Creekers down Miami Lakes 3-2 in CASA Super League

first_imgCreekers defeated rivals Miami Lakes 3-2 in a keenly contested soccer match at the Broward Sports Park in the Caribbean American Soccer Association (CASA) super league on Saturday.In the feature match of the day, Lauderhill Lions defeated Fort Lauderdale Blazers 2-0.In the Masters League South Florida Kickers topped Attackers by the odd goal in five while Old Tymers and Lion Masters played to a goalless draw.last_img

Over 50? check your colon

first_imgMarch is also Colorectal or Colon Cancer Awareness Month.Once a cancer that was more evident in men and women aged 50 and above, the cancer which has one of the highest mortality rates of cancers in the US is now found frequently in younger people.Jackson Memorial Hospital internist, Dr. Marshall Vasquez, describes colon cancer as one of the more “insidious cancers,” because the symptoms are not usually revealed until the cancer has advanced. This, he says, is the reason why preventative medical examinations is vital important for individuals to have done every three or four years depending on one’s age to determine if one has problems, usually polyps in the colon. Especially the lower colon or intestines, and rectum.The cancer is called colon cancer if it is discovered in the colon  and rectal cancer if discovered in the rectum.It is not unusual for abnormal cells to grow in the colon and rectum. These cells can merge to form polyps, which can develop into cancer.According to Dr. Vasquez, the best way of determining if one has polyps in the colon/rectal are is to have the preventative medical examination known as a colonoscopy.“During the colonoscopy, the patient is sedated, and a long flexible tube is inserted into the colon through the rectum, The doctor conducting the test is able to get a visual image of the colon from a monitor to which the tube is linked. If polyps are seen, usually the polyps are removed during the procedure. Later a biopsy is taken from the polyps to determine if they are cancerous.”He said despite warnings urgings from within the medical profession of the importance to be screen for colon cancer.“You would be surprised how many people are reluctant to have the screening. Most of these reluctant people cannot tolerate the pre-screening procedure, which involves taking medication to totally cleanse the colon and rectum the night before the screen is done. It is essential that the colon is totally clean for the screening to be effective. Then, there are people wo fear being diagnosed with cancerous polyps if they are screened. But it is imperative that people get colonoscopy’s regularly, say every three or four years, especially between age 50 and 75,” he said.In a 2016 report the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) one in three adults aged 50 to 75 have not been tested for colorectal cancer in te US.Other tests that are useful in determining the possibility of colon cancer is a stool test to determine if one has blood in one’s  stool. Blood in the stool is a sign of possible colon disease.The other test is a Sigmoidoscopy. This test is similar to a colonoscopy. A lighted scope is inserted into the lower portion of the intestine. During this test, polyps can also be reduced if identified.last_img read more

Arima toddler perishes in apartment fire

first_imgAdeshina told Trinidadian media she was home drawing with the toddler while her other four siblings were playing. She was alerted by her eight-year-old sister that a mattress caught fire. He learned of the house fire when the property owner of the two-story building contacted him, alerting him that the building caught fire. Adeshina initially collected all her siblings and brought them outside to safety, but while attempting putting out the fire three year old Garcia went back into the building to find her. “I wasn’t there for her, my sole purpose was to care for them but I wasn’t there,” Wilson said as he cried openly to Trinidadian media. “Some of them were outside so I grab the rest and run outside and then I went back in with a bucket to out the blaze. The fire blow up in my face and it had real smoke so I pass through the back. That’s when I start to hear Tyran screaming out my name, but I couldn’t go back inside,” Adeshina wept as she told reporters of the events that unfolded. Tyran Garcia Adeshina was comforted by her mother Abigaile Mota, mother of seven, who at the time of the incident was on her way back home from a weekend in Toco.center_img A three-year old girl was killed in an apartment fire near Herman Gerard Avenue in Malabar, Arima on Sunday. Mota told reporters that her child’s body was found behind the space saver in the living room. Officials believe the child attempted to hide from the flames. The children’s step father, Terrance Wilson, was also out during the time of the incident, he was working at a construction site in Arouca. According to several reports, three-year old Tyran Garcia and her five siblings were home under the surveillance of the eldest sibling, 14-year-old Tonya Adeshina when the fire started. According to officials the fire started around 1:30 pm and have not yet determined the cause of the fire.last_img read more

