All those factors beyond the control of the web site keywords ranking

second rivals in the optimization: sometimes your website ranking dropped, is not the reason of your site, because the Shanghai dragon in this industry could not only you a person, say you have a part of popular keywords ranking, so in the same industry are competitors in Shanghai the Dragon such words? If there is, then you have to be careful, because you may face competitors may use more than your Shanghai Longfeng method in website promotion optimization.

website ranking change is the most concern for Shanghai dragon people, believe that a lot of people doing the work of the Shanghai Phoenix encounter such a situation, you spend a lot of effort to put some competitive keywords to the first page of the search engine, but it was not long before these words one fell to second what’s more, fell to the third page, page fourth, what is the reason? It is our lack of ability? Where is the problem in the end? In fact, Shanghai dragon itself has been affected by many uncontrollable factors, only you know these uncontrollable factors, to better do our hands the web site. I came here today to talk about what we do in the process of Shanghai dragon factors is not controllable.


first, the stability of the server: general search engines to a fixed frequency and reasonable time to crawl our website, but if your server happened at this time, you can not guarantee that the search engine spiders visit your site, which may cause a snapshot of your site and ranking back decline is inevitable, the front wrote a snapshot of the site was closed back pain because you can look at the problem space. So choose a good server is the priority among priorities. Because we can not lose at the starting line, lost in Shanghai Longfeng things other than not.

fourth, the search engine algorithm: search engine algorithm change frequency is relatively high, because the search engine needs to continue to progress, its improved algorithm. So you may be in this period of time the keyword ranking is very good, but for a long time ranking has declined, in fact, these are normal, it is not necessary to study with great concentration of search engine algorithm, as long as the normal Shanghai Longfeng ideas to the maintenance of our website, believe that the impact of these changes on you is small.

third, the search engine of database: in fact, search engines crawl, included, rankings are in accordance with certain mechanism to run the search engine, the database server is numerous, he might have put your site data stored in different servers, which means that may in a particular time and place your keywords ranking is different. Only long-term to observe and maintain your site, constantly improve our website links and information to try to minimize these effects. Of course, if there is such a situation we don’t have to worry about, because this situation as long as the search engine returned, website ranking will be back.

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