3 hours a forum 23 days after a net profit of 20 thousand yuanHow have you Wangzhuan

, is sure that some people think that this is an operational project, of course the nurse also are mentioned in this paper Chinese nurse should be a nurse in the net net of the first one, when it was born to some wide publicity, visibility some, to some extent can overwhelm other similar sites, according to the current situation is like this, so people are willing to pay $20 thousand for it is also not surprising.

cannot make money in Wangzhuan, so they tend to be more thoughts on how to make money, but I think that as long as the Internet began to enter the earn then don’t worry, failure, failure is actually accumulation, is the real harvest, even if you are not able to accept the failure to do what? In the Wangzhuan process if you fail you again one step closer to success, if you fail you have accumulated experience, the failure does not matter, the key is to be able to stand up to you. I am now 23 years old, from the start to the present, you can say

Many people worry that website? Wangzhuan ideasHow many strong

No matter how controversial the nurse

first, combined with their ability to clear

no one is born what would, in the process of Wangzhuan is to continuously enrich themselves, will meet the problem ask others if you want to become a network engineer, and your position now is just a website maintenance, then you have to do a good job in the basic maintenance continue to consult the staff to learn some new knowledge, how much heart you power is stronger, I think no matter whether you are engaged in what work, as long as you can have dreams and aspirations of their own, so we must be based on the present through various aspects to strengthen their abilities I have a classmate, is now a floor sales staff, but he told me he would have to be a boss, and now the main purpose with him in this work is to accumulate How tired contacts, is it not a kind of learning? We are in fact Wangzhuan can do, as long as beneficial to themselves and what can not use

ability can go how many roads, I think as a person in the process of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan the first point in it is to clarify how much ability, in the end be able to do some things what. For example, you can only have the ability in the higher, then do not do this ambitious, write it, and in the process of writing you learn how the expertise of their own work better. Through continuous learning you may become a Han Han, and this is what I do to achieve the goal, so I feel capable to do much things in Wangzhuan is important.

and then look at "China Nanny Network"

third is not afraid of failure, failure to stand up to me,

optimistic about looking at the network team

profitability issues controversial

network was born, all comments come in a throng some think it is a good, creative, nanny market is indeed feasible, some nanny website operators is also planning a series of profitable ideas, to create a network of service nurse. But some people think that the nanny network is a flash in the pan, such a site can attract a lot of people’s attention at the moment, but the profit model is difficult, nanny supply and demand security is difficult to secure. Entity home agencies are more secure and secure than websites.

second, and constantly enrich themselves, will not ask

milk powder crisis induces network business opportunity

see a lot of friends in the process of Wangzhuan because of the time forgot to learn two words, they tend to be a day of time spent in the process of making money, while learning seems to have nothing to do with them, but the fact that knowledge is the dynamic accumulation of wealth, may be much higher every day now can look make a little money, but to make money? In my opinion Wangzhuan not only, more important is to make money and learn together, I will make money and how to talk about Wangzhuan learning combination.

, the winner behind


the afternoon of September 24th, completed 6 construction, a website which lasted 3 hours, 23 days sold 20 thousand price, almost after sh419 has included, this is the China Nanny Network, why some people are willing to pay $20 thousand for only 23 days of the


caused the milk crisis because of "Sanlu" melamine incident, "milk" that many mothers worry about their children’s health, so afraid to give their children to eat milk, have hired the nurse, the nurse demand surge, compensation objective, to stop the paid maternity leave for mothers can get benefits, but also to help others baby, a nanny market unprecedented boom, supply and demand information on the website forum nurse also increases, so the supply and demand information network platform to build a professional is a fancy business people.

if you see these now, do you regret that you didn’t think of that? It’s nothing to think of now. It’s worth it if you learn anything from it. The winner behind that is >


website does not mean to run the site, in the first time to smell the opportunity, action and pay, spend 3 hours, get a forum, 23 days 20 thousand block shot, the premise is very value, this is the first of its kind, second can sell 20 thousand dollars, this is not used say, the answer is basically negative. No matter how people are not optimistic about the energy-saving, as long as 10 people in 1 people fancy you can see is the market operators, the nurse, the site builders see is nanny market to bring the value of the site, regardless of the nurse market can do, site builder is undoubtedly behind the winner.

The construction of the 3 point

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