n 2013 the chain challenge you how to deal with it

two, to find their own rival site outside the chain

is the first talk about the chain difficult reason to do it, for example, now many forums canceled the signature, many B2B platform limits the URL in the product appearance. Many bloggers also review frequently, you see is not designed to do outside the chain, if found you do outside of the chain will. In addition, Shanghai has also limited the special love included the chain blog. Such as Sina blog, many people think that sina high weight blog, and registered a lot of Sina blog for the chain, but this special chain blog now began to love Shanghai not included.

recently I found many webmaster to do outside the chain and included headache, to worry about. Do a chain need to spend a lot of time to do this, beside a dedicated chain of friends said that he used to do outside the chain to do 100 a day, and now he do 20 a day to feel tired. Because now the chain platform is less and less, love Shanghai more and more requirements for the chain.

now on Witkey do a lot, such as: the chain on behalf of the pig, China Witkey network, Witkey task, you first look inside to Witkey above the chain task price, the bid will look at the general effect is good, and then according to the price of a bid to find someone to give you. If you have money in the chain, don’t worry, set high prices will naturally have a lot of people to help you release the chain.

four, using a large site guide for the chain resources

because I now find these large website submission reprint rate is still very good. But not what are available through this manuscript, two large network owners for manuscript requirements is very high, the need for readability, but also the original. To put it plainly, is to test your writing level, if you think you have the advantage in writing you can try this method to increase the chain.

in the chain in 2013 Shanghai love hit, the chain can do a variety of circumstances, the owners how to deal with? The author put forward his own chain of some experience for reference:


, A5 and home owners submission:

This year’s

is to guide the chain? Is to find many large web sites, the weight of relatively high site. General sites like those large sites high weight chain are very much, you can enter Shanghai through the love he >

three, some Witkey website release someone on behalf of

chain is difficult to do, but there are still many chain places. Look at your opponent peer site outside the chain in 2013 the latest chain, see where people are doing, we will go to the place to do what they did. Through the chain of love Shanghai search website, so you can clearly see the chain of love Shanghai included what website, you can also do the chain in the site.

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