Scientists working on remotecontrolled cockroaches

first_imgDespite what the headline might have you believe, this isn’t a prank to pull on April Fool’s Day. This is a serious scientific experiment that could be used in applications ranging from homeland security to military reconnaissance.Cockroaches are incredible creations of nature. They are able to squeeze through tiny spaces, survive rough conditions, and travel relatively long distances without needing to rest. All you need to do is find a roach infestation in your apartment to know that they are very durable creatures.It would certainly be great if there were some kind of robotic creatures that shared those same characteristics. Short of that, though, it would be cool if you could attach robotic contraptions on top of real-life cockroaches to achieve the same result.That is exactly what North Carolina State University researchers are working on. Led by electrical engineering assistant professor Alper Bozkurt, the team is molding a commercially-available chip that could be mounted on a cockroach, along with a wireless receiver, transmitter, and controller.The controller would, in theory, manipulate the roach’s antenna and sensory organs to force it to move in various directions. It isn’t exactly the same as playing with a remote-control car, but apparently you can come pretty darn close. It is the latest innovation in insect science, which makes it pretty cool.Check out the video for a demonstration of this creepy yet thrilling concept in action.via North Carolina State Universitylast_img read more