n fact Shanghai dragon super simple but the most difficult places you have to do

Shanghai dragon in fact the light on understanding what it is to know how meaning is not enough, the most important and most difficult must have executive ability and thinking ability. Why should the execution? As you know Shanghai Longfeng this thing, 10 times 8 times every day. You are very familiar, but still no weight flow station. The most important thing is to rely on executive power, executive power. For example, to the post you wake up in the morning to choose at least 2-3 high weight forum posts, pay your signature links below. Each forum 10 day is 30. The 1 is the slowest one hour to fix. Rest, to take the time to write a blog blog here at noon, pay their connection (soon half an hour to fix). Continue to rest, to spend a few minutes before dinner, please connect (finding peer connection cannot find much worse than you have to find the worst station, equal station friend chain). After supper, it will eat, the days are dark, quiet mood. To add your original content website, at least 3-5. The content of the website is finished, take the time to write an original article text, at the end of your own connection, the webmaster to A5 station, or to several high weight forum also. I said this is a must do things Shanghai dragon is the least, step, a lot of successful master far do more than. These things to do, you must insist every day, Kennedy >


Shanghai dragon so simple everybody understand? To say what is the most difficult place to do

webmaster, are expected to hear a long one said: "content is king, the chain for the emperor". In fact, Shanghai dragon is the 8 words 2 words 4! Just as webmaster, estimated to hear these 8 words, actually a little puzzled! Do not understand the meaning of the Chinese! The most used search engine in the sea, your content is high quality content (original), cut your station the content of resources on the Internet is very short. And you stand these resources, and is the one and only the first content. Do your basic last month to enter the million yuan is very easy. Shanghai love to your weight will be 5 at the end of the straight. Other search engines also is such a reason! And is the chain for the emperor king is worse than the content, from the meaning of view. It is because, even if your station is collected content, if there are a lot of high weights of the station are linked to your station link. So that you will love Shanghai is good, to the absolute minimum to 6 of the weight from the truth straight! Like all of your friends are central to those officials, even if you had no money, nothing at all. As long as a grey hand, no trouble. The same search engine to see such as Tencent, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, these well-known stations are connected to you. Well, you better not important content, is a must to face (the flow is a must to). That is to say the chain you do, so you can reach the level of monthly income of 10000 yuan! After analyzing these, you think the Shanghai dragon to

Shanghai dragon why super simple

? ?In fact, even if just

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