craig Wright says owning a home here will likely become even more affordable because it doesn’t appear activity in oil and gas will pick up any time soon.“That sort of masks some of the underlying currents in the housing market. And as we go forward we’ll probably see those price pressures continue to build on the downside and we’ll see weaker prices, which, barring any big hit to income, should contribute to slight improvement of affordability.”Not surprisingly, housing in Vancouver was dubbed the least affordable in the country, with Toronto not far behind.RBC predicts, if current trends continue, single detached homes in Toronto and Vancouver will soon be firmly in the luxury housing segment, available only to wealthy households. Stock photo by Posted Feb 29, 2016 12:23 pm MDT read more

8 of the greatest school Nativity moments ever

first_img Source: RCCMinternational7. This Joseph who’s more interested in his feet than the birth of Jesus Christ Source: Hannah Sergeant2. This camel who really doesn’t wannaHeads up, falling camel. AH, THE SCHOOL nativity. We all remember the clamour to get some tinsel and a tea towel for our head the night before dress rehearsal. There was always the lucky guy and girl who got to be Mary and Joseph and bring the dolly to the stable. Then there was the tree, or the standard ‘angel’.Then there are this lot, who probably didn’t take up a career in acting or musical theatre.1. This little girl who is giving it her allThough it’s Joseph’s accusing look that makes it. Source: MrConnor058.  This Shepherd who just wants to groom his sheep Source: sampani029 Irish Christmas ads that will hit you right in the feelings>11 of the most non-traditional Irish Christmas traditions> Source: Mike Grimm4. These dogs who are sick of it allStop humans, STOP. Source: abi holmes5. This little girl who needs to learn her rangeWe sing, don’t shout. Source: 2kidzlater6. These confused kids doing the 12 Days of ChristmasSO MANY NUMBERS. It gets confusing, OK? Source: Fail Overflow3. This stable that’s pretty unstableWell that’s not ideal.last_img read more