Census 2020 is Almost Here: It Could be the Most Empowering…

first_imgWASHINGTON, D.C. – The 2020 census is this year’s most empowering and democratic event for the United States.As ordered by the U.S. Constitution, the census counts EVERYONE living in the country, no matter who they are: the undocumented, the transient, people living in remote areas or off the grid, foreign students and embassy personnel. The only people here who “don’t count” for the census are tourists and short-time business visitors).The year 2020 also includes presidential elections that will set the country’s future course. But whereas not everyone can vote, everyone can and should participate in the census. It determines everything from political representation to access to basic services like education and health care and highways that work for all.Recent estimates peg the amount of federal spending that is directed by census data at more than $1.4 trillion annually.“The census is critical for practical reasons,” said Lizette Escobedo, census director for the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO). “But it is also a process that gives every single Latino in the country, no matter what generation they are or their immigration status, an opportunity to say: We are present, we are here, we aren´t going anywhere and we are part of the fabric of this country.”In other words, the census is empowerment. And not just for Latinos, but for all communities that want to be represented in government, programs, expenditures, redistricting and even civil rights.“The census is the foundation of our form of representative government,” said Arturo Vargas, executive director of NALEO. “Given that the House of Representatives is apportioned based on the population of each state, our ability to have representatives in Congress depends on all of us being counted.”When people see it that way, they realize that the census is as important as the election – maybe more important — because it affects at least the next 10 years, until the next one is taken — and determines almost every aspect of our daily lives. A presidency can end after four years.In order for everyone to understand the census, we’ve assembled a list of quick facts we all need to know about this momentous event. All the information was taken from official census materials, interviews with top census experts and webinars led by them.Seven questions, every 10 yearsWhat is the census? The census is a self-portrait of the nation. The U. S. Constitution requires that the federal government COUNT EVERYONE LIVING IN THE COUNTRY EVERY 10 YEARS.Participating in the census amounts to answering seven questions — plus two qualifying ones — for a total of nine questions, said Peter Griffith, senior partnership specialist for the Los Angeles region of the U.S. Census Bureau.That´s it. The rewards for that are significant in resources, services and political rights.Who is counted?Everyone means EVERYONE: people of all races and ethnic groups, citizens and NON-citizens, all adults and all children, regardless of age.  There are very few exceptions to this.The key to this is that every person should be counted, not “estimated statistically” or “counted via records,” added Terri Ann Lowenthal, one of the nation’s foremost experts on everything census.Every person who lives in United States territory on April 1 needs to be counted. Short-time visitors aren´t counted but longer-term visitors, such as foreign students and temporary workers, are. The Census Bureau webpage offers a detailed list of who should be counted, and where.That day is known as CENSUS DAY. But the action starts long before that.To be counted, every HOUSEHOLD first has to respond to those nine questions.But what is a household?The U.S. Census counts people by their “household,” which includes every person or persons living in a “single living quarter.” Every household will get a “unique I.D. number” that identifies it, and this is tied to a mailing address or physical structure, not to an individual name or a family.A household can be made up of one person, or one family and the family friend who lives in a back room, or a group of roommates. At the time of response, all of them, including babies born by April 1, should be included as part of the same household. AGAIN: BABIES NEED TO BE COUNTED. Children age 0-4 were significantly undercounted in 2010 because, among other reasons, people mistakenly believed they didn´t have to be included.People are counted at their “usual place of residence” on Census Day, but that doesn´t necessarily mean that´s their legal, permanent residence. For example, if you’re a student living