How to quickly improve website weight in the short term

every webmaster is above suspicion doubt, very care about their own web site in the search engine’s weight value, especially love Shanghai weight, because in the China love Shanghai search engine is the industry leader, today’s Internet personal website, more than ninety percent of the traffic comes from love Shanghai, followed by Google, Sogou the search engine, so love Shanghai weight undoubtedly is the priority among priorities, so how to effectively improve website weight? The author to share with you.

1, a lot of sites if you would certainly find the author before and after the word "good", and why the author very deliberately to add a colon? I want to emphasize is that first of all, for a new character, want to short-term fast enhance the site’s weight, we must first give the the website is a good location, which is the first from the long tail keywords, so that the rapid growth in the short term, after all, many of the subjects are some of the weight of the old station occupy the search engine home page ranking, we want to compete in the short term is yiluanjishi, the search engine will not give a good rankings, so we from some two words and long tail word to start, will be more effective to enhance the weight of our website. As for the title and description of the wording, believe that do stand friends have to know is one of the tricks, the author was not specific said, if you are a novice webmaster, do not know how to write the title and description, I suggest you refer to write some similar excellent site, remember not only reference copy

(two) tour path set reasonable good website.

2, as for written description, mainly we need after a good location site, the site of the introduction of abbreviations in order to let the user at a glance that the theme of the site and we probably introduced, and from the observation of these years of search engines were found, in fact in many cases is described with the title the same effect, because before I do the site www.qqyjx贵族宝贝 because the title is too long, resulting in search engine hate has not given in the rankings, after I found the problem, some relative is not very important in the description of key words, after a period of optimization, the ranking is very ideal. And write in the description of some of the relatively minor keywords, the search engine will give a good rankings, so the use of good description of The weight of the website ranking is also a very good help.

(a) "good" website title and description.


for a want to get good site weight in the short term, path problem is very critical, here I urge you to set path as far as possible light, for example: Web site /1.html, which is a path way, there is such a web site: 1/1// 1.html, then for a short period of time to gain weight the website, the former is undoubtedly beneficial to the spider crawling, because the path is shallow and deep path will make a "spider

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