How to use a new BD value post will rise to 4

business website, forum for the whole of what a little…… Skip.

without a picture

users demand judgment, search engine (hereinafter SE instead) with semantic analysis and user click statistics powerful, click from users can know what is A the maximum demand. For example: search Shanghai dragon people, if most of the demand is to find work in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is clearly not what why, from a macro point of view the search engine is very easy to find, a lot of almost every day with the Shanghai dragon Shanghai>

For example:

search volume ABC are also good, but the industry did not have the word searches, in order to do A rankings, I directly named after a section of the forum and the forum also contains the word title, BC with a special post pages to load. (A is an industry term, B and C can be understood as the same thing)

say JB

ABC: C AB B is completely contained; completely contained A, but does not contain C;

A== why can not love the people together, why why people who love A==

According to the

any time, articles (posts) the effect is quick, the search engine after all is a sort of text recognition. The long tail word then choose a love Shanghai index of about 900 (replaced by C), the long tail word can also be two word phrases, the shortest word (replaced by A) love Shanghai 4K index basically is the industry’s largest search a word, a phrase (use B instead) love love Shanghai Shanghai index index with almost more than 900 of the post title. (words: these words are on the front page, but also took some of the long tail words flow)


accidentally found a post before actually occupy the majority of a new flow. Line two months love stand the BD value for this post directly up to 4, it is the gander.

why a page in the post, carrying the forum forum name and get traffic? This is the core of this article

a half-dead site, a new revision of the original data all empty, the equivalent of what is (URL, title, data) to re engage in. The master can not move (junk CMS) case, and do not have the resources to do I need to finish the KPI do. Build a discuz (template is used by default), inside Daoteng data, outflanking the long tail, slowly increase the weight.

1. search engines need to understand the angle:




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