in a dorm, you need to be counted there. It´s the same with group facilities like military barracks, hospitals, jails or prisons.The census also conducts an “Enumeration of Transitory Locations” of people who don´t have a “stationary” home (RV parks, marinas, agricultural workers). These locations will be visited by census takers in March and April. This does not include tourists visiting the United States or short-time business visitors — about the only people who are not counted in the U.S. Census.Residents, not “citizens”Given the fact that the census results affect politics, there´s a hot debate in some quarters about whether the census should count just citizens or all residents. The Constitution is clear about that, Lowenthal said.“Congress has debated whether to change the basis for apportionment to ‘citizens’ or even ‘voters’ at several points in our history, including when the Constitution was drafted, but each time, lawmakers ultimately rejected a change,” she said. “The requirement says that the apportionment must be based on the ‘whole number of persons.’”In other words, no matter who you are, you NEED to be counted in the census.Why? “Because the constitution says so,” census experts say.“Please include everybody in the household in the questionnaire,” said NALEO’s  Vargas. “The Census Bureau won´t go back to check if you listed everyone, and getting everyone to count is extremely important for our communities.”Three ways of self-respondingPeople insist on calling this “the first digital census,” but, in reality, not everyone has to respond digitally. Some prefer to call it “the first high-tech census.” But to respond online is just one option. All households will have the chance to “self-respond” to the census either by internet, telephone or the “traditional” paper questionnaire that, until now, has been the most common method of collecting census data for more than a century.Starting March 12, 95% of households will get a package in the mail from the Census Bureau. Most people (80%) will get a LETTER with a unique ID inviting them to respond online; 20% of homes get a similar letter plus a paper questionnaire in the first mailing. The mailings will be sent in four waves (March 12, 13, 19 and 20).Then there will be as many as four more mailings:A reminder letterA reminder postcard to households that have not self-respondedA reminder letter plus paper questionnaire to those who have not self-responded (April 8-16)An “it´s not too late” postcard (also to non-responders)Self-respond, don´t get a knock on the doorWhen the Census Bureau does not hear from a household in the self-response phase, which starts March 12 and ends April 30, there will be a follow-up operation to try to get everyone else counted. That includes door-to-door visits, conducted from May 9 until the end of July.Some people really don´t like the idea of getting one of these visits.  In a recent chat with this reporter, Thomas A. Saenz, president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), said that the best way to avoid the “knock” on the door is to be pro-active and “SELF-RESPOND” to the census.But is it safe and confidential?The short answer is YES. “The Census Act, Title 12, United States Code, includes the strictest confidentiality laws on the federal books, to my knowledge,” Lowenthal said at a census webinar for community organizations. “There are other privacy laws that provide an additional layer of protection.”By law, the Census Bureau may not share personally identifiable information with any other governmental agency (at any level of government), any private business, or any other party outside the Census Bureau, for any reason or purpose.The longer answer is that a lot or public interest lawyers and community leaders are ready to intervene if there´s even a hint that the current administration has violated any of these laws.“We know many people don´t trust this administration to follow the law, so MALDEF and others are part of a coalition of organizations and respected leaders who have pledged to step in ‘early and heavy’ if there´s any hint of violation of census data,” MALDEF’s Saenz said.TIMELINE (Courtesy of NALEO)January 2020: The first enumeration begins in remote areas of AlaskaMarch-April 2020: Self-response phase begins (online, mail and phone)March 29-April 4: National Week of ActionApril 1: NATIONAL CENSUS DAYApril 30: Self-respond by this date to decrease chances of enumerator visit.May-July 2020: Primary nonresponse followup operation (for households that did not self-respond)Dec. 31, 2020: The Census Bureau delivers final apportionment count to the White House.last_img read more

