Daquan 301 redirection method and Shanghai dragon in standardization

now most sites there are some same content but the URL (URL) duplicate content is not the same, these duplicate content for search engines may be considered "copy", although the copy will not be punished but because of a number of Web sites scattered page weight, certainly not conducive to its ranking. To solve this problem requires the URL rule processing, canonicalization (URL canonicalization) is the best search engine URL. As a real URL literally by URL normalization. The best URL feedback to the search engine.


header (" HTTP/1.1 301; Moved Permanently" he>)

(301, 301 to 301 redirect jump) is when the user or search engine web server sends to the browser request header information, the HTTP server data flow (header) in a status code, "said the permanent transfer to another. 301 representatives of permanent transfer (Permanently Moved), a 301 redirect is the web address to change after the best method of search engine friendly. As long as it is not a temporary move, it is recommended to do 301 redirection.

1, IIS6 301

2, ASP 301 redirect code


how to do a 301 redirect


canonicalization problems, we used 301 redirection URL normalization.

There are many methods to solve

3, ASP.Net 301 redirect code

what is the 301 redirect

Internet Information Services Manager -> virtual directory -> redirected to URL, URL to enter the target needs and select " permanent redirect " resources;.

< Language=VBScript <%% @%> Response.Status=" 301; Moved Permanently" Response.AddHeader " Location" " 贵族宝贝mydomain贵族宝贝"%>,


here is 301 redirect I collected from the Internet, basically, if you have a new method, welcome you to supplement

4, PHP 301 redirect code

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