Review Motorola Droid Bionic Verizons latest overhyped smartphone

first_imgThere’s been a noticeable trend with the latest Android phones that come to Verizon Wireless. The hype machine starts, the fans get excited, the hype machine kicks it into overdrive, the fans become ravenous, and then the device comes out and the fans are left with this bitter feeling towards it. I find this to be particularly intense on Verizon compared to the other three carriers, perhaps because they are the largest network or because LTE drove an exorbitant amount of early adopters to the service. For whatever reason, the trend seems to be pretty significant. Take, for example, the HTC Thunderbolt. That phone got a bad image early on because of some reports that the phone kept being delayed, despite there never being anything official from Verizon announcing the release of the phone.Now, we have the Motorola Droid Bionic, the latest in the Droid line of phones for Verizon Wireless. Last month, we published a story about the upcoming line of “superphones” headed for Verizon, with the Bionic leading the charge. Now that the phone is out, lets see if this phone lives up to the 9 months of hype and guessing.Look and FeelThe Droid Bionic has a very familiar body shape for any users who have owned the Droid X or Droid X2. The top of the device bulges to hold the camera, and slopes in sharply to create the perfect place to place your index finger when holding the phone. The back of the phone is a thin plastic with a soft touch coat on it, which is a stark difference from many of the previous Droid phones. In fact, the entire design to the casing of this phone is different from the previous Droid devices. Gone are the sharp edges and rugged composure in exchange for soft corners and a smooth touch. Even the glass on the Bionic tapers in before it reaches the bezel, giving it a much more polished look compared to the previous Droid phones.The phone is a little taller than the Thunderbolt, though not nearly as heavy. There’s a pair of speakers and a microphone in the back, which the initial plastic coating on the phone explaining that you shouldn’t cover if you want quality phone calls. Other than that, the phone has all of the usual attributes of a Droid phone. The volume rocker and power button are both brighter than standard, almost chromed plastic around the dark but shiny front bezel. The separate mini HDMI and micro USB ports lay side-by-side like the other Motorola phones that are built for the Lapdock.The Bionic is not the thinnest phone out there. It’s not the lightest, either. It pretend to have a unibody construction or curved glass. It is, however, a phone that feels solid and is built to be cradled in your hand, while giving you the piece of mind that it is unlikely to slide out of your grasp. As far as design goes, this is probably my favorite phone from Motorola since they started making Android phones.PerformanceVerizon’s LTE phones so far have been impressive devices in their own right, but when it comes to raw power they pale in comparrison to many of the phones that have come out in the last few months, and certainly don’t hold a candle to what we know is on the way. The Bionic is the first dual-core LTE phone, bringing the line of devices current. Motorola stuck a 1GHz dual-core processor in the Bionic — the TI OMAP, which replaced the Tegra 2 — nestled right next to 1GB of RAM. As if putting the phone alongside many of the Android tablets out there at the moment wasn’t enough, having access to LTE speeds certainly puts the phone pretty close to the top of the Android heap. Now that 50% of the US is wired up for LTE, with major new markets being unveiled later this month, the Bionic is primed to bring a whole new wave of users to LTE.Sitting side-by-side, it’s clear that the Bionic’s processor makes using LTE a much better experience. Content heavy websites load faster, services like Netflix render video more quickly and they clean up any artifacts almost instantly. The Bionic is also able to handle multiple complicated processes faster, such as streaming Google Music and playing a game. Having Android 2.3.4 enables Google Video Talk, which runs very smoothly on the Bionic as well. All in all, the Bionic’s power and speed make using it very enjoyable, and the hardware ensures that the phone will stay relevant for quite a while.The 1735 mAh battery is a jump over the Thunderbolt’s 1400mAh battery, and combined with Android 2.3.4’s battery saving benefits, the phone will get you through a 10 hour day with LTE on the whole time. On wifi, the Bionic got almost 23 hours of life in it before it started giving 5% battery warnings. While it is clear that LTE is still a huge battery hog, it’s good to see that manufacturers are using things like larger batteries to deal with it.The Bloat Boat: Android with MotorolaVerizon is by far the worst when it comes to the sheer volume of apps that come pre-loaded on an Android phone, and the Bionic is no exception to that rule. Stock Android phones, like the Nexus line, come with 19 apps installed, most of them Google apps and the Market. The Droid Bionic came with 60 apps on board. You’ve still got your Google apps, and Verizon has a suite of their own apps like VzNavigator and Verizon’s freshly update Video service, but some of these are just plain and simple bloat. For example, The Video Surf app. If you are into social TV watching, Video Surf is a cool app, but why did it need to come pre-loaded on the Bionic? On top of all of this, Motorola has some of their own apps, like a social networking aggregation, that come with all of the themed phones from Moto.The UI update from Motorola, that one that isn’t called MotoBlur anymore but doesn’t actually have a name yet, is pretty clearly the result of observation. The app drawer now includes a Market button in the to right of the window from Honeycomb, and is now paginated like Samsung phones, though with a much nicer transition from page to page. The homescreen rotates as though each page is a separate panel in a box, similar to how screen transitions in Honeycomb happen. Everything has a window transition or animation  now. If you’re loading an app or returning to the homescreen, the experience is much more animated. Even the initial login, where you are asked to sign in to your Google account, rotates from landscape to portrait with a nice animation. The entire experience feel much more fluid compared to Motorola’s previous attempts, creating a much more pleasant experience.The ScreenFor all of the great things this phone has going for it, the screen completely ruins the experience. Motorola’s pentile qHD screen is packed with pixels for sure, but makes viewing any still shot image or even reading a website a painful experience. Pictures taken on the Bionic look absolutely horrible when you go back to look at them, simply because everything looks grainy and pixelated as  a result of the screen. If you’re watching a video on the phone, and the phone is more than two feet from you, the video looks as though it has a grid laid over it.The Bionic is more than bright enough, though, even in direct sunlight, and the screen gets dim enough that you aren’t blinding yourself or other when you pull it out in a theater. Compared to the Thunderbolt, the Bionic’s color intensity is a little low, though you only really notice if you place it beside another phone showing the exact same thing.Final thoughtsI really want to like the Bionic. I think it’s got great hardware, and it’s the first Motorola Android phone that feels good in my hand. I’m looking forward to putting this phone together with some of the accessories that have been announced with this phone, like the lapdock or the inductive charger.For $299 on a new contract, it’s clear that Verizon is sticking to the price hike on their premium phones, which makes it hard to compare the phone out the door to devices like the Sensation or the EVO3D. For now, on Verizon, the Droid Bionic os the most powerful phone in their lineup, just as Verizon’s LTE network is stretching across the US, which puts it in a great place to be sold until the “next big thing” comes along.last_img read more

