Love Shanghai medical search on line intelligent platform based on user conditions recommended infor

recently love Shanghai has been "asked:" intelligent user search experience to explore, in addition to medical intelligent interrogation platform, love Shanghai also launched a dialogue, authoritative medical search entry compilation and other initiatives.

love Shanghai medical search on-line intelligent interrogation platform

, for example, in Shanghai or Shanghai know love love in search of "headache", users can according to their own situation, the selected gender groups, symptoms, disease customization asked Xunyi parameters through the background calculation of love Shanghai search technology, intelligent matching push more accurate reference cases and suggestions more professional.


is currently the platform of the pre screening set up 5 million 800 thousand cases of Q & a database, and according to the disease related words, again screening and push personalized information.


according to the introduction, Shanghai Love Medicine Intelligent interrogation based on the platform of Shanghai know love expert resources and case number and quiz content, according to the good doctor online, 39 Health Network, Xunyiwenyao network, network, network, network, China parenting baby baby tree 7 medical and health websites, to help users understand the initial condition avoid blind, medical treatment or delays in medical treatment.

technology news June 19th morning news, Shanghai has recently launched the search of love medicine intelligent inquiry platform, you can search keywords according to the user’s disease, screening and push personalized information related.

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