The victim of WeChat gray industrial chain

three, WeChat gray industrial chain to

whether it is a region that tends to have WeChat tools dating to the obvious, we use WeChat near shake tools query when making friends, can look up to 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters within the user information. The author of this tool to do a little test, is the micro signal itself into a picture make only superficial changes, beautiful pictures, etc. are replaced with women’s data, then WeChat put up a day after work, we found that micro.


in social networking tools have been staged with its unique side, WeChat instant, interactive, regional to many users of WeChat brings convenient, but at the same time it spawned another industry that is in vogue, the porn industry. Now in the porn industry tends to load in many underground workers, we called "slip women". They put the WeChat of this marketing mode the most incisive regardless of whether you use that way, WeChat (WeChat near, shake, drift bottles), in a large hotel, KTV and other entertainment facilities, can see their shadow, is called the one get in by every opening, good friends to chat here is a system, have sex.


has been certified public accounts to the public account on behalf of the enterprise in the teeth of the storm, credibility, so enterprises in the WeChat marketing at the same time generally need to apply for a public account, so that some businesses will launch a public account of the service pack, get the corresponding service fee. This also involves reselling fans behavior for reselling WeChat’s existing users, directly affects the reliability of the user of WeChat. The indulgent marketing way, led directly to the WeChat credibility in the eyes of the public, seriously interfere with users, make originally is a social good tool, become a victim of this kind of industry chain.

is a social tool after micro-blog, as the mobile phone in the current market, the basic model can be installed on existing mobile phone WeChat client, WeChat almost to perfect, powerful, convenient and practical word, but in essence it under the cover and contain everything and how many of the industrial chain, now Wu You is now known to list one or two.

two, WeChat’s

Porn WeChat

in search of WeChat search engine just fans have a lot of promotion platform to do the promotion of fans in this area, such as WeChat brush powder, how much money each fan, or large quantities of how much the fans like the information. Why are there so many people have bought the needs of the fans, this is like micro-blog brush powder before it, is the needs of enterprises, enterprises to obtain high quality active fans for the product promotion, which led directly to the abundance of junk information, WeChat user experience a sharp decline.

, a WeChat gray industrial chain to

flooding gray industrial chainWeChat Fans of

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