Milan Star Donnarumma Looks Up To This Goalkeeper…Not Buffon

first_imgHighly rated AC Milan goalkeeper Gianlugi Donnarumma has revealed that he tries to imitate German counterparts Manuel Neuer despite admitting that ageless compatriot Gianlugi Buffoon was always his idol.Donnarumma made this known during an interview with former club goalkeeper Christian Abbiati for Milan TV. He said: My idol was always Gigi Buffon, then you were in the team that I supported [as a child].”He thereafter mentioned Bayern Munich shot stopper as someone he tries to learn from. “Now in the national team, I always have Gigi, who’s been helping me so much, but there’s also Neuer, who’s an example. I try to imitate him and learn from him.” he said.“China? I was also there two years ago, it’s been a nice experience. The fans are affectionate and we were greeted very well.“The new Milan? So many new players have arrived and those who were already here have been helping them feel at home.“Playing with my brother? It feels good, even if it’s strange: I’d never trained with him.” he concluded.Relatedlast_img read more

Boufal Wins October PL Goal Of The Month

first_imgBoufal saw off the challenges of other stars like Philippe Coutinho (vs. Newcastle United), Jamie Vardy (vs. Leicester City), Andre Ayew (vs. Crystal Palace), Pedro (vs. Watford) and the Manchester City trio of Fernandinho, Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sane (vs. Stoke City). Southampton forward Sofiane Boufal has won the Premier League goal of the month for October.The Moroccan star won the award for his solo goal against West Brom at the St Mary’s Stadium. Relatedlast_img

Liverpool Blow! Matip To Miss Sevilla Clash

first_imgRelatedRating The Signings Who Have Defined Klopp’s Two Years At LiverpoolOctober 11, 2017In “England”Liverpool Suffer Familiar FrailtiesNovember 22, 2017In “Europe”UEFA Super Cup: Lampard Relishes Facing Jurgen Klopp in IstanbulAugust 14, 2019In “UEFA” Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that defender Joel Matip will miss the crucial UEFA Champions League (UCL) Matchday 5 clash with their hosts Sevilla as he continues to recover from a thigh injury.Klopp said this in his pre-match press conference ahead of Tuesday night’s game. In his words, he said: “The squad looks good. They are pretty much all here from the normal squad, apart from Joel.”“He is in Liverpool and full training, so all good.” he added.The former Mainz 05 and Borussia Dortmund boss however expected the Cameroon defender to be fit for the mammoth league clash with champions Chelsea at Anfield.While speaking further, Klopp said: “I think there will be a big chance he will be ready for Saturday.”“But there was no chance for this game.“It was a little bit too quick, but it’s all good.” he concluded.A win for Liverpool will guarantee a last 16 spot for the Reds.last_img read more

Jacob Lopez Curciel – an operator must be Multi-Channel present

first_imgShare Related Articles Share Nominations open for new look SBC Awards ceremony June 28, 2019 SBC Awards: The key to an effective submission August 28, 2020 StumbleUpon Golden Race presents unified virtuals, slots and live games API October 9, 2019 Submit Jacob Lopez Curciel, OPTIMA.OPTIMA CEO Jacob Lopez Curciel discusses the development of his firm into an Multi-Channel supplier in a constantly evolving industry.SBC: Your iSHOP product really turned a few heads when it was presented at the Bookmakers Trade Fair in October – why do you think it was so warmly received?JLC: Our product is a neat piece of technology, and also a carefully designed interface and user journey for the customer combined with a new revenue channel for the bookmakers.Use your own device (UYOD) is found everywhere, these days, from internet use to paying your bills. How the punters engage at the retail venues, is changing merging the millennial’s inbuilt link to using their own devices for absolutely everything, to the social experience only achievable at the bricks-and-mortar high street presence. iSHOP is a unique experience of betting in play instantly, on what you see on the screens, without waiting in a queue or getting the next slot on an SSBT.SBC: How long has it taken you to develop this solution – will it work in other markets?JLC: The solution has gone over a few iterations until the interface and journey were perfected. Finally the current version ticks all the boxes and we can see from the interest generated that the time, effort and investment is completely justified.SBC: OPTIMA has a well renowned expertise in the retail sector, but your online product range is also impressive – what’s stands you out from the crowd here?JLC: Just look at the numbers numbers, for a mid-range system and single bookmaker platform, 65.000 operations per second, 2.500 data transactions per second, over 300 simultaneous live events with sub-second processing; when getting to these numbers we know it is enough-power under the operator’s control. We have yet to see the limit of our platform in a real situation.SBC: Is the Multi-Channel solution now available to all bookmakers, regardless of size? JLC: Yes it is, OPTIMA’s partners offer solutions to bookmakers that will not be able to normally afford the costs of running a multi-channel operation. The ability to segment the access to the reporting and controlling tools by operator, allows our partner to run big B2B operations, also multi-channel, using a single bookmaker instance of our platform.SBC: Can bookmakers afford not to have all these touch points with their customers?JLC: It has been clear to us for many years ago, that an operator must be Multi-Channel present, round the clock and under a single brand. The adjusted margins, taxes and marketing costs make it a luxury not to service the customers on all their demands, and it has to be done professionally and with the guarantee of success.SBC: How pleased are you to be recognised for your expertise with the Best Retail Betting Product at the SBC Awards?JLC: I’m very pleased, it is definitely a recognition of a lot of hard work, but this result is not the work of a single person, even not from our own team which I adore and that have to be in bold and capitals named here together with my family who allows me relentless dedication to my passion.The collaboration of our partners, some of them pioneers and well recognized by the UK industry, the Fishers, Peter and Steve, the guys from the BTC who trusted us and believed in our project, Howard, Paul, Julian, Michael, David and many others who shared the passion for sports betting, they all have the betting blood running through their veins.Also those who I have managed to closely work with in other markets like Joan, Tzvetomir, Boyan, Akin and Dammy, Alexey, Chris, Mark and Ian, who through their extensive product knowledge, every day give us the opportunity to innovate in those markets where we had to work hard in our products, to adapt, to transform and localize to their expectations, to work with them in their markets helping them leading the industry. A big thank for their trust in us.I cannot forget those industry suppliers that work with us in close harmony and believed in the iSHOP potential, thanks a lot to them as well.Also I have to thank the industry media for the exposure they give  to every new innovation or highlight we make them aware of, it Is not only producing the products, is also how to reach the audience with the right message.last_img read more