Four Dominicans murdered Community calls for arrests and convictions

first_imgHis advice is not an uncommon cry and for the Dominican Community which is said to have at least 4,000 registered in country, Hernandez said this is a huge loss for them, but not just for them but for the Turks and Caicos.  He added, “The TCI is a high class tourist destination, but if things continue going in the current direction, we will lose everything…”  The Assistant Consul for the Dominican Community, Edwin Hernandez called the surge in killings, scary.  “if the relevant authorities don’t put a handle on this type of crimes, it will come to a point where it will be totally out of hand and will be impossible to control crime.”  Juan Carlos Morla was shot reportedly at point blank range in an armed robbery shortly after 3:30pm on Friday October 7, 2016 in an area officially known as Times Square… steps away from two very popular family eateries and steps away from the Public Library.   Morla worked in construction in the TCI. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Hernandez pleaded with authorities, and said as a citizen he believes it is high time the authorities respond also with better, stronger cases that they can win in the courts.  I quote him again, “..please give the general public an answer, but not just saying who they believe did it, but bringing those guilty before the courts with sufficient evidence to secure a conviction.” Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, October 13, 2016 – Four Dominicans are dead this year at the hands of cold-hearted criminals and that community is saddened by losses.   Two women, whose suspect is behind bars awaiting a sufficiency hearing set for next month so that the double homicide trial can begin and two men; both gunned down in separate instances of armed robberies.  Police confirm that the 27 year old killed in down town Providenciales last week was Juan Carlos Morla.  Related Items:27 year old Dominican male gunned down in broad daylight, danny depaula killed in tci, fourth dominican killed this year in provolast_img read more

Lightning puts on show no damage cited

first_imgLightning put on a show over Clark County late Thursday and early Friday, but appeared to spare the region of any damage, fires or headaches, local officials said.About 40 lightning strikes lit up the sky in Clark County, said Andy Bryant, a hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Portland. Most of those flashed between 8 and 10 p.m. Thursday, he said, largely in east county near Camas and Washougal.Despite the potent storm, fire officials in the two cities reported no major calls associated with the weather.“Frankly, I’m surprised, as prolific as the lightning was,” said Scott Koehler, fire chief at East County Fire & Rescue.Lightning lasted until around 11 p.m. Thursday, and then started again around 5 or 6 a.m. Friday, Koehler said.Though no injuries or property damage were reported Thursday night or Friday morning, Koehler advised residents to remain vigilant. Lightning strikes can cause roots underground to smolder for days before a fire ignites, he said.Camas-Washougal Fire Chief Nick Swinhart was out of town Thursday night, but noted he did not receive any calls notifying him of any major weather-related events. People should stay inside, avoid standing near tall metal structures and remain on the bottom floor, if they’re in a multifloor building, when lightning storms occur, he said.last_img read more

States try to raise some dough by taxing uncooked togo pizza

first_imgPapa Murphy’s, based in Vancouver, has 10 locations in Clark County. The company’s take-and-bake pizza is subject to sales tax as a prepared food in Washington.WASHINGTON — Call it the great “take ‘n’ bake” pizza sales tax dilemma.States are grappling with whether sales taxes should be charged for pizzas or other food assembled uncooked in restaurants and sold to consumers who then cook the food elsewhere.In most states, food that’s sold ready-to-eat is taxed; food sold in the grocery store and cooked at home is not.That sounds as complicated as the “candy” definition states had to settle. After grappling with that one for years, the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board, which attempts to regularize sales taxes among states, decided that candy is defined as something without flour in it, and candylike items made with flour as an ingredient are defined as “food.” Most states tax candy or snacks, but not food.That leads back to the pizza issue and Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza company, based in Vancouver, which raised it. The company has stores in nearly 40 states with different policies, and wants the issue settled.Right now, the 24 states that subscribe to the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board’s guidelines are split on whether to tax the pre-assembled but uncooked pizza sold in restaurants, even though a board committee decided uncooked pizza is prepared food. Washington is one of 11 states that consider take-and-bake pizza prepared food, according to Myles Vosberg, chairman of the governing board’s compliance and interpretation committee.last_img read more

