Links nine exchange notes

1, the construction of the external links generally has two functions: to speed up the collection, improve the page ranking, so when you exchange links, you must first determine the main role. In order to speed up if it is included, then you should find some snapshot updates frequently site exchange links, if you want to increase the page ranking, you may need to exchange Links with some web sites with higher PR value.


2, Links difficult to scale, with the maximum number of

for a new website, if you want to rely on Links exchange to increase weight, may be more difficult, because under normal circumstances, you can follow some of the new on-line site exchange links, or with some of the weight is not high site exchange links, weight lifting is limited, so the new online website, best can through other ways to get some links, such as to allow customers to give some links, etc. their weights up after Links exchange.

2, the link can exist for a long time;

2, a web page links less, so try to choose some Links small number of sites to exchange links, of course, the number of links to other websites is dynamic, the current number of links, but the future may be more, so need to fight with each other and say hello to each other, don’t put too much link, otherwise we will notice it, and then put the delete link.

is relatively high;

in the construction of the external links, Links exchange is a more common way, almost every site will do some Links exchange, so everyone on it must be very familiar with, I in this article with everyone together to tidy up the job.

Links exchange:

The advantages of

3, Links position is not very good.

;The presence of

4, search engines allow links.

General weight link

3, on the other hand, others in exchange links, will also consider this problem, when put links to a web page when a limited number, to replace the more links, there is a way to consider, that is to open up more Links page, you can check your website which pages PR relatively high, then increase the Links section at the bottom of the page, if in order to beautiful, can let the Links do not make it so obvious, the use of "tab" can be a good way to light the friendship link module.

, don’t let self > 4

1, do not need to pay extra

3, the

for some weight of the site, can carry out long-term Links exchange work in exchange for when you need to pay attention to the following issues:

1, Links exchange is a strong stronger game;

Links exchange drawback:

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