Teach you to do 1 hours than others 5 hours outside the chain of skills more cattle

The life cycle of

webmaster may know that content is king, the chain for the emperor, but many chain personnel did not know that I was a waste of time, supervisor is concerned with the number or some do not know the chain to get to the standard that line. And then a large number of Internet garbage producers is produced, finally also because littering punished, but these fools are unaware of every day the chain, the effect is very poor, but why will do? Mount Huangshan City Talent Network Cheng Shanshan think the reason is very simple, because the time effect of the chain detection is required period of time so, do not know if there is no effect on the number, and also know that the chain manager cannot audit, so they set some standards. As the weight of the chain to the forum? What level to account. In fact, these are thankless, lose the wife of another soldier, a waste of manpower, material and financial resources. No wonder they say Shanghai Longfeng vulnerable people, cannot find a girlfriend, why? No time.

here in Mount Huangshan City Talent Network Cheng Shanshan to save you time to fall in love in. Since it is a chain, then we have 2 main influencing factors of the chain.

1. links

that in addition to what period? Some people say that the quality of the link, link quality and life cycle is proportional to actually have a direct relationship with the platform, such as forum, high quality is lower than his blog and soft. That is why, a forum update speed is very fast, post soon sink to the bottom, the other is a forum structure with the other structure is not the same as the forum level is deep, grab the layer on the website of the Shanghai Google love is not deep, so give weight will be very low. So the website structure directly affects the life cycle of the link length. If we each do a chain only 0.01 weights, 1000 combined weight is 10; if we do 20 chain, each weight is 1, then we need to do 1000 such chain the time far less. So the quality of the chain of points are the deciding factor that? Cheng Shanshan argues that whether the link is natural link (link is service for the page user) is necessary. For example, take some tourist sites as an example, Lijiang travel guide, Lijiang tourist attractions 2 keywords, it belongs to the natural link, because the 2 are inevitable >


is a link has its inherent life cycle, we love Shanghai in the calculation of the chain is not permanent, because we may do a Links, they withdraw, do you think Shanghai will be love? So in this respect is the need to maintain links. Suppose we do each chain survival period is 3 months, and the family is 2 months, the same day 10 outside the chain, then we get the same weight? If it’s life cycle is not long with us with a hole in the water bucket, never leak, forever is not full.

2. quality directly affects the superposition of

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