The best small SUVs and crossovers for the money

first_img 2019 Porsche Macan S: As lovely as ever 24 Photos 78 Photos Land Rover Range Rover VelarStarting at $49,950, the 2019 Velar is clearly not cheap. But this compact SUV feels far more expensive than it really is. Its minimalist design inside and out makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing vehicles on the road.The Velar delivers a comfortable, quiet ride with reasonable athleticism and more off-road ability than any owner will ever ask of it. More From Roadshow SUVs Crossovers 62 Photos 2018 Nissan Kicks: Appreciating the unconventional Subaru CrosstrekThe 2019 Subaru Crosstrek starts at $21,895, offers standard all-wheel drive, and hey — you can even get it with a six-speed manual transmission. Equipped with the continuously variable transmission, the Crosstrek is pretty darn efficient, returning 27 miles per gallon city and 33 mpg highway.The 2019 Crosstrek now comes with automatic emergency braking on all models, as well as adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard across all trims. 2019 Honda CR-V is one of our favorite compact crossovers 12 Photos 24 Photos Subaru ForesterThe Forester still has enough of its tall-wagon DNA to make it enjoyable to drive, yet it offers all the practicality of an SUV, starting at $24,295.Subaru’s EyeSight driver-assistance package is among the best available in this category, and while the rest of the Forester’s in-cabin tech is a little tame, support for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay mostly mitigates that.A number of 2019 model-year upgrades make the Forester an even better offering in the compact SUV space.Originally published March 21. 2018 Subaru Crosstrek: Just as good as before, only better The 2019 Subaru Crosstrek is rugged, practical and affordable 50 Photos Enlarge Image Honda Boy howdy, do American consumers love their crossovers and SUVs. And because many are looking to utility vehicles in place of compact sedans and hatchbacks, we’ve seen a big rise in the number of pint-size SUVs on offer.To that end, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite small-ish crossovers and SUVs. From cheap-and-cheerful compacts to luxury and performance offerings, these are the best small utility vehicles on sale in America today.. And these days, compact offerings seem to be all the rage. To that end, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite small utility vehicles that hit all the sweet spots, from utility, efficiency, luxury and yes, even sportiness. Subaru Meet Roadshow’s long-term 2019 Volvo XC40 Mazda CX-5Starting at under $25,000, the Mazda CX-5 offers tons of style, inside and out.A 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine offers 187 horsepower and 186 pound-feet of torque. Whether in all-wheel or front-wheel-drive guise, the Mazda serves up genuine driving fun and excitement behind the wheel.The post-refresh model is now considerably quieter and better riding than earlier models, with blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert standard across all trim lines.  Volvo XC40A brand-new Volvo for $32,000? Sign us up.The XC40 doesn’t scrimp on kit, even though it’s the cheapest Volvo, coming standard with the Sensus Connect infotainment system and the always-great “Thor’s Hammer” LED headlights.Not only does it look good, the XC40 drives really well, too. Fuel economy isn’t the best, but life is full of tradeoffs.  Mazda CX-3The smaller Mazda CX-3 can be had starting at $20,390. While it’s been updated for 2019, Mazda didn’t mess with the good stuff. The same 2.0-liter engine is under the hood as last year, though power and torque have increased just slightly.The rear glass is thicker, which should result in a quieter cabin. The LED taillights out back get a new design as well. Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert are standard on all trims. The base Sport model can be had with an i-ActivSense Package, including such active driving aids as full-range adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and rain-sensing wipers.center_img Volkswagen Tiguan is bigger all around, but still compact 2019 Mazda CX-5 Diesel review: Was it really worth the wait? Volkswagen TiguanThe Volkswagen Tiguan is softer than it used to be, but it’s also much more spacious, comfortable and quiet than the previous generation. The new look is bold, but also very classic VW.VW’s Car-Net and Digital Cockpit are basically scaled-down versions of the amazing Audi tech we’ve been raving about for years.A rare thing among compact SUVs, the Tiggy can actually be optioned with a third row of seats. 2019 Mazda CX-3 is brimming with personality 33 Photos Nissan KicksStarting at just under $18,000, the Nissan Kicks is a lot of car for the money, and can be had with a truly outstanding Bose Personal Plus audio system.The Kicks is a great, honest little crossover — and it’s not too shabby to drive, either.Aside from moderate noise over bumps, this budget crossover is a lot quieter than many of its competitors. 42 Photos Honda CR-VThe latest-generation Honda CR-V features a lot more style, has a roomier backseat, boats class-leading cargo space, and starts at a reasonable $25,000.A strong engine lineup includes a 2.4-liter naturally aspirated base engine with 180 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque, or a punchy 1.5-liter turbo with 190 horses and 179 pound-feet. The good thing about the turbocharged engine is that peak torque is available from just 2,000 rpm.The CR-V provides a well-damped ride quality, while also being competent through corners. 2019 Subaru Ascent review 24 Photos Porsche MacanThe Porsche Macan does the small-sporty-SUV thing better than pretty much any of its rivals. It’s handsome, spacious and super fun to drive. Plus, that Porsche badge ain’t for nothin’ — the Macan will outdrive any other sporty crossover on the road today.For 2019, the Macan S got a brand-new turbocharged V6 engine, and some slightly refreshed style. It’s an SUV we’d love to drive every day — and on some of our favorite roads, too. 2019 Mazda CX-5 adds premium style with new Signature trim Tags Share your voice 7 Comments 22 Photos Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography packs 550 hp, high-end trimmings 2019 Subaru Forester: Welcome improvements for an already solid SUV Land Rover Honda Mazda Nissan Porsche Subaru Volkswagen Volvolast_img read more

