Senior Shanghai dragon will eventually become a product manager er

in Shanghai Longfeng some years, different types of sites, large and small sites contact a lot, working during most dealings than the product manager, the second is the technology developers. Xiaobian to share today is between Shanghai and Phoenix product manager interesting behind as with the program ape brother left for the first suspense story, will have the chance to bask in happiness".


Product Manager

Shanghai dragon will pass on the principle of search engine cognitive features, with the help of the tool, using all means to get traffic, but traffic.

2, Shanghai Longfeng get traffic, traffic into

What happened between will be followed by Shanghai dragon and product manager

why Shanghai dragon will produce story


1, Shanghai dragon mining user needs, product manager docking user needs

already mentioned above into the interest will eventually make Shanghai dragon and bind to the product manager together, but the actual work of dismantling down specific to what will happen

thing? First of all,

when you have to get rid of every collection of pseudo original articles, published articles, block chain, chain, in order to exchange a keyword ranking brains, adjust the weights in the page code tags and add pictures to the ALT text elements involved in the Shanghai dragon part to start thinking and pay attention to operation a website of the core purpose, content positioning, user location and all target oriented factors, to the original product manager and two parallel lines will slowly some intersection, this time the Shanghai dragon is not merely to achieve some part of Shanghai Longfeng elements in the search engine to meet there is, but the real user point of view to think about the positioning of the site to do a website user experience and search experience, is more With the operation of the user as the center, through the search engine into the flow to achieve the goal of profit maximization. Product manager more consideration in the practical work is the product experience, user operation, and Shanghai dragon consider more search experience, flow coverage, but their development to a certain extent, there will be a transformation or the user value of the indexes closely link to the story together, it will naturally produce day.

and product manager

Shanghai, a large part of the work and deal with search engine, search engine is the key to the search box, box user query keywords output user behavior through continuous search, query behavior, and every day will go to Shanghai dragon practitioners access to the user and then classified, finally the core needs to identify the user point feedback to product manager, product manager core demand around the user to optimize the product function and content, so as to solve the needs of users. Mining link dragon and Shanghai product manager at this point is the user demand.

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