Promotion unscrupulous major and small different

there is a dilemma, is a problem for us beginners, so how to promote the station? Since the station not what good do, we do not have to stand out, this is very logical. But the "station" how "and" law, it is necessary to ponder. The site is small, some necessary optimization factors should be done soon, the most important is the set of keywords, which added another theme, although very important but with us today.

I think we Shanghai Longfeng task is to take all factors to the website the search engine’s appetite, let included unobstructed immediate; to promote the site to as many of his real users, make the site known; grasp the marketing mode, to realize the value of the site; and finally realize the enterprise brand construction, implementation the real e-commerce. This is my understanding of this stage of Shanghai dragon, maybe even a little SEM, but the basic is like this drop. This stage should be carried out step by step, some can be carried out simultaneously, we Shanghai dragon is the operating these stages finally achieve our goal. Because of the way I understand it, so there are "large" inside "station" and "the view".

, so it is an urgent need to master station small ah, to enrich the internal promotion, then go out, or just more easily spread out. That is, if the site is empty pale, dull, which further extended in vain, but if blindly into this situation, which is terrible consequences, because some stations destined is small, such as the common enterprise station, a total of only a dozen companies, some even have a few pieces of products a product, how can? It is the home page, company profile, product introduction, contact us, finally in the station staff recommendations with the corporate news, industry news, message board. But the enterprise news is nonsense, a look at all the holiday notice, a total of several people which have so many news, unless someone is Edison Chan or Liu Yifei. Industry news is copied. Too much time to copy the long will be K off. This product is dead, what to write? But it is also good, less content, the original is much easier.

had to reiterate to Shanghai dragon website.

Maybe some people think that

said the first station.

this view may for many network promotion master already feel fresh, even ridiculous pediatrician, but I realize that this is really in the novice is not too early, because I did not operate over a million flow station, or even one hundred thousand levels are not, now I know how rookie! I study in Shanghai the Dragon is not a long time, is less than half a year, because the contact site of a long time, perhaps feeling closer to me and the Shanghai dragon distance and eventually resolutely embarked on the road of Shanghai longfeng. After this period of in-depth study and participate in the work of practice, also a little experience and experience, which is why I write this article, purely personal summary.

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