Monsoon Monologues

first_imgCome August and Monsoons shall turn magical in Kolkata, as the city gears up to host the third edition of  Monologues, India’s only solo arts festival. The festival, hosted by Phreedom4Ever, an organisation led by Chaity Ghosh, that envisages cultural excellence, is the brainchild of popular elocutionist and theatre actor Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee. Being the only annual solo arts fiesta in the country, the forum has witnessed performances by stalwarts like Chapal Bhaduri (India’s last living female impersonator in performing arts), Saoli Mitra(the legendary actress and daughter of theatre maestro Shambhu Mitra), Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal, Bijoylakshmi Barman and many others over the last two years. The 2014 edition of Monologues shall kick off on 3 August at Swissotel with a solo by Mita Vashisht, who is an internationally acclaimed film personality. This is the first time that Mita shall present a theatrical performance in Kolkata and her act for the evening is called Weekend, a part of the very famous Teen Ekaant by novelist and activist Nirmal Verma, a noted figure in the Indian literary circles. Sujoy has always brought performances out of proscenium to alternative spaces and this festival endorses that. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Monologues 2014 showcases The Solo Room, the youth- section of the festival, on 9 August at Tantra, The Park as a matinee performance. Infact, Monologues is the only national arts festival that has a special segment dedicated to the youth and the arts. The Solo Room begins with an original dramatic act by Soumya Mukherjee, a very popular youth actor and the founder of M.A.D., a key youth-theatre player in Kolkata. Next on the cards shall be a musical solo by Kabir Chattopadhyay, who will entrance the audience with a whole lot western retro. The final act for the evening is a session of original lyrics and songs by the iconic music composer and vocalist Neel Adhikari. The finale of Monologues 2014 shall be on 10 August at Tollygunge Club. The evening begins with a solo comedy by much-admired media personality Anubhav Pal. What follows is a contemporary dance solo by internationally famous contemporary danseuse Paramita Saha, who shall revisit issues of gender construction through her performance. The crowning act shall be by the legendary Indian theatre personality and activist Usha Ganguly, who shall be premiering her new play Rozana, a monologue inspired by works of Franca Rame and Dario Fo.  Going solo becomes an expression of a trajectory of emotions that sums up life and art. No wonder, this solo arts carnival has become the nation’s delight.last_img read more

VIDEO Hot mic picks up CFL QB getting team into hurry up

first_imgJustin Bieber is boys with Johnny Manziel, but Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Chris Streveler apparently isn’t a fan.During a recent game against Manziel’s Hamilton Tiger Cats, a Bombers play was spotted just short of the goal line, so Streveler rushed his team to the line to run a quick play repeatedly yelling the audible call, “F— Bieber” which was picked up on a hot mic. They scored on the next play.Watch here. There’s obviously some explicit language, in case you didn’t pick that up somehow.last_img read more

Windows 10 Preview Build 17035 launches with interesting changes

first_imgWindows 10 Preview Build 17035 launches with interesting changes by Martin Brinkmann on November 08, 2017 in Windows – Last Update: November 08, 2017 – 1 commentMicrosoft published a new Insider Preview build today to the Fast Ring channel that brings the build number of Windows 10 to 17035.Work on the next feature update of Windows 10 began some time ago, and new features and changes are slowly being introduced by Microsoft.Windows 10 Build 17035 features a couple of interesting changes that highlight some of the things that will likely land in the next feature update version of Windows 10, out March 2018.Microsoft Edge has a couple of new features that are worth mentioning. You can save free ebooks that are open in the browser now with a click on the new save button. While that was possible previously as well, it involved right-clicking on the link that pointed to the ebook to save it using “save target as” from the context menu.Another Microsoft Edge related change is that you can click on the audio icon of tabs in which media is played to mute the audio directly. This acts as a toggle for audio playback, and will enable playback again when you click on the icon a second time. The option to right-click on the tab to select mute tab from the menu is still there as well.Microsoft did add new options when you right-click on ebooks in Microsoft Edge. These new options include opening the book in the Microsoft Store, pinning it to the Start menu, and refreshing books.Windows 10 build 17035 features a new “near share” option which adds an option to share files and URLs wirelessly with devices that are nearby. The feature works only for PCs with Bluetooth, and users who want to make use of it right now need to enable it under Settings > Notifications & Actions > Add or remove Quick Actions.Work on the Settings application continues. Microsoft revamped the Settings application several times already in the two years that Windows 10 is out, and there is no end in sight for that.The company moved some of the Sound settings from the Control Panel to Settings. You find those listed under Settings > System > Sound. Microsoft notes that this is a work in progress and that things still need to be added and fixed.An option to limit the foreground downloads bandwidth for Windows Update downloads has been added as well to the Settings. This allows you to limit the bandwidth of update operations when you initiate those, for instance when clicking on the “check for updates” button.The third and final Settings change brings an update for the ease of access settings.  New sections are available in Display, Audio, Speech Recognition and Eye Control.Other changes in this build:Touch keyboard has an acrylic background in this build, and supports more than 190 different keyboards.The handwriting panel features new animations, and a new button layout. Word recognition has improved, and a new gesture is available to create more space between words (by drawing a split gesture).Japanese IME supports test suggestions from the AI chatbot Rinna in that build.Text suggestions while typing on the hardware keyboard.You can check out Microsoft’s extensive “what’s new” article for the full run down on features and changes in that build.SummaryArticle NameWindows 10 Preview Build 17035 launches with interesting changesDescriptionMicrosoft published a new Insider Preview build today to the Fast Ring channel that brings the build of Windows 10 to 17035.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Inflatable water park approved for Cancun Riviera Maya

