Talk about the development of Shanghai dragon occupation

talent, regardless of the network or recruitment, many companies have said Shanghai Longfeng talents, but we must clearly understand what they say is that Shanghai dragon talent can bring the maximum profit for the company at any time, not just out of school you, many students are looking for some love chain specialist, network editor these, assistant editor looks good Shanghai dragon, when you finally burst head in, only to find the position as Shanghai dragon boy, not what technical content, which means that the threshold is low, low threshold means just to individual can do, it means being eliminated high. Now the society is the reality, the small and medium-sized companies in Shanghai Longfeng lack of people, but not lack of general people, just released some recruitment information can be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to interview, just choose the question of who, many Shanghai dragon’s HR day to do the trick will be appointed to recruit people, the recruitment Shanghai dragon net release recruitment information, for the Shanghai dragon basic position, they consider more how to use low wage hiring, rather than trying to retain people, because China population, you.

after graduation, around above in Beijing Shanghai Longfeng colleagues 95%, basically lived a very casual, careless work on the line, maybe some is to dream, perhaps some for the future, chose to leave the hometown a personal struggle, also some every month with 2-3 thousand wages, feeling there is a TV play computer, feel this is enough……

graduates just out of school, maybe have a try to fly out of the cage, the prospect of their lofty ideals, become a social elite dream, but the reality is cruel, including Shanghai dragon industry, whether state-owned, private and foreign enterprises which, if there is no relevant work experience, so you just graduated from the University in the beginning Shanghai Longfeng post, only from the Shanghai dragon chain specialist, network editor, from scratch, the salary is only once God’s favored one of the general staff of 2/3, which is entering the Shanghai dragon industry all of the most hard time, perhaps over one or two years, position from the chain, slowly, assistant editor do executive salaries from 2K, 3K to 5K, 8K, seem to have a good occupation development, but in fact most of the people in the Shanghai dragon industry. The position will remain in charge of the engineer and the stage, wages will remain in the 3K to about 5K, then difficult to progress. From Shanghai to Shanghai Longfeng Longfeng competent manager, salary development to more than 5K for the vast majority of college students are difficult to achieve.

Shanghai dragon

comes in October, faced with another round of graduation tide, some Shanghai dragon related Cobain students, have a relatively easy Shanghai dragon related work in place, also because of various reasons and more engaged in their own professional industry does not match the Shanghai dragon new emotion is not easy to find a job, but for the future full of hope, but do not know who has been in the industry for many years of Shanghai dragon brothers and sisters, more with deep concern……

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