Shenzhen V website design Shanghai Longfeng optimization process

The internal structure of traffic analysis

Shenzhen as the China first-tier cities, whether it is to do VI design or other industries are very much, more people, more cars, more real. Probably because Shenzhen is very developed, Shenzhen local design company is not less than 500. Do the bidding of so many people, the cause for the increasing cost of advertising.

is reasonable and clear, to the search engine grab, for internal links users to browse, flat directory. The spider found in your VI web page design, not necessarily all possibilities but we grab it grab as large as possible, the first is the URL, try to use some static URL is URL under pseudo static treatment, although now is dynamic spider crawl, but the dynamic link with many parameters, easy to wrong, we still try to avoid, at the same time we have to reduce some love Shanghai cannot read things, such as flash, frame, pictures, video, audio, such as pop, may be appropriate in some, but not too much.

, a keyword analysis


this is very effective and boring work, have certain experience in the Shanghai dragon optimization personnel all know, can design the survey rival related keywords indirect market survey and industry by VI. As the saying goes, "know thyself, know yourself". Any business, do not have to do the user demand survey, the competitors? But different tools, do keyword analysis is to see Shanghai Longfeng keyword search times and return to competition page number.

now love Shanghai combat link, 5 at the end of 2015 once again reduced the scores of external links. The common effective link construction, followed by some blog platform to release the original high quality content to leave a copyright link. Next to the forum signature post, again is a quiz, favorites, bookmarks and some high weight classification directory submission site.

traffic analysis is the VI design website optimization Shanghai dragon core flow analysis is the operation of the site.

Guizhou high was network know many visionary companies began to focus on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, then what is the optimization process of VI design website

site structure optimization

four, the construction of the external links

this is a very important step, browse the VI page design decision of the user, if the page optimization is not good, not only affect the user browsing, also affect the spider crawling. This is the most basic requirement of the optimization of Shanghai dragon. You can not put all the words with the same font "into" H1 "to" H2 "of different labels, optimization of page Title tag is Shanghai dragon optimization very important part.



three, page optimization

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