first_imgCancun, Q.R. — The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has approved the development of a new inflatable water park for Cancun and several locations in Riviera Maya.The project is that of Float Fun Entertainment, who have been waiting for approval since September 2017. The new inflatable water park, which is called Wibit, will be an attraction of approximately 3,000 square meters.The company says the large-scale floating park will be another regional tourist attraction for the Cancun, Riviera Maya area. The park will consist of several inflatable models that will be anchored to the seabed.According to documents submitted to the government, “The inflatable toys will be presented in various forms such as jumpers, slides, towers with ropes, bridges, domes, curves, narrow channels and half pipes, among others, whose assemblies will form the words Cancun and Playa.”The project will consist of several different locations that so far include Cancun beaches Playa Langosta, Playa Chac Mool and Plaza Forum. In Playa del Carmen, Wibit will be installed at Playa Mamitas, Playa Maya and Playacar. The inflatable water park will also be installed at the beach Tulum Paraíso, in the municipality of Tulum.The anchorage sites of the modules will vary depending on the high seasons of tourism in the area.Last year, a similar inflatable water amusement park was inaugurated in Puerto Progreso, Yucatan  on an area of 1,500 square meters, however, the company says the Cancun, Riviera Maya parks will be larger since they expect around 3,000 visitors per week during high season.In March 2016, company Estructuras Inflables Marinas S.A de C.V set up an inflatable water park at Mamitas Beach Club in Playa del Carmen, however, after numerous complaints from water and tourism operators, an inspection found the inflatable slides illegal and unsafe.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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first_imgLUMEDX Corp. offers the CardioPACS 5.0, the latest version of its cardiology PACS software. The multi-modality, Web-enabled and vendor-neutral CardioPACS 5.0 offers new and better ways to manage images and data with a fully integrated suite of applications, modules.With CardioPACS 5.0, physicians can view diagnostic-quality images in real-time from any network-connected PC in any location the OR, cath lab, or in their offices, remote outreach or mobile clinics. The company said the PACS system easily integrates with other systems (EMR, HIS, clinical or other PACS).CardioPACS offers on-demand, real-time workstations where images for multiple clinical areas, such as the cathlab echo, nuclear, CT MR, PET-CT and SPECT-CT can be accessed. The company said the system allows for advanced, integrated analysis tools, such as left ventricle angiography analysis; quantitative coronary angiography analysis; cardiac and vascular ultrasound analysis; and intravascular ultrasound analysis.The system reportedly allows high-speed access, high-quality images using MPEG4 compression algorithms. The system also allows for single sign-on capability to multiple applications using Microsoft Windows Active Directory.July 2008 FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | PACS | August 08, 2019 NetDirector Launches Cloud-based PDF to DICOM Conversion Service NetDirector, a cloud-based data exchange and integration platform, has diversified their radiology automation options… read more News | Enterprise Imaging | July 29, 2019 Philips Announces 10-year Enterprise Informatics Agreement With Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Nancy Philips and Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire (CHRU) de Nancy, a leading academic hospital in the Grand Est… read more News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more News | PACS | July 02, 2019 Laurel Bridge and 3M M*Modal Partner to Improve DICOM Structured Reporting July 2, 2019 — Laurel Bridge Software announced an expanded relationship with 3M M*Modal, a provider of clinical docu read more Technology | July 13, 2008 LUMEDX Offers Multi-Modality, Web-Enabled, Vendor-Neutral Cardiology PACS Solution Related Content Technology | Cybersecurity | August 07, 2019 ScImage Introduces PICOM ModalityGuard for Cybersecurity ScImage Inc. is bridging the gap between security and functionality with the introduction of the PICOM ModalityGuard…. read more Feature | Information Technology | June 27, 2019 | By Greg Freiherr Smart Algorithm Extracts Data from Radiology Reports Radiology reports may contain information essential to figuring out a patient’s condition. read more News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | July 02, 2019 Konica Minolta Healthcare Partners With DiA Imaging Analysis for AI-based Cardiac Ultrasound Analysis DiA Imaging Analysis has partnered with Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Inc. to expand analysis capabilities of… read more Technology | Enterprise Imaging | July 05, 2019 Hyland Healthcare Adds ImageNext Imaging Workflow Optimizer to Enterprise Imaging Suite Hyland Healthcare is launching ImageNext, a vendor-neutral imaging workflow optimizer that combines intelligent imaging… read more News | Enterprise Imaging | June 27, 2019 Ambra Health Announces Integration With Box Ambra Health announced an integration with Box to enable the sharing of medical imaging directly from within Box’s… read more News | PACS | June 26, 2019 Mini-PACS Solution for Image Management and Workflow Optimization ImageGrid Mini is a feature-rich, reliable and cost-effective image management and workflow optimization solution, pr read morelast_img read more

