Four GPA Generation Peace Academy members spent

first_imgFour GPA [Generation Peace Academy] members spent three months in Glasgow, Scotland, witnessing about the work of True Parents and the Divine Principle.Miyuki Granstrom, 21, said: “When we actually got the opportunity to give lectures, or just do Divine Principle studies with guests, I think it was really amazing and happy for me to see how they responded to it.”Karen Ishiguro, 21, said having an open heart allowed her to embrace people from different cultures and backgrounds, while Yoshi Orikasa, 19, said: “I myself had to be really grounded towards what I believe in, and not let them waver my life of faith. Having that kind of relationship with True Parents, a better understanding of True Parents, I feel like I was able to grow my relationship with God.”Yutaka Ono, 19, said: “Even though it was really difficult at first, seeing how many people come to receive principles, talk about deeper things, seeing how grateful they are and that they want to keep coming back, was a highlight.”This time our work ended on May 22nd and all the members returned back to America the next day.We want to thank the GPA Scotland team for all their hard work and investment, and wish them all the best for the rest of their gap-year program.For more information on GPA, please visit:

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