William Hill appoints Mark Brooker as Chair of Corporate Responsibility

first_imgShare StumbleUpon SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 Related Articles Submit Share Gamesys tops list for GambleAware Q1 donations July 10, 2020 William Hill accelerates transformation agenda to overcome COVID realities August 5, 2020 Updating the market, FTSE-listed William Hill Plc has confirmed that Non-Executive Director Mark Brooker has been appointed the new Chair of its group Corporate Responsibility Committee.Brooker who joined William Hill’s Non-Executive Advisory last November, will replace Ashley Highfield who departs the bookmaker’s board of governance.Brooker is the former Chief Executive and Executive Director of Betfair Group Plc (pre Paddy Power merger).In 2016, restructuring William Hill governance, Group Chairman Gareth Davis appointed Brooker as a corporate Non-Executive advisor, alongside former Tesco executive Robin Terrell and former Coral Interactive MD John O’Reilly.The governance appointment, will see William Hill’s executive/leadership team report to Mark Brooker on multiple group policies, programs, strategies and initiatives relating to social/corporate responsibility matters.The bookmaker undertakes its governance appointment, ahead of this October’s much-anticipated UK government triennial gambling review which will focus on the betting industry’s FOBTs wagering levels and stakeholder-wide advertising standards.William Hill expects Brooker to officially take on the chairmanship of its group corporate responsibility committee this coming November.last_img read more

UK Government confirms FOBTs April 2019 cut

first_img UKGC launches fourth National Lottery licence competition August 28, 2020 Share Submit Cross-party think-tank calls for £100 monthly limit on gambling August 5, 2020 Related Articles StumbleUpon Share Camelot under fire for exploiting National Lottery age limits July 20, 2020 The UK government has confirmed this afternoon that it will bring forward its planned FOBTs £2 machine wagering reduction from October to April 2019.UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright has announced the government’s policy U-turn on the contentious issue of FOBTs wagering which has divided government departments.The 2018 Budget announcement on 29 October, saw the UK treasury criticised for failing to commit to a desired April 2019 deadline on implementing the £2 FOBTs wagering limit.Furthermore, the FOBTs agenda hit national headlines shortly after the Budget’s publication, following the resignation of UK Sports Minister Tracey Crouch over the government’s October 2019 delay.The Treasury and the office of the PM had defended their position on the matter, stating that the government had committed to delivering its planned FOBTs reduction in 2019, and that industry stakeholders needed a transition period to adjust to new business realities.This week, UK news sources reported that 100 cross-party MPs were preparing to push for an amendment forcing the government to bring it FOBTs reduction forward.Amid, growing pressure, government insiders this morning revealed that Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright would announce the change in policy implementation dates.“The implementation of changes to reduce the stakes of B2 Gaming Machines from £100 to £2 will take place in April 2019” DCMS confirmed.Supporting its planned FOBTs reduction, the government will bring forward its intended online gambling remote-gambling-duty increase to 21% (from previous 15%) to counter any potential impacts on public finances.UK Government announcement on FOBTs implementationlast_img read more