Prudential California Realty Picks New COO

first_img in Origination, Servicing Prudential California Realty Picks New COO Agents & Brokers Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Processing Service Providers 2012-09-12 Tory Barringer September 12, 2012 439 Views center_img Prudential California Realty has appointed real estate executive Leeann Iacino as COO.[IMAGE][COLUMN_BREAK]Iacino has extensive experience as a leader in the real estate industry, working as a top-selling agent with Moore and Company in Colorado and eventually founding Prestige Real Estate Group, an independent company that amassed more than $1 billion in sales in the Denver-Boulder area. She also worked to merge two leading real estate brokerages in Denver to create one of the region’s largest brokerages, where she went on to serve as CEO.””This has been an extensive search that’s resulted in acquiring an exceptionally talented and accomplished executive,”” said David M. Cabot, president and CEO of Prudential California Realty. “”We’re coming into a market that’s full of extraordinary opportunities; Leeann is a professional with both the experience and the leadership skills to complement our company.””With offices in San Diego, Irvine, and Encino, California, Prudential California Realty offers real estate services to Southern California. Sharelast_img read more

NAHB Touts Affordability of Newer Homes

first_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing The “”National Association of Home Builders””:http://www.nahb.org/ (NAHB) wants people to know they may not be saving money by purchasing older homes. With higher maintenance and upkeep costs, older homes may not be the bargain they appear to be, warns NAHB. [IMAGE]NAHB compared the cost of owning a home built before 1960 to the cost of homes built since 2008 and found that after taxes, the total cost of owning a home in its first year is about 23 percent more for an equally-priced older home. [COLUMN_BREAK]””Home buyers need to look beyond the initial sales price when considering to buy new construction or an existing home,”” said Rick Judson, chairman of NAHB. “”They will find that with the higher costs of operating an older home, they can often afford to spend more to buy a new home and still have annual operating costs that fit their budget,”” Judson said. Utilities, maintenance and property taxes for homes built before 1960 average about $564 per year, according to NAHB’s assessment, while these costs total about $241 for homes built after 2008. NAHB also touted other amenities unique to newer homes, including “”open space floorplans, creative storage options and entertainment resources that cater to modern lifestyles, as well as the safety consideration that the structure was built and wired to modern codes and standards.”” While there is quite a range of homes built between 1960 and 2008, the home builder group did not release any findings on operating costs for these homes. Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Housing Affordability Investors Lenders & Servicers National Association of Home Builders Processing Service Providers 2013-04-02 Krista Franks Brock NAHB Touts Affordability of Newer Homescenter_img April 2, 2013 401 Views Sharelast_img read more

Housing Demand Declining for First Time in 4 Years

first_img Buyers First-Time Homebuyers Genworth Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corp. Home Prices Homebuyers homes HOUSING Inventory mortgage Purchase Loans Supply 2018-05-24 Radhika Ojha Housing Demand Declining for First Time in 4 Years in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination Homes sold to first-time homebuyers declined year-over-year for the first time since 2014 according to the latest edition of Genworth Mortgage Insurance’s First-time Homebuyer Market Report released on Thursday. The report, which aggregates all publicly-available government data and proprietary mortgage data into one dataset for its results, found that in Q1 of 2018, first-time homebuyers purchased 411,000 single-family homes a decline of 2 percent from the first quarter of 2017. This set of buyers also accounted for 37 percent of single-family homes sold and 57 percent of purchase mortgages financed.“This quarter’s decline in first-time homebuyer sales reflects a slowdown in cyclical momentum as the first-time homebuyer market approached its historical norms,” said Tian Liu, Chief Economist at Genworth Mortgage Insurance. “It also reflects a shortage of available homes priced at or below the median first-time homebuyer market price of $250,000.” Pointing to the continued pressure from inventory shortage, Liu said that while homebuyer demand was easing slightly for the first time in four years, “supply pressures will continue to drive price appreciation and freeze out a large percentage of the 2.7 million first-time homebuyers who are still missing from the market.”The report also indicated an increase in home sales without financing or all-cash transactions, even as purchase loans made by investors increased by 3 percent from last year. These numbers indicated a rise in speculative demand and otherwise a more competitive environment among potential homebuyers.The quarter’s growth of all-cash transactions and purchase loans made by investors also pointed to a market that was overheating according to Liu. “It is becoming increasingly common to see multiple offers submitted on a property, which results in purchase prices surpassing listing prices, as well as inflated home prices, making cash offers more coveted,” he said. “Because first-time homebuyers prefer using debt over cash when purchasing a home, this quarter’s surge in cash purchases is a competitive disadvantage to them and helps explain their pull-back.”Shortage in housing supply, as well as rising mortgage rates, have also contributed to lower home sales, the report found. Yet, contrary to most forecasts, the report said, “we believe that strong first-time homebuyer demand and an insufficient supply increase will keep home prices growing at their current pace.”Looking at future supply trends, the report said that despite the current insufficient response in easing inventory pressure at the lower end of the market, housing supply will continue to expand to meet the strong first-time homebuyer demand. “In addition to new construction, we will likely see the conversion of rental units back to owner-occupied properties, lower vacancy rates, and increased remodelling activities,” the report said.To read the full report, click here.center_img May 24, 2018 599 Views Sharelast_img read more

