Teach you a day to solve the problem of slow snapshot update is not uniform

love Shanghai search for their website domain name, click on your website snapshot time after the "love of Shanghai, you can open your own website snapshot" love Shanghai snapshot complaints.


love Shanghai snapshot complaints, the ultimate big kill, can make your website snapshot update, restore. According to my own experience in the use of net immigration website CMG love Shanghai snapshot complaints, share the specific operation method and everyone:

Click to enter the

for the operation of the website, friends, love Shanghai problem not updated snapshot, site snapshot snapshot and keywords are not unified and so on, are often encountered. But sometimes, when every day in the update article, continue to do outside the chain, but the problem still exists. Most people at this time are in a hurry, the Internet everywhere ask is what reason, how to solve, but most often the answer is basically, keep update, the chain, love Shanghai server and so on. Isn’t it fast method to solve this problem.? the answer is yes, there is a way to let you in a day will be able to see your love into the latest snapshot of Shanghai

1, first write words, such as "dear love Shanghai administrator Hello, thank you for still see me, thanks." The so-called hand not smiling man, after all, we should show enough respect, is a must.

method !

2, with concise and fluent writing to you, don’t talk, people are busy, if ink words may be ignored.

love Shanghai snapshot complaints center, need to fill in the title, love Shanghai address, email, snapshot complaints description (specify). Fill in the title to brief and clear, not long winded, can write directly to the problem; according to my address snapshot operation to automatically obtain, if the snapshot is not the case, the snapshot address multiple date to fill in the mailbox; the complainant does not explain; the focus is to describe this relationship to fill in, whether or not you can be resolved in a timely proposal written as follows:

snapshot date, date is February 2, 2012, is the day! The key is my morning query site snapshot snapshot keywords for January 24th, number 31! You know ~

4, OK, concrete steps are good, submitted directly, usually half a day to see the snapshot recovery. Love Shanghai administrator was cute people greatly Oh, but sometimes busy, we may ignore the questions submitted, every one or two days to submit a good.

I noticed

note: love Shanghai snapshot complaints although it is a big kill, but to make sure that your website is the best regular web page itself (>

3, then a word of thanks, also said to get help and so on, the focus is still tone.

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