Analysis how fun cnzz hotspot map

tell you the user favorite page where? What is the most love forum users? Users access to more local color display will be more deep.

hotspots where? You can login cnzz statistical background, statistical reports – Analysis of the surveyed – image map. The premise is to add code to each page in the statistical analysis of image map.

home page views, clicks, CTR can see what can be done? A Excel table statistics, every website by clicking on the situation. When the structure of the web site more user-friendly, the content recommendation conforms to the website style and the crowd, when your activity is more and more interesting, over a period of time to observe the click rate is greatly improved. Chinese famous writer Chen Ning Yang said: as long as you persevere, knowledge, finally discovered the secret. That one thing a day of data analysis. That trend for a period of time for data analysis.


is a shopping cart, order details page that need to login to view ", may be the first on your website login, and then view the corresponding image map.

The use of

Description: recommended to use the Chrome browser view hot map, supports Firefox, IE8 and later view.

can be seen from the diagram: the user clicks on the page, on the circle cutting, statistical sources, clicks, attention. You can visually see the station source, external links, search engines, the proportion of direct input.

image map is helpful for data analysis in all walks of life, can according to user habits to display in the design structure of the website, click on the page to be displayed in the high position, to provide users with maximum reading, increase the page exposure. Hot map can know which section the most clicks, the user’s love, data to play their own functions, the user can be Click to adjust the page structure.

users to browse web pages, see the user first click which area from click track image map, this is very important. These places can be placed on the user some valuable content for the user to read, can better control the bounce rate.

recently cnzz statistics just came out hot map, you can view the user click on the page, and the page adjustment. Hot map introduced: mouse click hot map function records page visitors, click on different areas of heat are distinguished by color. Support " focus " setting, click heat function according to background segmentation. The blog of Zhang Yugan as an example, analysis of image map. What are the functions of

heat map analysis page what are the benefits of

image map out to the webmaster to bring benefits to the data analysis of great help, can know the user click on the track, where is the user clicks on the most popular degree can adjust the page at a glance, for the latter foreshadowing.

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