Many people over the years have claimed that the i

first_imgMany people over the years have claimed that the internet would be the end of the traditional bricks and mortar travel agents. Just last week, Webjet managing director John Guscic commented in The Australian Financial Review that “… the underlying role of the traditional travel agent is arguably in decline…”TravelManagers chairman Barry Mayo holds an opposing view and was quick to point out that his company has the internet to thank for its existence.“It was the internet, the great enabler of modern connectivity that created the opportunity for online travel agents to evolve and ironically, it was also the internet and related technology enhancements that created the opening for TravelManagers and the personal travel manager concept to be born,” said Mayo.“Travel is one sector that is very much moving forward. TravelManagers choose to embrace rather than fight the digital revolution and by using the internet as an effective business tool the company has grown and prospered exponentially.”Mayo said personal service is still extremely important in a growing technological world.“With more than 510 personal travel managers throughout the country, TravelManagers – the only truly national home-based host agency, attributes its key to success being the personal and consistent service delivery and the enthusiasm for the tailoring of travel arrangements to individual client’s tastes and demands.“Service is the key in this internet age with the personal travel manager genuinely looking out for what is in their clients’ best interests. Providing individual tailor made experiences, and having your own personal travel manager is what sets a personal travel manager apart from many traditional travel agents and sole online providers,” said Mayo.“TravelManagers is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year business. Our state of the art technology allowing the ability to access and process every aspect of a client’s booking at any time is critical to deliver on our promise of exceptional client service. With our continued advanced technology focus and personal travel manager knowledge and experience, our clients receive the best travel experiences and value for money holidays that is unrivalled in the industry,” he said.Mayo said TravelManagers clearly demonstrates the home-based personal travel manager model, with its blend of online presence and personal service, is the future of the travel industry.“We have just experienced our best every sales month in February to date, and our first quarter sales are also shaping up to be nothing short of exceptional. The results speak for themselves. Personal travel managers are the way of the future, and you can’t argue with that,” finished Mayo. Barry MayoPTMsTravelManagerslast_img read more

Related YourGolfTravelcom – from runways to fairw

first_img RelatedYourGolfTravel.com – from runways to fairways!Golfing holiday company YourGolfTravel.com has already had huge success as a Skyscanner AffiliateTravel industry ‘need not be pessimistic’ about spending cutsTravel industry ‘need not be pessimistic’ about spending cutsFlight Geek of the Week – Dave HilditchFlight Geek of the Week – Dave Hilditch In the recent poll by the flights comparison website, Skyscanner, found that the ‘power of pictures’ has a very strong influence on Facebookers’ travel plans, with more than half (52%) stating that seeing friends’ holiday pictures had inspired them to book a holiday to the same place.Despite the well-worn joke surrounding the boredom of being subjected to other people’s holiday snaps, a whopping 88% of respondents loved to nose through their friends’ shots with half of those admitting to doing so because “they could see what they had got up to and with whom!”.Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor commented:“They say a picture is worth a thousand words and here is the proof. Facebook is the perfect platform for two very powerful influencers of travel; a personal recommendation combined with alluring images. From Orlando to Australia, seeing our friends’ adventures can certainly plant a seed that later leads to a trip to somewhere you never previously thought about visiting.”45% of respondents also said that Facebook encourages them to visit their friends abroad more and despite some recent reports that have claimed FB reduces real life contact, only 5% of people said that being on Facebook actually meant they were less likely to see their friends in person.The Skyscanner survey also revealed that Facebook is playing an increasing part in the organisation of group travel with 46% of people having either organised or been invited on a trip via the site.Join the Skyscanner Facebook page to get info on deals, compeitions and travel banter!ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Sharing holiday snaps through Facebook, the social network with over 500 million users worldwide, is not only helping people stay connected in the virtual world, but also influencing people’s travels in the real world, Skyscanner can reveal.last_img read more