Anti spam link tag nofollow Xiangjie

for example, we need to search engine spiders do not track all links the page above, this is also not on the external links and internal links, just need to this page meta tag inside join this line of code: < meta; name=" robots" content=" nofollow" >. All links to this page which represents the search engine spiders are not going to crawl (track).

; I want to join the Range of use:

(2), website advertising links can require the addition of rel=" nofollow" tag, so as to avoid the adverse effects of advertising links to your website, so you can even prevent this.

is now the mainstream search engines support nofollow, love Shanghai, Google, Bing, YAHOO will support nofollow, once the anchor text contains rel=" nofollow" the key attributes, the search engine spiders will crawl the link, and not on the link weights in technology, certainly not included in the anchor link the text.

specifies a link on a page is not the spider crawling, just need to add the specified URL that line of code rel=" nofollow" OK < a, for example: href=" index.html" rel=" nofollow" > < /a > brewing Honeynet;

nofollow is a search engine in order to prevent the spread of spam links, an anti spam link tag MSN, YAHOO and Google jointly developed. His role is to tell the search engine spiders do not track the link ", if a link anchor text contains rel=" nofollow" this property, that this link will not inherit to the weight of the page, you think white do the link, because you do not. As we all know, in a page to add a link to our website is to obtain the weight of the page, when you can’t get the page weight is equivalent to you do not work hard.

(1), blog and website reviews and comments are contained rel=" nofollow" tag. If your website is the website or blog contains can publish the comments link page, then you need to join the rel=" nofollow" otherwise, "these spam links would be implanted in your website, let you give these garbage sites vote, virtually become victims of implicated punishment.

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