Website optimization details of what factors affect the user experience

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said this picture is the main tree map website, home page – – root directory. Such structure layout is very clear, the inside pages of each section below contains the channel, let the spider can catch the directory of different web page file structure, fresh and clear classification is the main character. Many large site information portal sites often use such structure. We see second Fortum,

as everyone knows, website optimization method we have been advocating the process is a normal and white hat techniques, with the love of the Shanghai algorithm upgrade, the only white hat is the premise of our website optimization, website optimization to do I think we must go deep analysis from the angle and improve the user experience of the website more deeply, below according to their website optimization for details in the process to improve the user experience and we discuss in detail, well, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

Site structure of

we know the website directory structure is a good access to the site spider lifting unit access efficiency of the most basic, here we look at the structure of common site, first look at the first picture,


flat, home page is directly below the structure of such a design is shortened path spiders access inside pages, all pages are placed in the root directory, so that the benefits of crawling efficiency has been improved, all within the pages of Quan Zhongping, general business information news station less, you can use this structure, of course, the structure drawback of this is the inside pages are arranged in the root directory, with the increase in the page of the article, is not conducive to the subsequent management and maintenance. With what kind of structure according to the specific information of the site itself is determined in a more convenient user access, convenient spider crawling.

second, website directory structure.



station of a company’s home page, then I open this website home page, flash has been shown to be in the loading state, we think, after the user visits a website to see these details, can not access the website waiting process will be very painful, causing the reason such that it is mainly because of program design there are too many problems, dynamic code leads to low efficiency when loading the situation, so the author thinks that the construction site after the first time we have to do on-line test is whether the first time such as web page three presented in front of customers.

first, the website access speed is the key details of the user experience.


we know the website directory structure when many companies regardless of spiders and user experience for fancy display, we take a look at this picture below,

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